Gree also gave benefits to the whole staff to use the work phone free of charge.

[TechWeb] on July 2, Gree sent out benefits again. According to its official notice on the free use of the work phone, in order to meet the needs of big data in the Internet era, the company decided to implement the scheme of free use of the work phone.


Specifically, the implementation target is all employees of the headquarters and subsidiaries, and the middle and high-level cadres are required to handle the requirements according to the president's office. Employees use the designated number card, which can be used for life calls in addition to work calls. The cost of 100 yuan per person per month is borne by the company, including: 800 minutes of voice calls per month; unlimited domestic traffic.

In addition, Gree also pointed out that the company has obtained free four-card family card for employees to share with their families. The deputy card value is 10 yuan / month / Zhang, and 4 card can save 40 yuan / month.

Gree hair welfare full staff free telephone

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