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Liu Xiangming, co-founder of titanium media, spoke to three guests, from left to right: Ford Hou Xinhai, China, Dr. Huang Yong, Chery Motor, and Zhang Qi, United Automobile.

The annual CES ASIA arrives as scheduled. Titanium Media, as the official cooperative media of the CES Organizing Committee, has reported on the CES ASIA held in Shanghai for five years in a row, with no exception this year.

As the continuous observer of the automobile ecological circle, the titanium media has a unique scientific and technological perspective, and the "future travel technology salon", which is sponsored by ITValue, is a perfect drop curtain, seeking to find more technical ground business rules.

The CES ASIA 2019 Titanium Media Future Travel Technology Salon Forum is divided into three parts, namely, "Intelligent Networking in the 5G Era", "The Future Commercialization of Autopilot Technology", and "New Ways to Travel in the Future". We have invited guests from all walks of life to explore, from automakers like Ford's 100-year-old Ford to related technology suppliers in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain.

Zhao He-juan, the founder of the titanium media group, said at the meeting that the "The new mode of travel has become the subject of more and more attention, and the titanium media has accumulated rich in the technical field and in the business field for many years, and it is hoped that the future will be explored with each other and will be more valuable in the future travel direction."

In the first dialogue session on "Intelligent Networking in the 5G Era," the views of the guests were violently collided, not only with dry goods, but also with frequent verses.

Hou Xinhai, Ford China's vice president of information technology, mobile travel platform and products, believes that "based on the Internet of Everything, the future will continue to deepen the connection between emotion and experience."

Everyone often said that "100-year-old Ford" is both a glory and a burden. Hou Xinhai admits, "The early Ford SYNC only solved a simple call requirement with Bluetooth, but it brought an excellent market effect, which shows the importance of finding the pain point of the user. On the other hand, the car network is the biggest for the B side. The advantage is big data, which allows car companies to combine user habits to create more targeted products."

When it comes to the change caused by 5G, Zhang Qi, president of Cozhong Automobile Intelligent Cabin Research Institute, said, ``5G will bring a closer combination of Internet of vehicles and automatic driving. After the infrastructure and vehicle data are connected, the technology itself can solve many practical problems, such as data to reduce traffic congestion. ``.

In this regard, Dr. Huang Yong, deputy general manager of Chery Intelligent Automobile Group, said, "under the traditional vehicle networking, the user needs are easy to understand. When the era of autopilot comes, the needs of users begin to become diversified, content services and information services are very important, but they are still in the initial stage, and a lot of things have not yet been fully opened."

The following are the original texts of the three guests of the dialogue between Liu Xiangming, co-founder of titanium media, edited by titanium media:

Liu Xiangming: First of all, a few guests are introduced. They are Mr. Ford China Information Technology, Mobile Travel Platform and Vice-President, Mr. Hou Xinhai, Vice-General Manager of Chery Intelligent Automobile Industry Group, Dr. Huang Yong, and Mr. Zhang Yan, President of the Automobile Intelligent Cockpit Research Institute.

Today we are talking about the 5G era of intelligent network couplets, 5G is actually a very big topic, we have a lot of expectations for it, it is also the focus of trade war. So the first question, in particular, I would like to ask a few guests, we are all talking about the Intelligent Netlink, what is the real connection? What is the most important thing to connect to?

Hou Xinhai: I have been on the Internet for more than a decade, and when the United States joined the Ford, in 2007, Ford opened the new trend. SYNC is physically connected from the earliest information, then gradually to the content connection, and now to the home interaction all kinds of content, And the next step is to the field of intelligent travel.

It can be said that in the end, it is the interconnection of everything, which is the physical level. On the next level, it will become emotional or experiential. From a consumer's point of view, he feels that the experience is getting better and better, it may come from personalization, security, and ultimately connection or emotional or experiential connection.

