More than a note to write a small red book sale: refused a refund return refused to provide an invoice

From overseas shopping and sharing communities to e-commerce platform “welfare clubs”, Xiaohongshu is constantly developing its own business. At the same time, there are more and more cases of users complaining about counterfeit goods. Among them, including after-sales service, express delivery efficiency, etc., the proportion of complaints is higher.

According to the data of the complaints official website, there are 236 complaints about Xiaohongshu, mainly related to the difficulty of returning refunds, poor after-sales service, and commodity fraud.


The platform is accused of selling fake, users face difficulties in returning

Li Fang found that the lipstick bought by the small red book was different from the lipstick used by the counter and the brand lipstick, and then went to a makeup appraisal App to find the appraiser to identify the lipstick. Four different appraisers all recognized that the lipstick was a fake. "I looked for a small red book customer service to sell the authorization form," he said. The other side can not get out, customer service asked me to go to the relevant departments to identify, even the counter can not identify. " Li Fang said that the small Red Book does not recognize the results of third-party identification institutions.

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"and China's relevant laws stipulate that online shopping is supported for seven days without reason to return the goods, but the other party does not return the goods, is not this overlord clause?" Li Fang said so.

According to blue whale TMT reporters understand, Li Fang's case is not the case, Mo Xin (alias) also experienced a similar experience.

Mo Xin bought a famous brand belt at an overseas brand collection store in Xiaohongshu on February 20, 2019, and received the goods on February 28. But what surprised Mo Xin was that the packaging of the goods was extremely simple. "The packaging is really not as good as the belt of tens of dollars. There is only one thin bag, one black box, and the belt packaging does not have any brand logo. There is also no shopping receipt voucher, and the QR code on the product cannot scan any data or proof."

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After discovering the problem, Mo Xin contacted the official account of Xiaohong Book, "Captain Potato". The explanation given by "Captain Potato" is, "overseas pay little attention to packaging, and most brand-name product packaging is extremely simple." But quality is strictly controlled. And overseas resources are limited, advocating environmental protection, will not provide a small ticket. "

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Communication has not been successful, Mo Xin asked for a refund of the small red book, but the "potato captain" said that the goods do not support a refund.

According to blue whale TMT reporter survey, small red books as a social e-commerce platform, both small red books self-owned stores, but also a third-party sellers. Small Red Book Welfare Society self-labeled "Global Direct, 100% genuine security" and other words. "I chose to buy it because the Little Red Book has always been one hundred percent authentic." This is what Li Fang calls it.

In this regard, Xiaohongshu said that "we have strict access standards and re-examination mechanism for the settled merchants. The small red book platform e-commerce is determined not to allow the sale of fakes, if we confirm that any merchant sells such products. Will immediately deal with the shutdown, and joint investigations by the public security organs, to inform the Sunshine Alliance to let other e-commerce platforms also share illegal business information."

At the same time, the person stressed that the clip shopping ticket transaction is common in the small-scale personal purchasing behavior of non-standard, and the cross-border merchandise of the Xiaohongshu platform is batch-produced for overseas merchants, so it is impossible to provide one for each user's ordered merchandise. A small shopping ticket for one.

Logistics and after-sales service have been criticized

In addition to the sale of counterfeit goods reflected by users, Xiaohongshu's logistics services and after-sales service have also been criticized by users.

Cheng Lin (pseudonym) purchased a makeup remover at an overseas collection store on Xiaohongshu on February 24th. "On March 1st, I arrived at Shanghai Changning site, but I have not sent it. I have not received it on March 9th. I complained about logistics, and logistics is not allowed to mention it."


After communicating with the logistics side, Cheng Lin consulted the customer service and asked if he could help with the delivery. "The result is that the customer service attitude is very poor and the difference is inexplicable."


At the same time, Cheng Lin told the Blue Whale TTM reporter that the after-sales service in the small red book shopping experience is not perfect. "If you don't talk to the seller or want to complain, you can't directly find the platform to intervene. It feels like there is no complaint." It is said that some e-commerce platforms have launched a function similar to "late to pay", so that consumers' after-sales rights can be somewhat guaranteed.

