Have you ever tasted Ziyang's beef soup?


Have you ever had Ziyang beef soup?

This article from the micro-channel public number: single read (dandureading), Author: Liu Kuan, duck. The first picture comes from: Visual China.

Today is the third chapter of the "Small Place" column. We interviewed Kiva, the deputy editor of the single-study, and told her about her hometown Ziyang. Ziyang is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Sichuan Province, located in the eastern part of Sichuan Province. It is connected to Chongqing in the east, Neijiang in the south, Chengdu and Meishan in the west, and Deyang and Suining in the north. Therefore, the Ziyang people will have some Chongqing personalities. Ziyang is rich in lemons and is known as the “hometown of lemons” in China. In addition, Ziyang’s mutton soup and rabbit meat are also a must.

"small place" is a new column read alone. We interviewed people from different provinces, different districts, different townships, and asked them to tell about their hometown. It is the names that you have never heard of but that truly exist on the map that make up what China is today and shape the face of you and me, clear or vague.

Kiva's hometown of Ziyang's volg #2 "Back to Cheng Standan"

Ziyang people are not Chengdu people?

Geographically speaking, Ziyang is a city between Chengdu and Chongqing. It is located on the Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway and is the only way to drive from Chengdu to Chongqing. Although it is close to Chengdu, our accent is more like Chongqing, and this is our conscious behavior. Because Chengdu dialect is actually a very soft and embarrassing Sichuan dialect, it does not quite match the Sichuanese. In addition, I feel that people in many places will generally have some hostility towards the people in the capital city. They will feel that he is proud and hypocritical, so we will hate Chengdu people and feel that Chengdu people are "fake".

For example, when we say the word "comfortable", we all say it in a short way, but Chengdu people who say "good comfort" will lengthen the final syllable and say it in a very sweet way. Chengdu people like to use the word "ease", ease, is the ultimate pursuit of Sichuan people. This and Chengdu plain since ancient times the land is very good, smooth weather, have a great relationship. Such geographical factors also affect the character of Sichuan people, as well as the local entertainment style, such as "play" culture.

The banks of the Tuojiang River flowing through Ziyang

However, culture is different in Chongqing. It relies on the development of the Three Gorges Wharf. It is mountainous and many facilities are built on the mountain. Its geographical features are not so pleasant and livable. It is a difficult place. They have a lot of things to conquer nature or to challenge nature. The character of Chongqing people will be more pungent, direct and more competitive. So if you want to say that you are pungent, Chongqing girls will definitely be much more spicy than Chengdu girls, and Ziyang girls are somewhere in between. They seem to be closer to Chengdu girls in terms of their physical appearance or habits, but they are not as embarrassed as Chengdu girls, and they are more like Chongqing girls.

Compared with Chongqing's steep, Ziyang is straight, flat road. But when I was a child, it became apparent that it was a sloping city. For example, Chengdu drive to our place will pass a lot of small mountains, those mountains are not as high as West Sichuan, you will also pass through some tunnels on the way. My mother took me to school by bike every day. I remember a slope on my way to Nanmen. Every time my mother took me by bike, I would press her leg with my hand, thinking that I could give her some strength and help her save some strength. Mom would say "much better" too, but now I know it's no use.

What is delicious in Ziyang?

In terms of ingredients, we produce lemons, the land of lemons in China, and now my mother always sends me lemons. On daily diet, Chengdu delicious food we all have, also can have a lot of local characteristics, such as mutton soup. Although Ziyang is an inland area, our people grew up eating mutton. We have a special mutton soup house, I like to eat a house called "Li Laowu mutton soup", really one.

Mutton Soup of "Li Laowu Mutton Soup"

After coming to the north, I realized that mutton generally has astringency, because the mutton in our place has no astringency, and the soup is also white, especially delicious. In the mutton soup shop, you can order the sheep steamer and the oil cake. The oil cake is made from fried glutinous rice. It is also covered with mung beans. The taste is very hard. So we will bury the oil cake under the soup of the mutton soup and eat the broth above. We took the dried chilies and meat, and suddenly we ate a piece of oil cake. It was soft and ate. The mouth was full of sweet and salty taste, which was very delicious. Between Chengdu and Chongqing, there is a county called Jianyang, and the owner of Haidilao is Jianyang. We sometimes grab them with them: Where is the mutton soup?

