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Miyaguchi FM vol.009 峥嵘 峥嵘! Host game memoirs online

Have you ever been to the trampoline hall? Have you ever heard "the little bully has a lot of fun"? Have you ever played "reality"? Do you know the Drum Building of Beijing Game Holy Land?

This program, village head @ iSuky village flower @ what happened to JoJo handfriend chat podcast @ Jaxlee, interviewed drum tower 20 years veteran game seller @ cool play e acting boss Gao Jian and his wife Yuanyuan, explore the past extraordinary years, the number of console game changes.

Village entrance

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Last week's winning audience has been announced on the show. In this episode, we will send out three e-sports club RNG team souvenirs provided by @红魔电竞手机, the old rules, follow us and forward this microblog, leaving you this issue In the view of the program, we will select three winners from our audience who meet the requirements.

Due to this issue of guest overcrowding, anchor Suky and JOJO share a microphone recording, there may be different sound sizes during the pick-up process, and we apologize for the constant listening you have caused.

Video games memoirs Murakou FM 9 online

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