The founder of Xiaohongshu, Fang Fang, responded to the cleaning of KOL: it will not use advertising as a means of profit

Recently, a "Golden Partner Platform Upgrade Instructions" sent Xiaohongshu to the rumor of public opinion. In this new regulation on KOL management, KOL's fan volume and note volume exposure have set a higher threshold.

The "Brand Partner Platform Upgrade Instructions" shows that the brand partner's access conditions are changed to the number of fans ≥ 5,000, and the average exposure of notes in the past month is ≥ 10,000. For KOL that does not meet the requirements, the qualification of the brand partner will be cancelled. This means they will not be able to receive advertisements on Xiaohongshu.

According to the rules on Xiaohongshu, if you want to receive advertisements in Xiaohongshu, you need to first become a “brand partner” on the platform, and each single advertisement needs to pass the “brand partner platform”.

In this strong cleaning of KOL's new rules, Little Red Book has also increased the control of advertising orders. The management of the partner adopts the integral system, the initial product of the partner is divided into 12 points, and the contract is directly terminated if the 12 points are withheld, and it is impossible to become a brand partner again within one year. Among them, the two items of "receiving orders in private" and "data fraud" are the heaviest penalties. 12 points will be deducted directly.

Previously, Xiaohong’s entry criteria for brand partners were more than 1,000 fans, and the average exposure of notes in the past month was more than 1,000. According to the data disclosed by Xiaohongshu, the brand partner's rules have been upgraded, and the number of KOLs that have been disqualified has reached 12,000, and only less than 5,000 people meet the standards. For a time, the saying "Little Red Book Cleans KOL" began.

Today, Xiao Hongshu held an online communication meeting on the matter. Qu Fang, founder of Xiaohong Book, and Bao, head of ecology, appeared to respond to questions from the outside world one by one.

However, with the acceleration of commercialization, various problems have emerged in an endless stream, from falling into the tobacco marketing turmoil, to being exposed to fake grass notes, and then to the brand partner upgrade event.

The "brand partner platform" involved in the "cleaning KOL" was launched in January this year, mainly to connect brands and KOL, to meet the needs of both parties to advertise and receive advertising. This way of getting through the two sides, the platform is already standard in the social platform, Douyin's "star map", Kuaishou's "quick pick-up order", Zhihu's "brand question" are all such models.

However, unlike the above several platforms, the current "brand partner platform" of Xiaohongshu is not raided, but this rule change has caused many KOL and MCN concerns about the upcoming redemption mode of Xiaohongshu. .

In this regard, Yan Fang clearly stated that Xiaohongshu will not use advertising as a profitable method, but rather value the construction of medium and long-term value. At present, the company does not have any revenue pressure in the short term. The rule is mainly upgraded for the community content ecology. The maintenance, and the cost of this part of the governance, within a certain amount of tolerance, will be borne by Xiaohongshu. The implication is that there is no current rake, and in the future, if the fee is charged to the partner, it is not for the sake of making money, but to cover the cost of governance.

Qu Fang said that Xiaohong Book has a greater prospect in commercialization. On the basis of continuing to bring people together with content, qu Fang said, to explore how to help brands better establish links with users, in her view, The commercialization path of the future community must not only be the existing commission and other short-term realization model.

Bao said that Xiao Hongshu's original intention of launching the "brand partner platform" was to maintain the "diversity, truth, and beauty" of the community ecology, that is, to clearly tell users the relationship of interests and prompt them which are advertisements. And the upgrade of the rules is also a continuation of this original intention.

"as the active users of the platform have increased four or five times, the business world has seen opportunities. They want to come to Little Red Book to seize dividends and mine gold mines. This requires strengthening the ecological governance of content, using product technology and manual audit to improve community rules. At present, the rules of the platform are not perfect enough, and a series of governance measures will be introduced one after another in the future. " Qu Fang said.

The number of brand partners has dropped from 20,000 to 5,000. Some brands are worried that when KOL becomes a strange commodity, the cost of delivery will increase greatly. The package believes that on the one hand, the market will play a virtuous cycle, and on the other hand, there will be a steady stream of resources. The potential brand partners are growing and gradually joining the expansion team. In addition, Xiaohongshu official will also launch related products to give the brand some price guidance.

Earlier, after the promulgation of the new rules, KOL questioned the fairness of Little Red Books, and some people thought that their note flow was deliberately restricted on the eve of the promulgation of the rules, qu Fang said. Since 2016, Little Red Book has adopted a machine flow distribution mechanism with thousands of people and thousands of people. The distribution logic is to give better traffic exposure to good content, there is no restriction on the flow of certain content, and all the rules will have clear communication. If suspected of violating the law, it will be explicitly informed rather than limited current.

In addition, a small red book disclosed in the media, “MCN Publicity for Partner Platform Certification”, shows that the Xiaohongshu Partner Platform has introduced 59 MCN institutions, of which 11 are deep cooperation institutions. It is worth noting that one of the 11 in-depth cooperation organizations named “Yu Wen Culture Media (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is actually the MCN organization under the small red book, which also triggered the outside world’s The contestant also questioned the referee.

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Red book founder 瞿fang response cleaning KOL advertising pumping commission profit means

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