How to speak to employees gracefully?

How to speak to employees gracefully?

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1. Marriage is very easy to get married, and divorce is difficult. The employment contract law is also very easy to hire, and it is difficult to dismiss.

2. How to let employees leave with dignity is also a thing that a good company that has employees with dignity needs to think about.

3. People's anger lies in the fact that it is necessary to lay off people and save money. It is also said to be high-sounding and to treat employees as children.

As the Fed continues to raise interest rates, the winter of global capital markets is gradually coming. The exit of the US Silicon Valley and China VC private equity has gradually brought some unhealthy Internet companies into the winter. In the so-called physical Internet industry, the worst thing is the OFO, and even the deposits that should not be used are in arrears. Other healthier companies have also been affected. On Weibo and in the circle of friends, various information about canceling year-end awards, pay cuts and layoffs began to spread.

The first to appear was a delegation of a paid knowledge company. The company cancelled some of its employees' annual bonuses on the grounds that they were lazy and big pot. This reason makes people extremely speechless. As we all know, the annual award is paid according to the employee's work contribution of one year. The company has the full right to decide how much to pay for the year-end award. That is to say, the end of the year award can be judged on merit and reward, contribution can be multiple money, no contribution can not be paid, and wages are not, employees come to work you will pay. If the bonus is lazy politics and a big pot of rice, then what is the less flexible salary than the bonus?

The second appearance was an e-commerce delegation. According to Sina Finance's report, this home appliance company not only announced the implementation of the "996" work system from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm every day at the annual meeting, but also canceled the cost of the group building (that is, the group dinner), the reason is actually Same as the knowledge paying company mentioned above. This is not the strangest. The most peculiar thing is that I gave a paragraph at the meeting. It is said that a large enterprise has a strong overtime work. A manager’s wife and children can’t take care of it and ask for a change, and he leads a change, such as a divorce. -_-|||

Third place, this is even more powerful. According to Weibo, a new retail company requires all employees to take both logic and math subjects and will be fired if they fail. Knowledge of the exam includes functions, solid geometry, probability, derivatives, and so on. Previously, insiders at the company said the truth was that the exam was aimed at only a portion of the staff at headquarters, and that it did not require high numbers, but high school math. You won't ask for resignation, but you can make up for it.

If you sum up the news in one sentence, it's: how to speak to employees gracefully. In fact, these strange rules and practices, the message to employees has been very clear, that is, do not want to be inconsistent with the concept of the enterprise, and worthless employees continue to stay in the business. After reading the news, the average employee may say a word or two to the unscrupulous boss. The average media person will only say some money bloodthirsty, capital after profit and other stereotypes. And has the actual management enterprise experience, then can see some heartaches and helpless.

Nostalgia is popular in the world today. I am a very nostalgic person, too. I miss very much the era when labor contract law was not yet in force. The labor relations of that era were very simple. If an employee had no value to the enterprise, the enterprise could ask for dismissal at any time, so that everyone could gather and disperse, without all kinds of red tape and thick cheeks. Many years of partners turned into enemies, and everyone was in a bad mood.

Just as marriage law is easy to marry and divorce is hard, so is employment and dismissal. No reason to dismiss, always to compensate, even if not to renew the labor contract to compensate. So to fire an employee, the company always has to find some reason. I've done this in the company, writing human resources rules about punishing employees.

Sometimes the human resources department needs to find some reasons to understand the hiring of a person, and weaving some "crimes", but can't write directly: This employee has no value to the company, we don't need him. Sometimes, the little girl of human resources does not know why the boss wants her to find an employee. She just knows that the boss doesn't want this employee and needs to find some problems.

Therefore, the management and human resources departments sometimes look very inhuman, and even a bit cold-blooded. In fact, many of these conflicts and calculations would not have been necessary without the provisions of the law. And corporate management often falls victim to this rule. Because what looks strong, it's not. Looks like the weak side, actually is not the weak side.

In the American drama "Better Call Saul", Jimmy, the intellectual lawyer who used the IQ, took advantage of this law. In the case of having decided to leave, he tried every means to let the company expel himself instead of taking the initiative to avoid leaving. Compensation for the company. I have also seen in my career that an employee had to resign, but did not take the initiative to resign, but to find opportunities to be expelled, in order to obtain compensation for the company. There are many such cases in practice.

So should not think, have this kind of regulation is enterprise take advantage of. This kind of regulation is double-edged sword, sometimes still enterprise suffers a loss. Who will take advantage of the rules depends on their proficiency in the application of the rules and the compatibility of other conditions. Rules are dead, people are alive, and any interpersonal interaction is variable, can not be restricted by a few sentences.

Closer to home. The Internet is cold, everyone is not good at all, this is clear in our hearts. Explain the actual situation of the company, and say that it is financially difficult now. We want to dismiss some people and spend the winter, we will understand. Since it is working in an emerging industry, no one is a fool. Sometimes everyone will not be angry because of the dismissal. After all, the economic situation is not determined by a company. The anger of people lies in the fact that they are going to lay off people and save money. They are also said to be high-sounding and to treat employees as children. This is actually the most responsive thing.

In the past few days, I have read the Analects of Confucius and saw that Confucius said that the emperor and the minister were loyal. I feel very emotional. A company that gives employees dignity is a truly outstanding company. But letting employees have dignity is not only reflected in their employment. How to let employees leave with dignity is also a thing that good companies need to think about. Only by solving this problem, I feel that a company can achieve the inner and outer kings, and it is far from coming, and it is not lost in the reputation of the company.

Of course, in today's short-sighted business environment, whether corporate reputation itself is important is also a questionable proposition. Ok, I have already talked enough today. Let's talk again next time.

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