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GKUI vehicle and machine system

On board GKUI vehicle and machine system

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As a travel partner closely connected with us in the future, automobile should not only focus on its traditional performance, space and operation, but also rethink it from the point of view of technology hardware.

As a trestle that is closely connected with the driver's hardware and the driver, the car's in-vehicle intelligent entertainment system (commonly known as the car machine) is gradually developing towards the direction of networking and intelligence, especially after the explosive development of speech recognition technology and AI technology. More and more auto manufacturers are investing more R&D resources such as manpower, material resources and financial resources in the car system. The ultimate goal is to combine intelligence with cars to make cars a future-oriented smart travel tool.

Among the solutions of many auto manufacturers, ECARX is a technology company that provides in-vehicle intelligent network connection system for automobiles. Through technology integration and backing Geely, it has formed a comprehensive vehicle intelligent network. Lianhua's solution.

GKUI (Geely Key User Interface) is a vehicle intelligent cockpit interactive system developed by Geely Technology for Geely Automobile. GKUI was officially released in March 2018. By the end of 2018, the total number of users exceeded 800,000.

Yitong Technology recently released the GKUI 2019 Beta version, which it hopes will allow more users to participate in testing and improve product functionality from the perspective of user experience through the Beta version, and the official mass production version will be in the second quarter of this year. It will be loaded on a number of Geely's new models and support system upgrades for some of the models on sale.

What are the capabilities of this GKUI 2019 Beta version (GKUI)? Is it easier to use and more intelligent than other manufacturers' machine systems? Today, titanium media for everyone to preemptive evaluation, see Yigatong technology to the car's intelligent network will have how to understand it.

Create integrated platform capabilities, independent personal ID customization private exclusive car system

Bind personal ID

GKUI is a smart cockpit interactive system based on Android deep optimization, customization and development. It integrates GKUI into mobile phones, cars and homes to create a new intelligent living space, making the car a new species in the mobile Internet industry.

GKUI is composed of cloud service platform, intelligent desktop system, ID account system, comprehensive and practical application ecology, covering all-trip scenario and intelligent voice AI.

In terms of product concept, GKUI has always adhered to the "open-hearted, inclusive sharing" product development concept, with the user travel needs as the core, and iteratively updated to achieve the ultimate user experience.

To better access intelligent applications that meet the travel needs of users, GKUI will provide partners and developers with platform capabilities, including, but not limited to, desktop systems, personal account access, intelligent voice assistants, multimedia access, and so on.

In addition, each Geely owner will also have a unique ID, the owner only needs to pass the login authentication. This ID is not only achieved in the Geely GKUI system, but also the user can set various vehicle settings by ID. Synchronized to other Geely models, you can enjoy the more natural human-computer interaction and make the voice full scene experience more intelligent, regardless of the type of Geely driving. .

Custom machine layout

Smart Desktop Custom Machine layout

The GKUI system connects the car to the Internet through its own 4G communication module, and ensures the real-time on-line of the car. At the same time, it realizes the remote control of the vehicle through the mobile phone terminal App.

The core function of the GKUI system is composed of two parts: the pre-loading function of the system and the download function of the application mall. Based on the demand level of the user's travel, navigation, listening to music, listening to and viewing information, weather service and so on are all needed by the user.

GKUI currently pre-installs and integrates applications such as high-tech, Himalayan, audio-visual and weather information, and develops deeply. Through the interconnect function of the system, drivers can check real-time weather conditions and news, and receive timely feedback in the form of voice broadcast.

In addition, GKUI system built-in application mall, users can log in through the GKUI ID account, for the machine to download other required applications.


Function Integration of GKUI Multimedia platform

GKUI system is based on Android development and supports 4G/WiFi network connection, but from the current point of view, the application app of the system in the application mall is not enough. Engineer feedback GKUI will introduce a large number of Internet application services for users to download this year to solve this problem.

Customized App Store

Application mall

With the help of voice control, the system has greatly improved the ease of use and practicality compared to the traditional car system. In the future, with the support of OTA online upgrade, GKUI system will continue to optimize and support more functions.

Data synchronization after mobile phone login ID

Data synchronization after mobile phone login ID

Car owners can also view real-time car conditions such as fuel through mobile phone App, peripheral hotels, restaurants, scenic spots and other travel entertainment can also be inquired, but also can help the owner to synchronize the schedule, convenient for car owners to arrange travel plans in advance.

