Interpretation of "velvet Model" by holding hands with Qianxin products with monthly income of 1 million Ma Gang


A startup company of 50 to 60 people must find a place in the mature market of cyber security, which has a history of more than 20 years. What can we do?

Ma Gang concluded that the characteristics of the velvet are “熬”, and the competition threshold of the velvet is “time”: “five or sixty people, eight years of focus on safety, step by step, always make some achievements.”


The biggest event in the domestic security circle this year is that Qi Anxin has been independent from 360. The company, which is led by one of the 360 ​​internal incubators and one of the 360 ​​founders, is a self-reliant company.

In the announcement issued by Qianxin to sell all its shares, in addition to talking about the transaction price of 3.7 billion yuan, it also focused on the statement that there will no longer be an equity relationship between Qianxin and Qianxin, and that Qianxin will no longer enjoy the license of brands such as 360s brand, technology and network big data.

Then, Zhou Hongyi, chairman of 360, said in an internal letter to employees that after 360 withdrew from Qianxin, the relationship between "investment and investment" and "authorization and authorization" between the two sides ended. In order to protect the interests of users, 360 will continue to provide data support during the transitional period through a market-oriented mechanism.

This means that Qianxin, a self-supporting portal, needs to complete the "reconstruction" of its product system within the "transition period" given by 360 in order to achieve a "smooth transition" of its business after independence. In fact, Chianxin has done a lot of action lately.

Hold hands with Qianxin to be an engine enabler.

According to TechWeb, Chianxin recently worked with security manufacturer velvet security to purchase velvet antivirus engines.

Antivirus engine is an important core technology and module in network security industry. Velvet safety has developed a new generation of antivirus engine with independent intellectual property rights for many years. The velvet antivirus engine can provide partners with a simple and easy-to-use interface, and provide product access services in the whole process, so that the security products without antivirus function can expand the antivirus function or improve the antivirus ability of the security products with antivirus function. The product forms that can cooperate include not limited to firewall, security inspection, antivirus wall and so on.

Fire velvet safety partner Ma Gang told TechWeb that in addition to Chi'an letter, velvet has also reached cooperation with Jess, Lenovo, Natural Trust, convinced, Depp and many other manufacturers, velvet has become one of the most important "engine enablers" in the industry.

The velvet safety products of the entrepreneurial team can be favored by the national team of safety majors, which proves the strength of the velvet products in the security field.

In addition to the anti-virus engine of the enabling industry, the personal security products and enterprise security products of the company have gained a lot of fan users. The customer service of the velvet security personal version exceeds 6 million, and the enterprise version has a record of more than 2,000 online enterprises at the same time. At present, the monthly average revenue of the enterprise version has exceeded 1 million, and it continues to grow.

The fierce competition in the field of domestic network security can be described as "fierce". How can companies with 50 or 60 people gain a place in the field of network security, a mature market that has a history of more than 20 years? In his dialogue with Ma Gang, he outlined the "velvet model" of the new security forces.

Ma Gang, safety partner of velvet

One product hits the world, the monthly income exceeds 1 million

In 2018, Velvet announced the closure of the flow of cash flow business, when its main income also came from the OEM engine. Also in the same year, Velvet determined that the business model relied on the huge security service demand of to C to polish the products, and finally rely on the enterprise products of to B to make money, let the velvet survive and develop.

The company has two products, namely, the Velvet Security Software 4.0 for C-side personal users and the Velvet Terminal Security Management System for B-end enterprise users. At present, the latest personal version of Velvet 5.0 is undergoing public beta.

However, Ma Gang introduced that in essence, the velvet only made one product. Because the personal version and the enterprise version of the security software are completely reused in technology, the only difference is that the enterprise version adds a "central console" to the personal version to facilitate unified deployment and unified control of the enterprise.

Ma Gang is very persistent on "one": "One product, no customization; one configuration, no modularity; one service, no distinction between customer size; one price, open and transparent."