Small red book user Liu Fei (pseudonym) also experienced a similar event. Liu Fei bought several items in the small Red Book, of which three are small Red Book self-delivery. Later, Liu Fei, due to the inconvenience of picking up the goods, applied to the small Red Book to change the address, but has been in the state of processing.

A few days later, Liu Fei found that the express delivery logistics showed that the courier arrived at the original address of the express cabinet, "I did not receive the pick-up code, contact the express delivery side, the express side said that I should go directly to the express cabinet to pick up the parts, and dial the express cabinet customer service phone to inquire about the pick-up code." But after several twists and turns Liu Fei finally also did not find the goods in the original address express cabinet.

Liu Fei said: "I contacted the small red book, the small red book aspect has been pushed back, said that two days to reply, but has not responded, but also continuously closed my refund application, the small red book said that it is necessary to confirm the goods returned to them before the refund, But I confiscated the goods. " It is understood that before the release of Liu Fei did not receive a refund of the small red book.

In this regard, small red books related to only the use of express delivery, the company has strict requirements and standards.

Lawyer: e-commerce platform should improve after-sales service and guide merchants to restrict themselves.

Founded in 2013, Xiao Hongshu completed more than $300m in financial funding led by Ali in June last year, valuing it at more than $3 billion, according to public information. As of January 2019, Xiao Hongshu had more than 200 million users, with the post-90s and post-90s being the most active user groups, according to its official website.

It is reported that the small red book community produces billions of notes a day, covering fashion, skin care, makeup, food, travel, film and television, reading, fitness and other lifestyle areas.

However, a net red economic person who did not want to be named told the Blue Whale TMT reporter that the prevalence of the net red economy has made the brand side look for net red to promote its own brand as a trend. Many net red bloggers or KOL due to The benefit factor does not provide an in-depth understanding and experience of the product, but rather a mechanical promotion of the product for the benefit of the brand. Therefore, the products shared by bloggers or KOLs in Xiaohongshu do not necessarily represent cost-effective products, which affects the user's judgment on whether the products are purchased or not.

In this regard, Xiaohongshu said that “Little Red Book has a platform system called brand partner. If all bloggers need to make business notes, they must report their own interests on the platform, so in the business notes. Users can see which notes are relevant. If the blogger does not indicate the interests of the notes that advertise the brand, the algorithm will give a 2-hour limit and 12-hour data if found in the background. Clearly. If the blogger has three violations, the account will be closed."

In the above case, Li Min, senior partner of Shanghai law firm Hansheng Law firm, said that the e-commerce platform provides trading opportunities for both buyers and sellers, with the characteristics of business, service, resource sharing, interaction and so on. In addition, e-commerce platform is not only an intermediary platform, platform operators need to fulfill the obligations stipulated by the E-commerce law, such as identification and qualification review, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Li Wei said that there are many e-commerce platforms at present, and the quality of e-commerce after-sales service is also uneven. There are problems such as “overlord clause”, “national non-guarantee”, “discriminal treatment online and offline”, and “free maintenance but charge for door-to-door fees”. There is an urgent need for the regulatory layer to strengthen supervision and management. To improve after-sales service, the e-commerce platform can strengthen the publicity and education of the operators in the platform, set incentive measures for the honest operators, extend the period of product review, and guide the merchants to self-discipline.

Li Min said that if users receive fake goods, e-commerce platform for its own goods, need to bear the same product quality responsibility as normal commodity operators. If a third-party seller sells fake, the ecommerce platform shall bear joint and several liability with the operator of the platform under the following three circumstances: first, the real name, address and effective contact information of the seller or service person cannot be provided; Second, make commitments that are more beneficial to consumers; third, knowingly or should know that the seller or service person uses its platform to infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and has not taken the necessary measures.

Li Wei stressed: "According to the "Internet Trading Management Measures", online commodity operators sell goods, consumers have the right to return within seven days from the date of receipt of the goods, and there is no need to explain the reasons."

In addition, Li Min reminded consumers that due to the high cost of professional identification, coupled with the high similarity of some counterfeit goods, it is often difficult to identify counterfeit goods. In order to reduce the difficulty of safeguarding rights, it is suggested that consumers should choose the self-owned products of e-commerce website or the operators within the platform of disclosing authorization and entrustment, and keep the screenshots of commodity publicity pages and shopping information in time.

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