Liu Qiangdong case monitoring 24G video outflow: 240 seconds to restore the whole process

According to the Beijing News, on April 23, Jing Yaoo Liu, a girl involved in the case of Liu Qiangdong, provided the media with a complete video on August 30, 2018 through lawyers and intermediaries, revealing more than the previous online video. detail. For example, after the banquet, Liu Qiangdong got up and left, and Jingyao followed and took the initiative to open the door for the guests. After going out, Liu Qiangdong took off his coat and put it on the woman.

Video viewing: Click this link.

According to previous media reports, the details of the incident include: 1 Assistant Liu Qiangdong waited for 7 hours in the apartment, stayed from 21:55 in the evening until 04:48 in the morning, and the boss was taken away by the police at 3:24. 2 In the monitoring, Liu Qiangdong’s clothes were dragged to the ground, suspected to be drunk; at the 3 nights, the girl was asked to sit next to Liu Qiangdong.

On the afternoon of April 22, the Weibo account named @明州事记 released two surveillance video clips about the Liu Qiangdong Mingzhou case. At 14:57 on the 22nd, the blogger released the first video, saying that "the woman is not drunk and actively follow." After 7 minutes, @明州事记 released the second video, and said that "Xianren jumped the hammer? Mingzhou case apartment video exposure women's manners intimately invited Liu Qiangdong to enter."

Later, "Solidarity with jingyao" also revealed three videos of Liu Qiangdong's Mingzhou case, saying that during a three-hour meal, the woman was advised to drink 19 times.

Liu Qiang Dong case full course monitoring 24G video outflow 240 seconds restoration incident whole process

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