Huang Yong: I started to contact Chery's car networking in the past two years. Chery released the company's strategic brand last year. This issue is viewed from the perspective of Enterprise Industry 4.0. The real connection is that the entire Internet of Vehicles is part of the Internet of Things. What I am doing today is that cars, drivers and passengers are connected to the Internet. Because of the era of mobile Internet, everyone is connected, and the upgrade of technology has also prompted the car to upgrade in this area.

At the macro level, Chery's planning, including smart manufacturing, the entire digital operation and the operation and marketing of the company, are all connected with the users and are a wider network. Today it is simply that users can go online.

Zhang Wei: I think this is the case. The connection is divided into several levels. On the top of the cloud, the next car, the most important thing in the middle is the connection. Why do you say this? Since it is a car, many of today's friends are coming from car companies. The connection inside the car is in a period of change. With the increasing complexity of electronic and electrical equipment, the requirements for data, the requirements for reliability, and the requirements for iteration. More and more abundant.

The "Lianlianyun" piece is actually a natural advantage for new energy vehicles, and regulations must be connected. While meeting the minimum regulatory requirements, Shanglianyun brings ecological content to the car. Many friends will say that there will be no insecurity in the car, whether there will be hackers, and this thing is not reliable.

In my opinion, the frontier can bring such doubts. We solve the demand while minimizing the risk. Therefore, there are many practical experiences in the cloud, and some Internet ecological content is introduced. During the car movement, Not only as a mobile tool but also to carry entertainment content, even office content.

The opening of the car is still for people, so the car network around the human core, has recently received more and more attention, whether it is foreign CES or domestic CES, smart cockpit development in the past two years is particularly fast. Like we did some robots, including big screens, including cloud control, etc. These are all human-centric.

Liu Xiangming: now the whole car network development is not very synchronous, on the one hand, the business model is not clear, even a lot of things do not know how to make money. In addition, many even the premise is to be driverless as the premise to liberate people. What are the changes made when a lot of content is really connected? Is it connected for the purpose of connecting?

Zhang Wei: The reason why there are such doubts is mainly because of the inherent thinking habits, you have to use them immediately after you get on the bus, and most of the scenes considered are driving. In my opinion, the future car is not to say that you have to get on the bus from A to B. In fact, there are still many places that can be used. For example, can the car become a space for changing clothes, can provide useful information, etc. There are many opportunities to be born here.

In fact, there is still a lot of time in the car. In my opinion, any business opportunity has two sources of production, one is to improve user efficiency through technological advancement; in addition to stick to the user's time, to generate some new business models and scenarios.

For us, we are very convinced that in addition to home and office, the car will stick to more and more time in the future, as long as there are good products, it will certainly create new business opportunities and value.

Huang Yong: I want to use the EDR in the traditional car network like TSP and the country. On the one hand, the car factory definitely needs these technologies, and now it is expanded to connect drivers and passengers through the car networking system. Our understanding is that users have a variety of needs in travel, emotional interaction such a system, including the smart cockpit we are talking about, can be connected, the user can easily use during the travel process.

When the era of automatic driving is more free, it is necessary to be linked from a safety perspective, whether it is a high-definition map or information security.

Content services, look at the current car manufacturers, suppliers and many other partners are exploring how to provide better services, is currently the initial stage, did not reach seamless docking, identity identification and payment, many things are not completely Get through.

Hou Xinhai: The question "why should even be connected" has been plagued for many years. In fact, this proposition has been used for more than a decade. Every OEM is trying to find this method. How does the car manufacturer make money? It has not yet seen which one is doing well. Some are forced to connect, some are trying to connect. This thing is going to return to 2C and 2B respectively.

I participated in CES for the first time in the early days. I was particularly excited when I was working with Microsoft. The car network opened a door. Although consumers do not have enough shipping costs, they do bring benefits. For example, when SYNC1 was used, Bluetooth was used to solve the problem of driving on the road. At that time, it was a big deal and solved the pain points of users.

