: OPPO Hyper Boost Technology is about to be unveiled in the era of All-round acceleration


[TechWeb] as soon as the National Day holiday is over, many media have received invitations from OPPO. OPPO will hold its own OPPO Hyper Boost Technical Communication meeting in Shanghai on October 11.

Now the authorities have already published the invitation letter. Judging from the information and words on the invitation letter, OPPO Hyper Boost should be a black technology to speed up the mobile phone.

Although OPPO Hyper Boost does not have any other information exposed at present, OPPO seems to be doing the same thing as some friends from the aspects of product naming and mobile phone optimization.


It is understood that OPPO Hyper Boost technology further improves the performance of mobile phones by optimizing the software level and matching with the hardware foundation to make the products more selling points.

Oppo Hyper Boost technology can definitely improve the mobile phone's running speed, fluency and app opening speed. There are more and more large-scale hand games now. If this technology can make Oppo mobile phones hold large-scale mobile games easily, it will be a great benefit for hand enthusiasts.

October 11th is also this Thursday, is the moment to reveal the true face of OPPO Hyper Boost, let us look forward to it.

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