Huawei TV Prospect: Square Panel Hess Chip Hongmeng system

Huawei's involvement in the TV market first appeared in 2018. By AWE in March this year, Yu Chengdong (CEO of Huawei Consumer Business) was willing to launch a smart large-screen product with TV function, and later, Huawei TV OEM orders and sizes. Planned, dual-brand strategy, 10 million sales targets, September listings and other figurative information are exposed in succession. Everyone knows that Huawei TV is already on the line.

Huawei TV National Team: BOE Panel + Hisilicon Chip + Hongmeng System

Recently, Huawei’s TV has been rumored. Huawei has registered the “Hongmeng” operating system trademark on a global scale, combining the information disclosed by Yu Chengdong in a conversation:

Huawei TV team:Beijing Oriental panel+Hayes chip+Hongmeng system.

Yu Chengdong's content in a conversation

Huawei TV is likely to be equipped with the self-developed operating system "Hong Meng". So far, according to known rumors or information, several major components of Huawei TV have adopted the "made in China" solution:

▎Display panel: BOE and Huaxing Optoelectronics

According to news, Huawei TV will use Beijing Oriental (BOE) 55-inch panel and Huaxing Optoelectronic (CSOT) 65-inch panel. The two panel suppliers are not small. Jingdong is the largest display panel manufacturing enterprise in China. It has a number of display manufacturing bases in the country, including 4 8.5 generation lines and 2 10.5 generation lines. It is currently the largest manufacturer of high generation display panel manufacturing capacity in the world. In the global display panel layout, Jingdong has also taken the first place in the sales of LCD panels for smartphones, laptops, monitors and televisions. the organization forecasts that Jingdong will surpass South Korean enterprises in 2019 and become the largest display panel manufacturer in the world.

Huawei TV National Team: BOE Panel + Hisilicon Chip + Hongmeng System

Huaxing Optoelectronics owns two 8.5-generation lines and two 11-generation lines (one under construction), and its overall production capacity ranks among the top five in the world.

Display panel manufacturing used to be a stubborn disease in China's technology industry. The hat with less core and less screen has been worn for many years, consuming the confidence of the Chinese TV industry and a large amount of foreign exchange. Nowadays, China's display manufacturing industry represented by BOE and Huaxing Optoelectronics has rapidly emerged as a global leader. This change is exciting.

Processor chip: Huawei Hayes

The data show that, by 2010, China's TV chips are heavily dependent on foreign products, and foreign chips have a market share of more than 90% in China. It's also the pain of less core, and China has been taking too long as the world's largest consumer consumer market. Then, the domestic chip enterprises, represented by Huawei, have gradually broken the market pattern, so that the localization rate of the TV chip is gradually improved, and the data statistics show that the share of the domestic chip in the TV chip market has reached about 60% in 2017.

Huawei TV National Team: BOE Panel + Hisilicon Chip + Hongmeng System

Heath's chip solution for 8K, 4K ultra-high definition TV

Huawei Hisilicon market share is about 30%, in addition, domestic TV companies are also developing their own chips, of which Hisense, Haier, etc. have a bright performance in this regard. In 2005, Hisense R&D “Xinxin” was successful. In 2015, it successfully developed the image quality engine chip and became one of the three TV companies with the development capability of image quality chips in the world. Haier also has digital TV decoder chips with completely independent intellectual property rights.

From display panels to TV chips, Chinese companies are leaving impossible tasks behind, still bravely moving forward to bring consumers the ideal application experience.

Operating system: Hongmeng OS


Huawei TV team:Beijing Oriental panel+Hayes chip+Hongmeng system.

Huawei Hongmeng operating system

Hongmeng will be a historic recovery strategy for domestic operating systems, from mobile phones to televisions, even computers, tablets, cars and wearables. This is not the first shot in the battle of Chinese science and technology, but it may be the loudest shot.

Compared with Huawei TV, it is 4K or 8K resolution. Is it equipped with 5G core, price and other information? Its high-purity "Made in China" identity has made us feel bad. Television, as an indispensable technology component of modern life, China's manufacturing is exerting more and more powerful influence. The same is true in other industries. We are very proud of this.

Huawei TV Prospect Beijing Oriental Panel Heath Chip Hongmeng system

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