Tencent Nanshan Court again sued today's headline request to delete user game video


[TechWeb] on June 12, it is reported that Tencent has added six new litigation against Jinri Toutiao and Douyin in Nanshan Court, asking for the deletion of all < Honor of Kings > game videos posted by six users of the two platforms, and compensation for a total of 10.76 million of the economic losses.

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Tencent claimed in six cases that Jinri Toutiao unauthorized dissemination of < Honor of Kings > game video of user "ten days cat", "brother explanation", Douyin unauthorized dissemination of users "Zhi Xia", "Gu brother explanation", "Xiaoxin teacher", "wow Kaka boy Tiankeng Diao Chan singing thief" game video, infringing Tencent's copyright in the < Honor of Kings > game.

As a result, Tencent requested the court to order that today's headlines and vibrato immediately delete all the "King of Glory" game videos released by the above users.

Before that, Tencent filed a lawsuit against Xu xxx, a game user, in a Nanshan court in Shenzhen, saying it had broadcast the game live without Tencent's permission, demanding that it immediately stop broadcasting live on a third-party platform and compensate it for economic losses of 1 yuan.

The lawsuit materials submitted by Tencent company show that the number of the claimed game users,25 years of age, is the "hero alliance> player, the game account is called the "Xiguaaaa", and the account "to be untouchable" live broadcast

Tencent said that according to Article 4.2 of the Tencent Game license and Service Agreement, the defendant, as a < League of Legends > player, may not record, broadcast or disseminate Tencent game content in any way without Tencent's license in the process of using Tencent's game service, including, but not limited to, the use of third-party software for live webcast, dissemination, and so on.

Tencent believes that users can broadcast games on third-party platforms without permission, and profit from this, seriously violate the terms of the above agreement, damage the legitimate rights and interests of Tencent, and should bear the liability for breach of contract such as compensation for losses.

So far, the court of the above-mentioned case has not yet made a final decision.

According to public information, Tencent has so far in the game against the headlines of the lawsuit has reached 15.

Tencent Nanshan court lawsuit today headlines department delete users game video

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