Start Chinese website to launch “Baichuan Plan” to expand fan economy and community ecology

[TechWeb] On May 15th, the Chinese website of the original literary brand of the reading group (hereinafter referred to as the “starting point”) held a 17th anniversary sharing meeting in Shanghai today, and announced the release of the “Baichuan Plan” in “original content” and “derived”. Increase investment in “distribution” and “fan interaction” to further expand the fan economy and community ecology.


As one of the important sections of the “Content Ecology” of reading, the starting point bears an important “content source” mission. Wu Wenhui, co-CEO of the Reading Group, said on the scene that “the starting point stems from the love of a group of people 17 years ago. Because of love, the starting point represents the quality, and the starting point writer represents the peak of the industry. The starting point is not only the reading platform, but also the formation. A cultural ecology of interactive interaction between readers, authors and platforms has become a super incubator for reading IP.

Wu Wenhui said that as early as 2003, the starting point first proposed the online literature paid reading mode, creatively used the VIP charging system, the platinum writers copyright protection system, the author welfare system and other mechanisms to solve the problem of the creation guarantee of online literature writers, and laid the Chinese network. The basic business model of literature. So far, the top 50 writers in the influence of male frequency network writers have come from the starting point of the Chinese network, and a number of including the "琅琊榜", "Ghost Blowing Light", "The Night", "Break the Sky", etc. Classic works and IP.

At present, in the face of the new normal, the network literature industry has also produced new changes: the rise of Z generation users, their desire to express stronger, put forward personalized reading needs; After 90, the post-95th writers became the backbone of the online literature industry, and they integrated different styles into their works with the imprint of the new era. The fragmentation of reading brought about by the mobile Internet also gave birth to more forms of online literary expression.

In this regard, Yang Chen, general manager of the content operation of the reading group and the editor of the Chinese website of the starting point, pointed out that network literature has begun a new evolution and entered the era of IP fan culture. “Social co-reading, fan community, and fan co-creation” are the three most prominent features of the fan culture era content platform.

Take the starting point as an example, in 2018, there were two works of "Reading bullet screen" of this chapter said to reach the million level, 2019 only 5 months, the million level of this chapter said the number of works increased by 11, the content around but not limited to the content of the social society has become more and more frequent; In addition, through the "interest social" function, a rich vertical user community, such as book circle, role circle, interest circle and so on, has been formed. at present, 7.22 million posts have been posted in the book circle, resulting in 330 million browsing and 361interest circles at the platform level. The maximum interest circle has nearly 300000 users; The auxiliary creative function of "role" is online, which gives fans and readers the opportunity to participate directly in the improvement of the characters of the work. The characters created under the fan co-creation mechanism are more than 90,000, and the cumulative interaction of roles is more than 30 million. The platform also provides a large number of operational support through a set of role star value system to help the works improve the world outlook and realize the precipitation of IP culture.

Mei Renjie, deputy general manager and head of starting product of China Literature Group, also said fan ecology has become a new driving force for starting growth. According to the press conference, as of April 2019, 77 million interactive comment data had been generated on the starting platform, and the contribution of paragraph comments to the per capita reading time of the platform reached more than 9.6minutes. The users who participated in and read the paragraph review brought about a 10% increase in the payment rate for the platform, and the retention rate of the daily active users of the community users who actively participated in the interaction reached 95%.

Facing the new evolution, the starting point is to announce the “Baichuan Plan” to expand the fan economy and community ecology. The “Baichuan Project” will build a richer derivative system based on the mature original novel training system, and further enhance the IP incubation from the stage of the work, and also help a wider range of creators to achieve content and income success.

Mei Renjie introduced the specific path of the Baichuan project, and will increase investment in “original content”, “derivative distribution” and “fan interaction”, and continue to encourage writers to create diverse and individualized works, and to conduct in-depth operations so that high-quality works and featured works writers can Quickly stand out and enhance the ceiling of the work.

In the front-end IP incubation, starting from the book, we launched a new work-level certification system, which divided the high-quality works into three echelons, and provided different levels of influence development plans for the works, so that the high-quality works can not only be the quality resources inside the starting platform, but also better. Gain access to dozens of software application markets, information flow advertising, and a number of new media platform promotional resources, reaching the tens of millions of network exposure every day.

In addition, the starting point will be based on the operation mode of the vertical class, with the high-quality IP content as the core to form the MCN operation. The starting point has already entered the mainstream content platform in the way of the MCN organization. The content producer has a higher and wider stage and forms a training itself. The ability of fans and influence, the content producers here, include more than 200 well-known writers, but also cover the KOL of the online literature circle.

In view of the starting point of KOL, it is also announced that it will attract and cultivate through internal mining and external recruitment, and plan to invest tens of millions of levels of content cost to encourage them to continue to create and become self-media content experts in the field of online communication. Through the production and distribution of the derived content of network literature, the starting point is to enhance the universal influence and cognitive depth of the work and platform, and to further enhance the fan attribute of the work.

In the interactive mechanism of readers and writers, encourage users to support their favorite writers and works in a more diversified way, so that fan behavior becomes a driving force, complete reading subscription of book friends, monthly ticket rewards, active book circle, The publication of paragraph reviews, role interactions, etc. will produce achievements for the work. The achievement points of the work will accumulate glory stars, win the corresponding platform resources for the works, thus countering the author's creation, while at the same time providing more focus for IP downstream development. User pre-cultivation.

In the future, the starting point indicates that we will continue to deepen our efforts in the era of fan culture, and link to the article "IP full industrial chain" layout, and continue to incubate high-quality IP with the direction of quality, specialization and youthfulness.

Starting point Chinese language network launch Baichuan planning expansion fans community ecology

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