IOS 12 Authentication Channel closed: iPhone/iPad can only remain in iOS 12.0.1

If you've upgraded to iOS 12.0. 1, stay on the system as Apple has stopped giving you the chance to downgrade.


Now that Apple has taken action, it has closed the system verification channel of iOS 12, which means that users can only stay on iOS 12.0.1 honestly, because you can't downgrade back to iOS 12.

At present, only iOS 12.0.1 system is available for public use by users, while previous statistics show that the update rate of iOS 12 official version has exceeded 50 %, which is undoubtedly to allow more devices to be updated to iOS 12 system.

Earlier today, in the latest test version of iOS 12.1, Apple mainly fixed the bug, and before that they had added many new features, such as the new real-time depth control function, which can be adjusted instantly when taking photos in portrait mode.

In addition, iOS 12.1 beta also includes a group face time video chat feature, which supports up to 32 users for video and audio face time chat, and more than 70 new e moji expressions.

iOS 12 Authentication Channel Close iPhone iPad Only Stay iOS 12 0.1

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