Why do blinds always want to fight you?


Why do blinds always want to be against you?

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Did you get done with the shutters?

Blinds are a common item in life, but they don't know what the people who design blinds are, so that people with obsessive-compulsive disorder can't pull the blinds neatly, or put them down.

Today we will take a look at who the murderer who pulled the blinds.

Blinds are a daily necessities with at least three hundred years of history. Its origin is not certain, it may come from Persia (now Iran). Around 1760, the Venetian merchants of Italy brought the blinds to Europe, so the blinds were also called Venetian blinds, and only the honest Frenchman was still called the blinds "Pers Persienes".

Blinds @ Metropolitan Museum of Art in oil painting Tea (James Tissot) in 1872

Below this is the most common horizontal blinds. The blades of the blinds are often made of wood, aluminum, polyvinyl chloride, or plastic.

The movement of the shutter is usually controlled by the rope on the left and right sides of the shutter, and a rod.

The ropes that control the louvers moving up and down are called window ropes, and they pass through each blade. Pull the ropes in the correct position and the blinds will be pulled up smoothly.

The hard rod on the right side can be rotated. When it rotates, it will drive each blade to rotate together, thus changing the transmittance.

In 1757, the French craftsman invented the blinds that could rotate the blades, but the method of using the hard rods to adjust the blades is invented by an American named John Hampson in 1841.

If you remove each blade, you will see that there is a rope under them for support.

It should be noted that the window tube on the left is very wide. The reason why you always pull the blinds out is on this rope.

Some people may not have noticed at all. After pulling the window rope, you have to squat to the left so that the blinds will not be pulled.

Similarly, when you let the shutter down, pull the rope to the right first.

We will now take a look at the machinery above the blinds. The mechanical structure that controls the shutter activity is at the top.

In fact, the two window ropes on the left pass through the top hole, one of which is worn out from here -

The other one is worn out from here -

Notice that these two ropes have actually become the middle of the three strands of rope that pass through each leaf.

Obviously, the two window ropes each control the pull-up motion to the left or right of the blinds. So if you want to pull the blinds up, you must pull the two ropes at the same time.

If you only pull one of them, the blinds will go out.

Ok, now I’m talking about the many years that have plagued many people.

What if you want to fix the blinds that are pulled up? If I loose my hand directly and let the 2 strands of rope fall down, then the blinds will fall back.

The correct way to let the blinds not fall is to pull the two ropes to the left and then let go. Remember, you can only pull to the left. Pulling to the right or pulling in the direction of your chest is useless.

If you let the blinds down, pull the window rope to the right and let go.

So why is it only useful to turn to the left?

The point is this guy-

It is called a pulley lock. There are two large and small cylinders in this stuff.

The big one is fixed and can't be moved. The small one can roll in a slot, and the small surface is rough, the friction coefficient is relatively large, and it can be pulled by the rope. And let it roll up, that is the two window ropes.

Let's break down the action again.

Pull two window ropes at the same time, and then pull them to the left at the same time.

At this point, the small cylinder will be pulled to the top of the slot, and two window ropes will be stuck by gravity.

This is the principle that only pulling the window rope to the left will not let the blinds fall.

So, how do you let the small cylinder let go?

It's also simple, and of course you've never done it right. First pull 2 window rope to the right, can let the small cylinder roll down, unlocked for the window rope.

Of course, if two of your blinds are on the right side of the shutters, you have to pull to the right to lock the shutters and unlock them to the left.

So, how does the plastic stick on the right control the blinds?

In fact, it is very simple.

This is connected to a plastic stick and a dimmer like this.

When the plastic stick turns, the inside worm wheel will follow. It spins the milky yellow gear in the middle, and the gear turns the long, thick iron bar in the middle, the octagonal tube.

This stick goes through the two rope winches in the picture below.

In the rope winch, the other two strands that control the rotation of the blinds (that is, the two strands that pass through the outside of each blade) are stuck inside.

You can see that as long as the winch rotates, the 2 strands of rope connected to each blade will follow, and they will tighten or relax, allowing the shutter blades to rotate.

Some blinds are used to make the louver blades rotate 2 ropes instead of a stick.

As long as you pull one of the ropes, you can turn the blades.

I’m telling you so much, I want to tell you, yes, the blinds make the scenery outside the window look like the picture crashes when it is downloaded to 50%, but this is not Matrix, so you don’t have to warn the fish by destroying it. The human lips.

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Blinds always thinking against you.

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