MINI has a museum, which may not be as big as your home.

MINI has a museum, which may not be as big as your home.

If your house has an area of ​​140 square meters, congratulations, you are "good" than the MINI Hangzhou Museum.

2019 is the 60th anniversary of the birth of MINI. This classic car brand, known for its fun, opened a MINI museum in Hangzhou, one of the highest-selling cities in the country. Just like the fundamental concept of the MINI car, the museum also adheres to “the most things in the smallest space”, but it has four or five exhibition areas in less than 140 square meters.

The light blue old Mini is at the museum, and the museum is hidden on the second floor of the 4S store, with another red classic Mini in the door. The museum is about to be a small area with the highest density in the country's old Mini. (All-in-case MINI was the official name of the BMW after 2000, and the model was called the Mini. )

In previous articles, we have told the story of the birth of Mini, but failed to mention its designer, Sir Alec Issigonis, the father of Mini. Sir Issigonis, an engineer at the British car giant BMC Group at the time, took over the task of fighting the German bubble car invading the British market. Mini did not become a British business card out of thin air, it was born with the pride of the British.

In order to achieve larger interior space with the same compact body, the design team creatively placed the engine transversely, and the transmission is integrated into the engine oil pan to form the front transverse engine front wheel drive. This structure leaves 80%of the body volume left to the rear cabin and luggage compartment, and then becomes the default choice for most household cars today.

Although Sir Issigonis has a genius and innovative design, the most important name for MINI is others. This glory belongs to racing designer John Cooper, and the well-known “MINI Cooper” is named after him.

I don't think you care much about what John Cooper looks like, but Cooper is famous in racing history. John and his father Charles Cooper formed the Cooper F1 team, which won two consecutive F1 championships in 1959 and 1960 and was one of the first British teams to abuse Enzo Ferrari. Legendary drivers Jack Brabham,Stirling Moss and Bruce Mclaren (McLaren both worked for the Cooper team.

As it happens, John Cooper and Sir Issigonis are both British and have a good personal relationship. He is keenly aware of the competitive potential hidden under the Mini's small size. So in the hands of John Cooper, the power of the Mini was quickly increased from 34 horsepower to 55 horsepower, which was born in 1961 under the name Mini Cooper.

(rehabilitation of John Cooper Studio)

When Mini Cooper was born, it was considered taking part in the then Group 2 Rally. BMC used Mini Cooper to form a team for the Monte Carlo Rally, winning three championships in 1964, 1965 and 1967 with a light and flexible body. In the middle of 1966, the three Mini Cooper cars, which were originally in the top three, were cancelled by Citroen as a result of complaints about lamp problems, otherwise Mini would have won four consecutive titles in Monte Carlo.

In 2000, Mr. John Cooper died, and his son set up a high-performance modification factory, John Cooper Works, which specializes in the design and manufacture of Mini racing cars and modification kits. In 2007, the new MINI owner BMW Group included John Cooper Works in the bag. JCW has become a high-performance department of MINI from the original MINI Royal Modification Factory, and now every MINI has a powerful version of JCW for consumers to choose from.

Every mention of MINI, often cannot be without the description of``Cartine car control'' . Although it is the nose of the front drive, MINI has a very primitive driving experience. Not only the high-performance JCW or Cooper S models, but even the common power Cooper, the heavy and full steering feel, can make most of today's performance vehicles look like each other.

So you can understand that although the MINI has always been related to publicity, fashion, creativity, and cuteness in the eyes of the public, there is always a desire for black and white checkered flags in its bones. MINI has the most extensive customization options, with the most accent material and details, but even the most intimate convertible MINI Cabrio Cooper, you can still recall the solid steering feel of GTI MkIV, 3 Series E90 Don't be fooled by the soft ceiling with the m-flag, the delicate diamond-shaped leather, the gorgeous multi-color atmosphere lights, and the entry-level power figures.

But now MINI is no longer a car, the traditional MINI hatchback has a five-door version, Clubman has become the de facto five-door car, Countryman is almost as big as Land Rover aurora. Sitting in the back seat of Clubman, the real but bumpy road feeling, enough space but the right half of the hard back seat, will not make the back row passengers feel happy. Even with two more back doors, I still think MINI is born to only two people.

The current generation of MINI, is customary to usher in a replacement around 2021. The pure electric version of MINI Cooper S E has just been released, but in terms of electric performance, it is more like a temporary transition. Mini's real electric vision is whether the next generation will be based on pure electric platforms. After his 60th birthday, MINI is about to face an unknown new challenge.

The 60th anniversary version of MINI has been put into the store, and the 50th anniversary version of MINI is still jumping around on the road. Mini is a brand with a strong sense of belonging to few fans, whether it is car enthusiasts, creative personality expressions, or lightweight speed enthusiasts. MINI needs to let them all find it, or even create their own loved ones.?

MINI Museum address: No. 506 Shen Bian Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, second floor, Jinchang Baohu 4S Shop, MINI

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MINI opened museum not yet your home big house

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