Xiaomi's double ten-way half-time sales exceeded 3 billion, and "AI + IoT" helped Xiaomi to take 38 of the first


[TechWeb] In the 2018 double eleven battle to the midfield, Xiaomi opened the all-class omni-channel full scene of the double eleven carnival. As of 12 o'clock on the 11th, Xiaomi's new retail omni-channel payment exceeded 3 billion, far exceeding the value of Xiaomi's flagship store in Tmall in the whole day of 2.464 billion.

Under the aegis of the omni-channel and all-round shopping scene, Xiaomi's all-round products released a huge amount of purchases and set a series of records: as of 12:00 on the 11th, Xiaomi frantically won 38 items, including the payment amount paid first by the Tmall platform flagship store. These include water purifier, air purification and other 13 categories of sales / amount of first, 18 items of sales, and 6 items of value first.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi "AI IoT" intelligent Internet of everything products continue to sell. In 53 minutes, Xiaomi notebook new retail omnichannel payment amount broke 100 million yuan, 9 minutes 02 seconds, Xiaomi TV sales exceeded 100 million yuan, 50 minutes 08 seconds, Tmall flagship store intelligent hardware and consumer goods payment amount exceeded 200 million yuan.

The biggest feature of Xiaomi's double 11 this year is that it opened up the online and offline shopping scenes of the whole category. Xiaomi integrated the seven major platforms on the line with more than 5000 offline stores, and invested 1000 service stores and more than 2900 customer service personnel. More than 3000 pick-up vehicles and over 100000 delivery personnel serve consumers 24 hours a day.

The closely watched Xiaomi double eleven first single, accidentally produced in the snowy plateau, reflects the outstanding effect of the millet channel sinking. At 0:00:19 on the 11th, the first transaction was completed at the Qinghai Golmud millet authorized store at 2980 meters above sea level. Mr. Zhang purchased a Xiaomi TV 4S 65-inch PRO. "It is really convenient to place orders for the next eleven years in previous years, but it will take a long time for express delivery. I heard that Xiaomi is not fighting this year. I will come directly." Mr. Zhang said excitedly.

As one of the measures to fully upgrade, Xiaomi launched various activities for different shopping scenes, and achieved online and offline discounts. It also tried online and offline "online" for the first time. From 10:00 on November 10th to November 11th, all offline Xiaomi authorized experience stores (non-shopping stores) serve customers 24 hours a day.

Insiders said that Xiaomi's launch of some offline stores is not a new attempt, which makes up for the shortcomings of online shopping scenes and truly doubles the full shopping scene. On the 11th, all day, Xiaomi's offline stores across the country provided faster solutions for the enthusiastic rice noodles. When the users of the e-commerce channel were still waiting for the express delivery, they had already used the purchased products.

As of now, the Xiaomi House has reached 515, covering 247 cities in the 32 provinces and autonomous regions of the country. As of October 2018, Xiaomi authorized the experience of 1183, covering the country's 567 district and county. In November,2017, Xiaomi began to explore the direct for the grantee. In less than a year, 3,256 have been opened, covering 2630 districts in China and 18049 villages and towns.

Industry experts said: Lei Jun took the lead in putting forward a new retail concept in China, and Xiaomi was able to carry out the sales revolution of the whole scene, all categories and all channels at a moment such as the National Day of Singles 11, which fully shows that Xiaomi has achieved its promotion in the new retail battlefield. The network effects of AI and IoT are beginning to fully empower Xiaomi New Retail. There are still half a day before the end of the double 11, I believe that Xiaomi's more beautiful results will create a brand-new case for the double 11.

Notably, Tmall released a list of global deals for the first time, with Xiaomi topping the most popular export brand and becoming the world's favorite Chinese brand for consumers on double Eleventh Day. During the double 11, Xiaomi has also become one of the most popular brands in the Indonesian market.

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