My mother would also send me fried rabbit meat. My aunts, aunts will also make vacuum packaging sent to me, they make slightly different taste, always better than anyone's. So for me, eating rabbit is a big thing from childhood, it's the same as eating pork and beef. When it comes to rabbit meat, we also have a hot pot called "Jingjing hot pot rabbit" (now called "Yaxiang Pavilion"). The bottom of its hot pot is rabbit meat. You can eat it first and then add other dishes. In the same way, we also have fish head hot pot with fish head first. Rice hot pot is a kind of light hot pot, rice is placed under the hot pot base, when you eat in hot pot, you first boil it, rinse the soup is very fragrant, rice also naturally cooked, mixed with the flavor of various dishes.

Now I don't have too much demand for diet. Before I was in high school in Shanghai, I could only eat rice in the cafeteria every day. In order to be able to eat spicy food, the food I eat in high school is especially instant noodles. Sometimes I feel that the food in the cafeteria is too bad. I eat a dumpling and eat a marinated egg. My stomach has also deteriorated from that time. As a Sichuan baby, it is quite wrong to think about it now.

At that time, I would bring a lot of condiments such as peppers and rice-sweeping in the commissary. I thought I could take it when I went to the cafeteria. Later, I was eaten by the people in the commissary. After all, the spicy sauce was so delicious. So since then I have told myself that something that is hard to eat, just add some vinegar and pepper to me, I can survive, and I don't feel so ugly. However, I am often despised by my friends in Sichuan. They always say, "Do you think this is delicious?" "You feel delicious."

Back in Ziyang, where is your favorite place to go?

I return to Ziyang once a year. Every time I go back, I feel very fresh. Smaller cities change much faster than saturated big cities. So Ziyang will change faster than Beijing, Beijing will change faster than Boston, Boston will change the least. For example, opening a Wanda Square in Ziyang is very different from opening a Wanda Square in Beijing. You'll think of it as it used to be, and it's not the same as walking around other squares. I went back to Wanda Square and found that some of my elementary school classmates had opened the first club in Ziyang. I think there are only two kinds of Ziyang people or Sichuan people.

But when it comes to Ziyang, my favorite place is a street called “Chenjiaxiang”, which is still very small, in the back door of a primary school. There are many small shops on the street, and many delicious stalls. There, almost every food will be copied, but you will still recognize the people you know. For example, the person who made the cake, when he was a child, he was doing it, and he is still him; the person who made the potato squid, this person did the best. Although they may migrate and be driven, you can still find them in these areas. We will remember that the old grandfather used the pressure cooker to make glutinous rice as a rushing cake. We will ask each other: "Where is the rushing cake?"

Punching cake

There was also my contact with the stationery shop on that street. When I was young, the letters I wrote to the boys would be passed on at the stationery store, so that some of the owners of the stationery store knew me now. At that time, I was busy with love, the target is "mixed society" bad students, three years older than I, but also "robbed" of other people's PHS gave me. I fought with my parents for three years about love. Although they hate me, they also want me to go to other provinces to study. Just as Shanghai has introduced a new policy to encourage foreign students to study, I went to high school in Shanghai.

Now think about it, I like to play with people older than me when I was young, so I might be more mature than the people around me. Precocity for me will keep me innocent for a long time. For example, I have accumulated some experience now, but these experiences have not completely become a lesson, and have become a part of my exploration of the unknown world, and I am not too easy to be influenced by the things around me. Because I will know the challenge authority when I am younger, I will think about the group or the group in which it is, whether the values ​​or standards it imposes on me are correct. At the same time, I am very naive, because I have never needed to get anything intriguingly. Many things come naturally. Of course, this is actually related to being loved.

Going back to the stationery store in childhood

Why is Ziyang the "city of violence"?

When I was a child, I often heard that Ziyang is the top ten "violent capital". Some people will say that "three days don't kill people, not Ziyang people." I heard that I felt very proud, as if we were very good, no. People dare to provoke us. But then I went to other places in Sichuan and chatted with the locals. I found that people in many places in Sichuan would name their hometown "the capital of violence." Therefore, people in Sichuan are generally a bit "squatting culture", and everyone will be proud of it.

