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On April 12th, Tencent Smart Retail officially released Tencent's digital marketing solution. The program combines Tencent's full platform capabilities, and provides four-way upgrades based on traditional code marketing solutions, providing one-stop services from product management to marketing efficiency, helping brand owners achieve true “zero distance” communication with consumers. .

Among them, security is one of Tencent's differentiated competitive advantages. Tencent Cloud Vice President Li Wei said at the press conference that security threats are one of the unavoidable challenges in the digital transformation of the retail industry. Based on Tencent’s unique technology and security advantages, the optimal code for Tencent’s Yuntian Yu wind control system will be retail. The company provides full-link marketing risk control to help brand owners spend their money on the cutting edge, so that every discount can reach the real consumers.

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(Li Wei, Vice President of Tencent Cloud)

Black ash production scale up to 100 billion Erosion enterprises 10% marketing funds

With the penetration of digital technology in the retail industry, while realizing the intelligence of business collection, the sharing of information and the generalization of payment, the interactive scene of "people, goods, and fields" is upgraded at the same time. The security risk of the digital scenario extends to the retail business scenario. According to the Tencent security team, the number of domestic black ash production practitioners has exceeded 1.5 million, and the size of the black ash production has reached 100 billion yuan, and the number of operators' black cards, one of the usual tools used by econnoisseur, has exceeded 130 million.

The continuous expansion of the scale of the black and gray industry chain and the continuous penetration of the plunder and penetration have also effectively affected the interests of the retail industry. According to Li Wei, about 10% of the funds and traffic of most popular marketing activities are “occupied” by the wool party. The misjudgment of corporate marketing decisions brought about by malicious plundering of black ash and the waste of marketing funds have become the core pain points of retail digital marketing, which greatly hindered the effective transformation of marketing effects.

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(econnoisseur's Industry chain of scanning Marketing)

Three-tier security system tailored to the retail industry marketing risk control services

Faced with the security threats facing the digital transformation of the retail industry, Li Wei believes that enterprises should build a set of “link, offline, product and marketing management” full-link information solutions, and deepen The construction of the safety code of “one yard code” breaks through the shortcomings such as the promotion and sale of traditional code marketing schemes and the difficulty in identifying the client-side wool party, helping enterprises to save marketing costs and maximize marketing effectiveness.

Integrating the optimal code of Tencent Yuntian Yu's wind control system, the original “one thing and one code” is deployed from the user to the distribution of the reward. The security risk dismantling is carried out, and the precise identification, real-time judgment and grading processing are added. Three-tiered security, tailored marketing risk control services for the retail industry.

Among them, accurate identification is the first “level” of marketing risk control. Relying on Tencent's 20 years of experience in combating black ash, Tencent Yuntian's unique risk control system and security capabilities enable the Optimum Solution to quickly identify the malicious camouflage of the Wool Party and avoid corporate marketing funds being captured.

Tencent Yuntian Royal Wind Control System can also conduct real-time judgment and marketing grading of marketing risks. After the user scans the code, the Tianyu wind control module will return the risk value of the request within 100 milliseconds. Subsequently, the brand enterprise can differentiate according to the specific marketing strategy preset by the risk control system to counter the wool party batch operation, thereby ensuring the maximization of marketing capital utilization and ensuring the accuracy of the marketing effect.

Super-large-scale marketing activities to review the "U-code" results, cumulative savings of marketing funds over 300 million

In Li Wei's view, the evolution of retail digital transformation is a process of continually leaning toward consumers. The accuracy of consumer behavior capture will directly affect the business development and decision-making direction of enterprises. With the support of Tencent Yuntian Yu's wind control system, Tencent's excellent code has helped the development of the retail industry to achieve significant practical results.


In 2018, Mengniu became the global sponsor of the FIFA World Cup, and allocated 200 million yuan of cash and red packets to interact with consumers, which became the "festival" of the "Wool Party". During the four-month event period, Tencent Yuntian Royal Wind Control System provides marketing control for accurate identification, real-time judgment and grading processing, saving Mengniu at least 10% and about 10 million orders of marketing funds, avoiding malicious The interference of data on subsequent marketing effects analysis.

In cooperation with Dongpeng Special Drink, Tencent Yuntianyu provided more than 2 million risk determination requests and more than 2 million verification code services per day. From stealing warnings, malicious judgments to automatic interception, we will fully protect the safety of Dongpeng special beverage Internet marketing business, saving Dongpeng more than 30 million marketing funds every year.


In the future, natural risk control will continue to open up its ability to provide key security services such as flow verification, identity security, financial risk control, business security and so on for partners in various fields, and jointly build intelligent security ecology.

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