These "one" of velvet become a significant symbol different from other safety manufacturers on the market, and also become the competitiveness of velvet. Because "one" also means that there is no substitute, can only break the boat to go all out.

As we all know, unlike the occasional instability of C-end products, there is nothing wrong with to B's products, which will have a catastrophic impact on the company. Ma Gang introduced that before the launch of enterprise-level security products, Velvet was polished on the personal safety product side for six years.

In 2017, velvet began to do to B security products. Velvet terminal safety management system 1.0 was developed based on to C velvet safety software 4.0. The accumulation of the first six years has worked here, and the whole 1.0 product has been developed, tested and finalized in just one year.

2018 velvet enterprise safety 1.0 products officially introduced to the market, online application for free trial model. By April of that year, with the expiration of the effective time of the first free trial users, some users switched to pay to try out velvet products, giving the safety of velvet the first revenue from the enterprise version of the product.

“In April we formed a sales income of 100,000 yuan. Then we are growing steadily every month. Now it has been more than a year from 100,000 to now. Now we have more than one million yuan per month.” Ma Gang did not care about the benefits of the velvet enterprise products. "The number of simultaneous online businesses is up to 2,000 at the same time. Although it serves thousands of companies, we don't miss 10 questions submitted in our customer service group every day."

Ma Gang attributed this "small" success to the continuous polishing of performance, R&D and innovation of the velvet safety products. Behind the appearance of homogenized products, it is the gradual technological innovation and continuous performance optimization of the velvet. Become a more popular product.

Do not take the old road Internet thinking to do security products

Fire velvet safety was founded in 2011, most of the entrepreneurial team members are Ruixing, Ma Gang said, the security industry is very difficult, homogeneous competition, high service costs. Eight years ago decided to join the security industry to start a business, the velvet safety team put forward a request: do not go the same way.

Not taking the old road means opening up new roads.

Ma Gang introduced, first of all, the safety of the velvet does not want to waste time and energy on itself and customers in the business process.

Velvet safety only provides a standardized product, a price, in terms of sales, velvet is mainly through online trial, purchase mode for product sales; at the same time, through Lenovo, natural credit, deep conviction and other partner sales channels, as well as software agents, system integrators and so on.

With the innovation of this model, the fire velvet does not have a huge push, the sales team needs to bear and maintain, the technical team does not need to spend time and effort to meet the customer's various customized development, unreasonable demand, just need to focus on grinding products. Velvet customer service, sales can be solved online, will never go out.

Secondly, the essence of velvet safety product is safety service. Products are hard enough to subtract from sales and customer service.

Ma Gang introduced that the first ignition velvet safety product is developed on the Web side, which is suitable for the Windows platform, so that the product is easy to use and install and deploy, without the need of professional assistance, the ordinary network management can be operated. At present, there are dozens of users who apply for trials every day, and most of them can guide themselves to install and deploy.

The second point is that the performance of the product is stable and does not occupy resources. The third point is that the manslaughter rate is low and the compatibility is good. Before creating value for users and protecting users' security, security software must pass a level, that is, to help not make trouble.

In addition, Velvet does not fight price wars with its peers. "No grievances, no blunders." Ma Gang believes that "a healthy company should have its own core competitiveness and exchange orders for this." Ma Gang revealed that the safety of the velvet even won the user five times higher than the price of the peer.

The velvet safety team now has 50 to 60 people, including more than 40 research and development personnel. The R & D team has been grinding for many years to improve the performance of the product, which gives the "velvet mode" the spirit of not going the same way.

Ma Gang concluded that the characteristics of the velvet are “熬”, and the competition threshold of the velvet is “time”: “five or sixty people, eight years of focus on safety, step by step, always make some achievements.”

In the arms of the past, we will not love the way forward, and we will never waste all the sweat, the pit that flows through it will not be wasted. As a start-up company, we should make a place in the mature market with a 20-year history. The first is to grind the product run, and the second is to step out a new road in the business model.

Hand in hand odd Anxin product monthly broken 1 million Ma Gang interpretation velvet mode

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