The live broadcast pattern is now changing. The platform heading is the trend of the industry competition.

[TechWeb] on July 11, the Institute of Policy and Economics of the China Institute of Information and Communication (hereinafter referred to as the Institute of Politics and Economics of the China Institute of Information and Communications) released the China Netcast Industry sentiment Index and short Video report (hereinafter referred to as the report) at the China Internet Congress. According to the report, the sentiment index of China's webcast industry rose steadily in 2018, and the short video industry continued its explosive growth trend. By December 2018, the total bandwidth of short video had increased by more than 250 percent compared with the same period last year.

In the aspect of live broadcast, with the platform queuing for listing and the acceleration of capital concentration to the head, there were new changes in the industry pattern in the second half of 2018: the core position of live game broadcast was further strengthened, and the media live broadcast policy Dongfeng and summer events ushered in breakthrough development, which went hand in hand with the live broadcast of the show.

Short videos accelerate penetration into more scenes, especially lifestyle-related subdivisions, such as travel, makeup, travel, and so on.

The live broadcast industry is now undergoing new changes. The anchor and audience index are the first to show "scissors difference".

With the successive listing of Huya and Yingke, the huge capital effect of IPO has heated up the collective listing enthusiasm of the live broadcast platform, and on the other hand has further promoted the acceleration of capital to the head-live platform. "The game live faucet betta will become the live broadcast platform of the next IPO," said Wei Liurong, deputy chief engineer of the China Political and Economic Affairs Institute. "In the second half of 2018, the webcasting industry has undergone major changes, and the game live broadcast still has an absolute advantage. The live broadcast jumped up and went straight to the show."

According to the "Report", China's online live broadcasting industry continued its steady upward trend in the second half of 2018. As of the fourth quarter of 2018, China's online live broadcast industry sentiment index rose to 441, an increase of 19.5%; among them, the webcast bandwidth index hit a new high. It reached 391, an increase of 26.1% year-on-year.

Another phenomenon worthy of attention is that the trend of the live broadcast audience index and the anchor index has changed the positive correlation trend of the past two years. The first "scissors difference": "Report" shows that the enthusiasm of the anchor continues to rise, as the fourth quarter anchor index Breaking through the thousand-point mark, it rose by 43.9% year-on-year; the audience activity declined. As of the fourth quarter, the audience index fell by 10.4% year-on-year.

Some observers have analyzed that the anchor and audience index has risen and dropped, indicating that the live broadcast industry has moved from the incremental market to the stock market. How to effectively activate the stock users and enhance the user stickiness will determine whether the platform can break through the competition in the future.

The huge siphon effect of head direct broadcast platform makes many direct broadcast platforms turn to subdivision and vertical domain deep ploughing. For example, the quadratic live broadcast community kilakila, which received A round of financing at the end of the year, has cut into the field of virtual live broadcast, through the introduction of quadratic idols to carry out virtual live broadcast, and to interact with three real people. In addition, the platform has also introduced many kinds of playing methods, such as voice live broadcast, rhetorical novels, short video dubbing and so on.

Li Dong, vice president of NetScience Technology, told reporters that "the live broadcast platform is the trend of the industry competition, which also determines the live broadcast platform to break through the survival, and must achieve the quality of products and operations to cope with fierce market competition."

Bandwidth increased by over 250% year-on-year "Short Video+" accelerated penetration

After more than two years of rapid development, the short video industry in 2018 still shows a strong explosive force. The total bandwidth and user scale continue to grow explosively, and it is particularly prominent in the entire network audiovisual field.

shows that, as of December 2018, the total bandwidth index of short video of China network increased by more than 250%year-on-year;At the same time, the audience's independent IP index also reached a high, double the previous year.

According to a message released by the China online Audio-visual Program Service Association, short video accounted for 33.1 percent of the overall increase in the length of time spent on the mobile Internet in 2018.

The results of the analysis show that the enhancement of the infiltration capacity of the scene and the good factors of the superimposed holiday drive the short video bandwidth to increase. In addition to the entertainment and living scene, the short videos are extended to the travel scene, and during the summer and the "11 Golden Week", the "Short video + tourism" hot spot content surrounding the famous scenic spots is stimulated by the user activity, and the step-like growth of the total bandwidth is driven; in addition, Short-video "Net red content" and social elements have also led to a rapid growth in the base of the audience.

In the course of accelerating penetration into the multi-field, the category items covered by the short video are also being broken down. According to the video "Golden Second Prize" of the watermelon, there are more than 100 segments of the short video to rise. For example, in the area of the food, in addition to the recipe teaching, the content types such as the detection shop and the unpacking are also emerging; the fashion field is in the traditional beauty and dressing, and is also provided with the categories of the male fashion, the ball shoe evaluation and the like.

According to the Report, with the stricter regulation, lifestyle-related segmentation scenarios may be one of the main directions of short video platform layout due to its low content security risk and high traffic value.

Regarding the future development of short video, the "Report" pointed out that after the official commercial use of 5G, the per-user consumption of traffic will be expected to increase several times, and the high-speed mobile network with ultra-high-definition and AR cameras will fully enhance the visual presentation and unit capacity of short video. Ultra-HD content is expected to further stimulate the expansion of bandwidth demand.

Live broadcast pattern present new changes platform head chemical industry competition general trend

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