Compared with mobile phone operation, the UI's control design makes the interaction more user-friendly.

GKUI skin

GKUI control interactive design desktop appearance

In the aspect of operation convenience, GKUI will consider the rationality of interface design, operation logic and fluency of interconnected system. A good UI (user interface) design, very important in the process of use, let's take a look at the beta version of the system's user interface design.

GKUI system fluency

GKUI system fluency

The "back to Home" button icon used in the system is designed in the center of the bottom, because there is a distance between the "back to Home", "back to Upper" and "menu Application" icons, so you don't have to worry about touching other nearby icons by mistake. It is convenient to use and reduces the probability of misoperation.

It is also worth mentioning that the car system is also very versatile in the use of fluency, almost no operation on the interface operation.

But personally, a little suggestion: if the screen can be rotated a certain angle to the driver, the driver can easily see the route on the navigation with the light on the way.

Custom topic

Custom desktop wallpaper

In the past, the car system interface was shipped from the factory. It does not accept personalized settings. The use time is long and there is some monotony. GKUI optimizes the interface wallpaper function, not limited to the choice of own wallpaper, but also builds on its own. The full-time online cloud service platform enables wallpaper synchronization of mobile phones and car phones.

The procedure is also simple. Select pictures that have been saved in your mobile phone, such as wallpapers downloaded online or photos taken by yourself, upload them to the cloud through WeChat Mini Program, and click "Cloud wallpapers" in the car machine interface. Select the wallpaper that has been uploaded to set it.

Interruptible voice operation, sound source location support, master and assistant drive independent open window

Intelligent voice conversation

GKUI system has a strong voice interaction function, can control most of the functions in the central control system, such as navigation, music, schedule and so on. At the same time, through the voice function, you can also control some parts of the body, such as open and close windows, skylights, air conditioning and so on.

During the driving process, the voice opens the window

During the driving process, the voice opens the window

GKUI's intelligent voice AI is a NLP (Natural language processing system) equivalent to AI's intelligent voice core brain developed by Yikatong Technology, and on this basis, it is connected to third-party NLP capabilities such as Baidu, JingDong, and so on. Thus, the semantic understanding of more vertical classes is supported, and the average semantic processing speed is increased by four times. It can analyze the owner's control intention through semantic analysis, but no longer a pure keyword voice instruction.

For example, by saying to the system: "find a Western Restaurant with a per capita average of 500 yuan around West Lake", the central control interface will appear as a dialog box like WeChat and correct the incorrect display of words and characters in the light of context.

Locate pick-up and complete stand-alone operation

Sound source location, complete independent operation maste

For example, when the driver sits in the main driving position and says, "Open the window" or "close the window," when the master microphone receiver receives this command, it automatically opens or closes the window on the main side of the drive. Of course, the copilot and the back seat also apply to this method.

In addition, GKUI Voice coverage covers weather inquiries, hotels, air / train ticket reservations, history, people, news, stocks, metrics, currency exchange, and circumference. Mathematical computing query and other multi-domain travel service query and knowledge query.

The GKUI system also supports changing the name of the voice assistant. For example, "Hello, Bo Yue" can be modified to "Hello, Handsome". You can change any wake-up name you like, while using some common functions like music and navigation. The system supports wake-up free. In a certain conversation scenario, the demand can be automatically recognized and executed by the system.

All functions in the central control system can be turned on and off, or simple control commands can be realized by voice. Moreover, the speech recognition system is very intelligent when analyzing the user's intentions. For example, if you say "I am hungry" or "I am very hot", he will automatically search for the surrounding food or lower the air conditioning temperature.

The GKUI system also supports interruptions, such as: "look for Beijing where is the most delicious?" the system will tell you a lot of options during the search, and you can interrupt its prompts depending on the options of the system or your own needs. You can get the exact answer by telling it the name of the place you need to go now or the code that appears on the screen.

Can't understand online learning, real-time voice also has deep learning

Deep learning of speech operation

In the era of artificial intelligence, "machine self-learning" is often used to express the intelligence of a product or system. The GKUI voice magic book is a product with real self-learning ability. It is a set of self-learning according to the driver's habits. system.

