Suspected Xiaomi 9 real machine poster exposure water drop screen design frame is extremely narrow

[TechWeb] since the release of the Xiaomi 8, the news of the next generation of Xiaomi flagship on frequent exposure. A few days ago, a suspected Xiaomi 9 real computer poster began to circulate online. TechWeb is not sure of the authenticity of the poster, so you can learn more about it in advance.

Xiaomi 9

The poster shows the upper half of the front of the Xiaomi 9, along with the words "MI 9 Coming Soon (Xiaomi 9 is coming soon." It can be seen from the diagram that the biggest feature of the Xiaomi 9 is the water drop screen design, the camera and the receiver are located in the center position, while the left, right, and upper sides of the frame are extremely narrow, and the power and volume keys are located on the right side of the fuselage. However, the poster only shows the first half of the Xiaomi 9, the lower half is not shown.

According to the current exposure, the Xiaomi 9 will carry a 6.4-inch OLED water drop screen, using COF encapsulation technology to support the technology of fingerprint unlocking under the ultrasonic screen and also to unlock under the water. On the camera side, the Xiaomi 9 could be powered by a rear three, main or 48 million pixel Sony IMX586 sensor. At present Xiaomi official did not disclose any information about Xiaomi 9, TechWeb will continue to follow up.

Suspect millet 9 real machine poster exposure water drop screen design border very narrow

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