Xinhua News Agency called the roll to criticize the headlines. It is a routine for news to make money.


In the report titled "Seeing News to Make Money, The Truth Is Original", Xinhua News Agency has named a few articles that criticize interesting headlines, rush headlines, lightning boxes, bird watching, ant headlines, etc. Many of them don't have news qualifications, and most of them are spam, gossip and other spam.

The so-called "seeing news can make money" is mostly a routine. According to the report, most of these apps use the slogan "Send thousands of gold coins when registering or logging in" to attract users to download. And many users have found that the so-called high-value gold coins are converted into cash for a few cents. And you need to accumulate a certain amount to withdraw.

This kind of APP also has the problem of excessive request for user rights, change of mobile phone settings and so on. Multiple APP requires users to be allowed to read location and address book information before they can open it.

Xinhua News Agency roll call criticism interest headlines news making money are all routine.

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