During the Spring Festival, 823 million people sent and received WeChat red packets, and Beijing became the "Red Packet City of the Year"


Titanium media note: on February 10, WeChat released an official Spring Festival data report for 2019, explaining the Spring Festival of the Chinese people from such essential activities as New year's greetings, sending red envelopes, visiting relatives, and holidays. Further from the subtle to see the Spring Festival customs with the development of mobile Internet changes.

According to the WeChat Spring Festival data report, during the New Year's Eve to the fifth day, the number of WeChat messages sent increased by 64.2% compared with the same period of last year, and 823 million people sent and received WeChat red packets, an increase of 7.12%. On New Year's Eve, users have the most frequent activities on WeChat, and the amount of information on one-day news and circle of friends has reached its peak. Beijing became the “red envelope city of the year”, followed by Guangzhou and Chongqing ranked second and third.

WeChat launched this year's WeChat red envelope custom cover, New Year red envelope, emoticon red envelope and other forms of red envelopes. As of the fifth day, the characteristic red envelope with a custom cover was opened nearly 250 million times, including 26,000 companies with 20 million employees. Specially customized. The top three custom red envelopes that were opened most frequently were Agricultural Bank of China (4.2 million times), China Insurance and Tencent.

After 90, it is growing into the main force of the mobile Internet world, achieving the "four most" that sends out the most WeChat messages, the most friends circle, the most multiple expression packs, and the most WeChat red packets.

The Spring Festival holiday is seen by many as prime time for socializing, sports and charging. New Year's Eve to the fifth day, WeChat all users out of 9.63 trillion steps, year-on-year growth of 50. At an average of 0. 5 meters per step, all users of WeChat have "walked" around the globe, with 130 million of them taking more than 10000 steps.

Many people choose WeChat or Mini Game to spend their leisure time. New Year's Eve to the fifth day, the data showed that all WeChat readers read a total of 15.1 million hours, of which, the 90's added a "most", the longest reading time. The popularity of the original book was driven by the hot film "the World on the Street", jointly produced by Tencent Pictures, with WeChat reading data showing that Street Earth became the most popular bibliography for the Spring Festival.

Mini Game is also becoming an essential part of the Spring Festival party, with Mini Game, which takes a dance, dancing line as its representative, and Mini Game, represented by landlords, as well as Mini Game, which is popular.

In addition, WeChat also announced the migration of the “migrant bird population” during the Spring Festival this year. WeChat defines “migrant bird consumption” as: We pay for consumption on non-resident WeChat during the Spring Festival. According to the data released by the public, during the Spring Festival, a total of 1.24 billion “migrant bird consumption” were generated nationwide. The number of WeChat payment transactions for migratory bird populations in cities below three lines exceeded 30%, and that in sixth-tier cities reached 43%. The new first-tier cities to the third- and fourth-tier cities have become the main migration routes for the migratory bird population this year.

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Spring Festival period 8.23 billion people send and receive WeChat red envelope into annual red envelope

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