As is the case, there are a wide range of services and a great deal of content. On the one hand, we need to find the pain point of the user. On the other hand, on the B-side, more and more advantages are seen, the main reason is the big data, the AI ability, can have the technical ability to dig the so-called things, through all kinds of data, more targeted to do the product, do the service, The data is creating value in a steady stream.

Liu Xiangming: Among all the people here, Ford is the oldest car company. I want to know, how many years have you seen the impact of this round of Internet on the car industry?

Hou Xinhai: We all say that the century Ford, on the one hand, is the honor and the burden. This round of the Internet has taken place for more than a decade, every technology wave, whether it's from the earliest energy. It's not a big deal, but it's more and more obvious that it's not just that we're talking to our peers, and it's a big shock.

When the industry threshold is lowered and new technologies come in, the biggest problem is what business model. The traditional business model OEM has lived in this model for more than 100 years and is always in a comfortable position in the pyramid. Now it’s awkward to find out that it’s not right. Now we need to understand that consumers interact with consumers, so the biggest impact on us is the pattern. The biggest mode change is how to really understand the user.

In just eight months on the Chinese team, Ford teamed up with Baidu to build a whole new ecosystem of hardware and software that built a car networking system, and not just one model, but four models.

Liu Xiangming: After the car is connected to the Internet, it may not become like a car. The previous example is a mobile phone. When using Nokia, the expectation of the mobile phone is completely different from that of the current smart phone. Do you think there is any misjudgment to the development after the car is connected to the Internet? ?

Huang Yong: Chery is connected to the car for at least five years, basically starting with some relatively simple ones. With the progress of technology, more and more things are being done. If there is any misjudgment, it is that the original traditional model is far from consumers, enterprises may not be close to consumers. Later, it was mentioned that the Internet or the Internet, the real cooperation with some Internet enterprises, and end-users are more closely linked.

Nowadays, product design and planning are different from the past, there is also the speed of iteration, so now in the enterprise is also the product development process, according to these conditions have also done a lot of custom things to cope with the rapid changes in consumers, because Chinese consumers are changing too much, may not be a decade, a few years there is a change, so this point, understand the preferences of users to do a good job.

Liu Xiangming: I have been talking about emotions. I know that you have recently released a new generation of emotional technology pure electric SUVs. I am particularly interested. How do you define emotional technology?

Zhang Wei: Actually, I think it is not only the new forces to do, but Ford is also mentioning that Hou is also talking about connecting with users. The consensus in this regard is the same.

Specifically, we did a few things, first, in the product planning, did a full survey, after all, we took a lot of prototypes to the front-line target user group to do the survey. We found that in the previous model, the car was relatively solidified, and there were only a few things in it. Many people would complain that they had been doing it for a decade or two, but they still didn't have my phone to use and used all kinds of car rules. Liu Xiangming: there is no Lin Zhiling, is there?

Zhang Wei: Yes, there is actually an emotional attribute in it, because when people use a product, in addition to the function to satisfy him, there are emotional aspects to satisfy him. Based on this consideration, there is such a robot when doing this car. The first batch of about 40 sets of emoticons in different scenes in the first batch, with sound and image, will make you feel that you sent out Ling is not talking to a pure machine, although it is still a machine, it is not so cold to it.

For a specific example, there are two modes of fatigue driving monitoring. What is the traditional model? Drop, or flash, you are tired and stop at once. The second is to record the wife's voice, "husband, you are too tired to take a break." such a function, because with emotional attributes, the feedback effect will be much better, will let a lot of people listen to this suggestion, this is a specific example.

Liu Xiangming: Go back to today's theme, just talk about the car networking, let's talk about 5G, to tell you what the upcoming 5G most-expected technology is? What is the most expected technology for the entire car networking?

Zhang Qi: connecting the car, or cockpit, can be combined with autopilot or transitional auxiliary driving. Start with the traffic field and let cars and transportation facilities solve very real problems, such as traffic jams.

For example, when driving in Shanghai often comes to work overtime at night, I see a red light waiting for half a day. It's a very typical example. It's a very typical example. It can be adjusted by V2X so as to make the trip more efficient.

