Ali Spring Festival report: 450 million people participated in the Wufu 60 after the surge in overseas consumption

Sina Science and Technology News of February 11, Alibaba Group released the "2019 Spring Festival Economic report", January 25 to New Year's Eve 11 days, the number of people participating in the five Fu activities reached 450 million, an increase of 40% over the same period last year. Among them, "after 95" set the number of blessing more than 1.

The old people use Alipay to spend more. This year in the overseas Alipay consumer, "after 60" is the fastest-growing age group.

During the Spring Festival, Taobao's live "guess and draw capture treasure" attracted more than 100m people. 8 million families made New year's wishes through Taobao's family account, and more than 50 million people interacted with their families to gather love.

Tmall's annual semi-finished vegetables and goods festival growth rate as high as 1683, box Ma Xiansheng Spring Festival holiday open to welcome, the first to the third of this year, the total volume of transactions over the same period of last year's Spring Festival increased by 18.6.

Ali Pictures co-produced, tickets to the joint release of the sci-fi film "wandering Earth" box-office double harvest, Beacon professional version of the data, "wandering Earth" 6 days (as of the sixth) box office has more than 2 billion, Contributed more than half of the box office during the Spring Festival.

According to the statistics of the barley network, in the performance of Qu Yuan Miscellaneous, the proportion of family viewings with three tickets and above is more than 50%. According to Ali's literary data, the peak number of daily active users during the Spring Festival increased by 113% year-on-year. Two of the top three e-books in the Tmall App are parent-child education books. Among the most popular programs of Youku, the Central Broadcasting and Television Station’s Spring Festival Evening ranked first.

The lifestyle that has moved is becoming more popular than at home. On the word-of-mouth platform, from New Year's Eve to the third day of the New Year's Day, the number of orders in the gymnasiums, ski resorts, table tennis halls, swimming pools and other sports venues during the Spring Festival increased by more than 30% year-on-year.

In terms of tourism data, according to the statistics of flying pigs, the overall number of people traveling during the Spring Festival increased by 19% compared with last year, and overseas travel increased by 28%. Islandes around the world are particularly popular, and island tourism has grown by more than 90%.

In addition, the efficiency of travel becomes higher. Gaode map traffic big data shows that from the younger year to the third day of the first month, the all-day congestion delay index of many megacities and megacities has dropped significantly compared with the weekdays (the December 2018 full-day congestion delay index), including Shenzhen. The largest decline was 25.8%.

The digital Spring Festival is not just a carnival in a big city. The growth rate of third- and fourth-tier cities is particularly striking. Tmall's new year consumption data shows that the growth rate of first-tier cities is 51%, while that of third- and fourth-tier cities is 55%. From New Year's Eve to the third day, orders from the third-tier cities on the platform were all rising rapidly. The growth rate of food and beverage orders in Baoding, Langfang and Yancheng ranked the top three in the country, and the capital Beijing ranked fourth.

According to Alipay, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou remain the top three cities with the largest overseas consumption during the Spring Festival, but cities such as Zhoushan and Weifang are growing more than 20 percentage points above these first-tier cities.

Rural consumption potential is equally strong. When the annual goods festival opened on January 13, the turnover of Tmall elves from rural areas increased by more than 400 times, of which, Xiapu County, Fujian Province to 5324 units to become the purchase of "AI New year" the most county.

In addition, the rookie data shows that on New Year's Eve, "Tmall direct delivery" courier work until late at night, the last single package of the day was signed at 23:59; the first month of the first month, Zhengzhou delivery staff has served the New Year A Tmall package.

During the Spring Festival, nearly 1,000 doctors on duty at the Ali Health Internet Medical Platform were on duty to receive online consultation. On New Year's Eve, hungry, brother and traffic police, sanitation workers, fire fighters, etc. "on duty", from 8:00 to the next day at 0:30, 3,630 orders were sent to the traffic police team, 4,895 orders were sent to the sanitation station, 4479 The order was sent to the fire brigade.

Ali Spring Festival report 450 million participation set Wufu 60 overseas consumption surge

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