The core of this function is the intelligent voice AI "self-learning". When the driver encounters an unrecognized user password, the intelligent voice AI first records the password and conducts self-learning.

During the learning process, GKUI users can view the learning process through the magic book function in the car application. After a period of time, if the intelligent voice AI has been learned, the user will be prompted "I have learned", when the GKUI user asks similar questions again. You can answer it correctly.

In addition, the magic book will share the information learned with other GKUI users through the cloud, providing answers to similar questions.

Express inquiry

Express inquiry

Basically, the consulting and query function of the GKUI voice control system is for the driver to complete a number of simple instructions in the actual driving process, such as when it is necessary to play a song accurately, or to turn on a function in the car. Voice control is convenient and practical at this time, as long as you don't overdo it.

In addition, in terms of ease of operation, the air conditioning system retains almost a full set of physical buttons, whether through manual control or sound control. Other functions are not difficult to use, but they are slightly cumbersome when looking for icons on the interface.

Speech interaction is the core interactive mode of human-vehicle interaction. The recognition rate of GKUI speech control is very high. In the set range of speech functions, GKUI system can perform tasks well. However, in some areas of speech recognition, the GKUI system still needs to be optimized and upgraded.

The latest generation of high-tech map car version, as easy to use as mobile phones

Voice navigation, interrupting selection destination

Voice navigation, interrupting selection destination

Multiple modes of Navigation

Multiple modes of navigation

GKUI system built-in high-tech map, support voice control to find the destination and input method input address, and real-time understanding of road congestion through the network, which is almost identical to the mobile version of the high-tech function.

GKUI vehicle version of the Gauder navigation can also achieve team navigation and positioning sharing function, but also through voice control to map zoom and zoom, and even in 3D and 2D mode switching, and with the help of 4G network, Navigation system can update map information through the network at any time, no more trouble to update map package to 4S store.

Car phone: E Lutong

To make a phone call from a car machine

Use the car to make a call

Driving a phone call This is an application scenario during the driving process of many users. The E-road car phone function that GKUI access effectively solves the safety problem of driving and making a call.

When the system is successfully paired with the mobile phone, the system will automatically read the address book in the mobile phone, so that the phone can be answered and dialed through the E-road. The E-road car phone function also supports the voice control function, and the contact is read. The name is used to make a call, and even if the name read is not clear enough, the system can still recognize it.

The mobile mouth completes the IoT interconnection operation, and the smart home control is realized.

GKUI Smart Butle

With the cooperation of JingDong IoT's brand-new intelligent technology brand Jingyu, GKUI can connect the two-way intelligent connection between car and home, and can connect nearly 2000 kinds of smart home to GKUI, to realize the ecological interworking between inside and home.

Voice inquire about the situation in the home and operate smart home.

Voice query home situation and operate smart home

For example, if you haven't arrived yet, you can use the GKUI system to remotely turn on the air conditioner, turn on the air conditioner, purifier, sweeping robot, and water heater.

On the other hand, smart home and GKUI interconnecting, reverse control of the car. Sit in the home through the GKUI connected intelligent speakers, start the car ahead of time, driving air conditioning, seat heating and other car control functions.

(分析研究经验做出结论) sum up

Intelligent in-car interconnect systems are no longer new in this era. The highlight of Geely's GKUI Ji Ke intelligent ecosystem is in my opinion. First, from the user's point of view, it tries to make all operations more convenient and easy to use. The use of intelligent voice AI technology makes the car interaction become more and more For fast and secure, and through the GKUI ID, let the car life and the mobile Internet world more seamless. Another feature is the more open and inclusive nature of the GKUI system, which has created a more dynamic ecosystem through collaboration with numerous ecosystem partners.

Another feature is that GKUI system is more open and inclusive, through the cooperation with many ecological partners, to create a more growing ecological platform.

Of course, the GKUI system is still conservative in terms of opening and accessing Internet application services, for example, it does not support browser access and can not download massive applications like mobile phones.

However, as an in-vehicle intelligent interactive system, it is enough to meet the various needs of driving and traveling. It is also emphasized that the development of the in-vehicle intelligent system industry has only emerged in recent years. I believe that with the upgrade of the GKUI follow-up system and With version iteration, there will be a lot of application services that are more suitable for in-vehicle intelligence to enter the GKUI system. (This article is the first titanium media, author / Seb祺, photography, editing / Kiwi)

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