Tesla shareholders' meeting: Musk wants to build super factories in every mainland


On June 12, Teslarati reported that Tesla's 2019 annual shareholder meeting coincided with a crucial historical moment for the electric carmaker. For Tesla's investors, the past year has been like a roller coaster ride, Tesla shares rose to $387.46 a share, falling as low as $176.99 a share. Tesla's first popular electric car, the Model 3, is at the center of these violent fluctuations.

For Tesla's investors, the past month has been a challenging period. The company suffered a "perfect storm" after Tesla released lower-than-expected delivery and production figures for the first quarter, with a number of analysts making negative forecasts for the company. In recent weeks, however, there have been signs that Tesla, especially Model 3, is likely to surprise people in the second quarter of this year, and many of the concerns have largely dissipated.

At the annual shareholder meeting, Tesla CEO Elon Musk answered questions from many investors, including the production of Model 3, the demand for electric vehicles and future projects such as Tesla Picard.

After Maske came to power, he first thanked the Tesla team for their hard work. He said that although the past year has been full of challenges, there are also many good news about Tesla, such as "Model 3 sales in the United States exceeds all competitors." Musk also said: "Electric vehicles are already American revenue. The highest car category, this is amazing!"

Musk touted Tesla's leadership in terms of efficiency, noting that "I don't want to pick up the fault of the Audi E-tron, but E-tron has a considerable room for improvement. Since the first Model S has been launched in 2012, there is no brand of battery life that can be compared with it." Musk noted that Tesla does not have a "demand problem".

Musk also stressed the fact that electric cars are cheaper to maintain, saying "it's crazy to buy fossil fuel cars now." Musk talked about all the factors that reduce the cost of owning a Tesla car, saying gasoline-driven vehicles are not competitors at all.

Musk reiterated his views on Tesla's fully automated driving technology. He said: "Obviously, we are moving towards electrification. Obviously, we are moving towards autonomy." He stressed that Tesla's cars are more popular than gasoline cars. Buying any car other than Tesla is like riding a horse. Use a flip phone."

Musk said Tesla is funding superfactories to produce more batteries than the rest of the world combined. He joked that Super Factory 3 needed air traffic control because all drones would fly in to take pictures. He hopes to eventually set up super factories on every continent.


Musk also discussed the expansion of the Superchar V3 network, which he said: ""The super charging station and service center are the key to the sales. When you buy a car, you buy freedom, freedom of travel."."

Musk mentioned Tesla's Cyberport pickup truck. He points out that this may be the coolest vehicle he has ever seen so far. It seems to be sure that Tesla's pickup will never look like a traditional pickup.

Musk joked about the battery business: "We may enter the mining industry, battery production is Tesla's biggest challenge right now." Battery and fully autopilot. These are the two most important things. "

With regard to enhanced summons (Enhanced Summon), Musk admitted that "I am often too optimistic about the time frame." Musk had predicted that the feature would come "soon" several times before, but in the end "the environment in the parking lot turned out to be very complex."

Musk hinted that Tesla Insurance will be launched soon after completing a “small-scale acquisition”. In addition, you need to rewrite the software for the service.

Regarding Starlink technology used by Tesla electric vehicles, Musk said the company will need to design newer antennas for these cars because Starlink is not suitable for high-density areas. Instead, it aims to provide connectivity services to areas of low service levels around the world. Musk revealed that the size of the Starlink antenna will be similar to that of pizza.

Musk agreed to offer a mobile carpool service before the release of Tesla's network / robot taxi. "it could make sense," he said. "We might do something similar. A robot taxi supervised by someone is an attempt."

Shareholders have doubts about the growth of electric vehicles in China. The output of 500,000 vehicles per year in Super Factory No. 3 seems to be a bit low? When asked why such a capacity target was set, Musk said that in the long run, the capacity of the No. 3 super factory will be higher. Moreover, this is more like a medium-term goal, and Tesla may build more factories in other parts of China.

Regarding the fire problem of Tesla vehicles, Musk pointed out that the accident in Tesla is very rare, especially compared with gasoline-powered cars. He joked: "Do you want a petrol phone or a battery phone?" He also pointed out that the false information campaign about the Tesla fire is too ridiculous!

Shareholders questioned the way Tesla handled false information around the company, and Musk said the misunderstandings were distressing, but even if Tesla explained to the mainstream media, they would be flooded in Wenhai. Musk admitted that he was a little overwhelmed when it comes to changing the negative description of the company, but he praised Tesla's ultra-high safety rating.

Musk also recognizes other companies' shifts to renewable energy-supported transportation models, such as automakers such as Porsche. Porsche gave up diesel and turned to electric cars. Musk recalled the company's early days and warned that these attempts may eventually fail.

At the end, the shareholders asked, would Tesla produce a water-based car? ""The question you raised was very interesting."," said Musk, an example of a submarine that he designed for example: "I think this market will be very small." (small)

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