Microsoft OneNote UWP Preview starts to push new Office icon design

IT House April 14th news Microsoft announced the upgrade of Microsoft Office 365 icon design at the end of last year, up to now, Windows 10 store version of Office 365, and Office three-piece set (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Outlook of major mobile platforms New icons have been tasted one after another.

According to information provided by IT Home readers, the OneNote UWP version has recently been updated with the latest icons. It is understood that this icon is currently only pushed to a small number of users including the preview version.


According to Microsoft, the new icon design is based on the long history of Office, using bolder, lighter, and more friendly colors, using color to differentiate applications and creating personalized effects. In the new icon, Microsoft uses the Gestalt principle to further emphasize major product changes. Simplicity and harmony are key visual elements.

Microsoft OneNote UWP preview push brand new Office icon design

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