Interesting headline set up party committee President Liu Anyi and other 11 people formed the company's first party committee

[TechWeb] on May 15, Shanghai Jifen Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (interesting Tou) announced today the establishment of a party committee. After election, 11 people, including Liu Anyi, president of the company, formed the first party committee of the company. Liu Anyi was elected secretary of the party committee, Chen Sihui and Jin Zhen deputy secretaries of the party committee.

Liu Anyi put forward five directions for the work of the party committee of the company: first, strengthen ideological and political construction, put a good direction for the business strategy, and strive to build a team that shares the same hearts and minds with the party. Party members and employees of Internet enterprises committed to the happiness and national rejuvenation of the people; Second, combine party building with the efficiency of enterprise organization, strengthen the introduction and training of talents, stimulate the vitality of the team, third, combine the party building with the construction of corporate culture, and build a spiritual home together. Fourth, we should combine party building with corporate social responsibility, establish a good corporate image, and build a concentric circle under the Internet. Fifth, party building drives the construction of League organizations and builds new brands of party groups in non-public enterprises.

The Shanghai Municipal Party Committee's Network Office put forward three hopes for the future work of the Interesting Party Committee: First, it is necessary to integrate the party building work into the business management, fully exert the political leading role of the party committee, put political construction in the first place, and firmly "four Consciousness, firm "four self-confidence", resolutely achieve "two maintenance", and actively participate in good network ecological construction; second, we must integrate party building work into corporate culture construction, and enhance party organizations to enterprises with advanced corporate culture. The attraction and appeal of talents and outstanding young people, constantly attracting outstanding talents and strengthening the ranks of party members, and giving full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members; the third is to constantly explore new models of party building work in Internet enterprises, dare to break the problem, strengthen their own construction, and achieve business work and The common development of the party building work, and strive to explore the formation of the fun headline party building brand.

Interest headlines Establishment Party Committee President Liu ease 11 people first term Party Committee Committee

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