Huang Yong: Voice and semantic recognition are now available, most of them are on the cloud. The biggest complaint from users is that the speed is not fast enough. 5G technology can help solve this pain point. If the car network system can't keep up with the use of such users. If you are used to it, you may not have too much dependence and stickiness.

In addition, in the era of autopilot, it is more important that high-definition maps or other data transmission things, this technology can help low-delay data transmission, this is very important.

Hou Xinhai: When I was studying electronic, I saw the history of communication. I think 3G and 4G basically opened up new runways, and 5G produced a new runway. From the perspective of technological breakthroughs, as the speed of the network changes, more services will come to the cloud, so this is a very favorable thing, solving a lot of troubles in the car, this is a breakthrough.

The second thing, I very much agree with the connection with urban traffic. It has been said before that Ford has a vision of smart car service intelligence society. This connection point has a big technical bottleneck, so I think that 5G will start from traffic lights and many other things will happen.

There will be a big breakthrough, or there will be a lot of demand, that is, placement, with a variety of IOT and other large areas of commercial, so I think it is definitely a big challenge.

Liu Xiangming: The automobile industry often draws cakes for everyone. After five years, no one can drive into reality. Please predict, what do you think is the future of smart driving that can bring us the latest new experience?

Hou Xinhai: The technology is developing very fast. There are a lot of changes in the whole process. This is a systematic project, including technological breakthroughs, laws and regulations, and many other things. Therefore, considering various factors, within 5 years, there may be some localities. The area will achieve automatic driving, and most of them are still a bit difficult.

So we advocate more and more intelligent, more secure scenarios, in this case, there will certainly be some technology, on the other hand, like V2S made in Wuxi, there will be a lot of things like that, the basic travel mode will feel more and more convenient, safe, in this respect will gradually improve. Of course, Didi and other models will also exist, will be more and more convenient, travel options will increase.

Liu Xiangming: Do you think the environment will change faster than the car?

Hou Xinhai:Five years later, the environment is very intelligent, the car and the environment are also intelligent. We have been looking at all parts of the world. China has followed the technology route or the more and more different ways from the United States or the Western world. Smart cities will develop faster than other countries in the world.

Huang Yong: In December, a car in the market, using Bluetooth as the key to control the car, that is, without the key, this is also part of the car networking, 5G.

My prediction, 5G through smart transportation, because mobile phones, everyone of all sizes will always follow you. Today, the connection between mobile phones and cars, many people joking, after buying a new car, put a 10 yuan shelf in Taobao put the phone on, this is the car network.

I think that after 5 years, the connected mobile phone of the Internet of Vehicles is on your body. When you are close to the vehicle door, it is not automatic driving. You will leave when you ignite. You enter the parking lot, your payment is all connected, and you can do it today.

Five years later, even if the car is not fully automated, robots, but in this respect will be very seamless, and smart home this area, 5 years from now will be a large area, L3 large-scale popularity, will still be relatively few.

Liu Xiangming: So first solve the ID problem first?

Huang Yong: Yes, it is not acceptable for users to get a separate set in the car. The cost is high and the security is not good.

Zhang Qi:5 years to say short also short, long also long, people think this question has not--5 years ago what mobile phone you use, what high-frequency application, by express, take-out is now so high?

Going back to the topic of autonomous driving, in my opinion, although I am a new force, I can hardly imagine that it is too radical to fully autopilot as a general-purpose car within five years.

Auto-driving in a particular scenario, such as in some areas of commercial vehicles, mines, parks, and the like, is in a limited environment, and I believe it will go to the ground earlier, as the requirement for technology is relatively low a little, And the entire environment is in a relatively controllable state.

So for the general-purpose car, I am talking about the passenger car or the auto-driving on the highway in a specific scene, which makes it easier to autopilot. Of course, these scenes will be more and more rich, and slowly puzzled until the final automatic driving. (This article is the first titanium media, finishing editor / Li Yupeng)

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