Micro-viewing new function: can send 30 seconds video to friends circle


[TechWeb] June 12th news, it is reported that micro-vision recently measured new features, users can obtain the internal test qualification, can use micro-vision video to synchronize to the circle of friends, the duration can be up to 30 seconds.

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It is reported that after the user opens the microview, he can see the words "30 seconds qualification in moments" in the lower right corner of the shooting interface. After clicking on it, he can get the internal test qualification by watching a video.

In addition, you can also search for the keyword "30 seconds" or "30s" directly in the micro-vision search box, find the video to unlock the qualification for the internal test, and get the opportunity to release the 30-second circle of friends.

After obtaining the qualification for internal testing, the user can select the “Sync to a circle of friends (up to 30 seconds) button” on the micro-view publishing interface to synchronize the video of up to 30 seconds to the circle of friends.

This is not the first time that Microvision and WeChat are bound. In mid-September last year, WeChat once launched a limited-time promotion entrance on the grayscale on the circle of friends in the menu of friends, and the user can directly jump to the micro-vision from the circle of friends. Video capture, video links posted to Microvision can be selected to share with friends. But this feature went offline at the end of December.

Microview internal testing new features available 30 seconds video circle of friends

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