Our underworld started by monopolizing the surrounding sand, which is part of urban architecture. Once there was a conflict within the underworld. At that time, the boss of the underworld, Zhang Laoqi, played cards in a teahouse. After playing cards, he talked and laughed with his friends. Just as he came to the roadside, a car stopped. A killer in the car was holding a long gun, dong. He was killed. The assassin was the underworld's sophomore, and became the boss fairly, but the man was later sentenced, and the third man took the position of "boss."

Network report on Ziyang's underworld events

I have heard a story about the mother of No. 3 characters. Once she was robbed on the way to playing mahjong, she gave her earrings and necklaces calmly, and then gave her son a call and continued to play mahjong. After almost 20 minutes, the man was taken to her mahjong table and apologized to her.

And this kind of public event is actually very close to my life. For example, Zhang Lao Qi's sister is my aunt's best friend. Because the city is small and people know each other, I always feel close to all public news.

What is the difference between living in Ziyang and Shanghai?

Every time I say that I am back to Ziyang, back to Beijing, back to Shanghai, back to Boston, I am going back to the places where I lived. I don't think I am leaving. Because my regional sense is particularly weak, especially when I am in a place, I don’t really realize my hometown or other feelings. Instead, after I walked out of the city, I went back in a process of slowly moving away. the process of.

For example, when I was in Shanghai, I might want to fully integrate into the culture of Shanghai, the life of Shanghai, and even the character of Shanghainese. Many experiences in Shanghai have shaped many things in my adolescence, and I will gradually weaken the part of Sichuan people in this process. Later, I left Shanghai and went to see it completely. I will see some of the habits that are obvious to Sichuan people. I will also see that I once disliked my strange feeling as a Ziyang person.

Although Ziyang is a small place, but our family is a city, so I have no special memory of nature. When I was little, I went to see my grandparents in the countryside with my mother. I would also like to contact nature, such as catching tadpoles, but I have to go after catching tadpoles, I can't be with tadpoles. So I grew up as a very urbanized girl, so later I went to the suburbs of Shanghai to study, I would think the first time how Shanghai is so dirt?

Shanghai Qibao Middle School, Kiva High School

Later I went to the United States to study, there was a feeling that I was forced to the edge again. Because in Ziyang, my home environment is good, small and relatively by the teacher's attention, plus I am cheerful, has been in the center of the crowd. At first I went to Shanghai and became a complete fringe man. By the end of the week, the students had gone home, so I had to stay at school, on the outskirts of Shanghai, on the edge of the city. Later, I went through a process of "Shanghaiization", such as learning Shanghai dialect, staying in Shanghai and making friends in Shanghai. When I'm with them, I don't feel any difference between us. Later, I worked in the East Satellite TV, made a stable boyfriend, I suddenly have a life at the end of the feeling, and want to leave.

But after arriving in the United States, I will adjust my mindset. At the beginning, I still hope to enter the center, but after a little hard work, I will find that in places like the United States, I can never be the center. The United States has no unified values ​​and no mainstream lifestyle. It is a decentralized environment and offers possibilities. This time I was pushed to the edge again, I discovered that you don't need to be the center of any world, and there is no center.

Will you miss your childhood?

When I was a child, my life was particularly depressing. At the age of four, I was forced to learn to play the piano. I have to practice the piano for a long time every day. When I was young, I watched the children playing outside. I would comfort myself and say, "Hey, you play now, when you grow up, you have no interest." In fact, my heart is very depressed. So I can't do anything that girls are good at, such as skipping ropes and kicking scorpions. So after going to elementary school, everyone must be really kind, in order to be willing to play with me or play with me, so many times I play with myself, especially in the first and second grades, it is very lonely.

Kiva, who learned to play the piano when he was a child

But slowly after everybody becomes mature, will feel to talk to you to come, we are the good friend, I only then slowly has the friend. When I was young, I liked to play all kinds of roles. I usually only played bad women. I never played a weak princess, even if it was a princess, it was a kind of resistance to the queen. Although the common language may be much less now, my childhood friends and I have been very good friends, and even some of them will be very close to my parents. If I didn't go home, they would buy some fruit and go with my parents spontaneously.

In general, when I was a child, I was a good child, although I would secretly resist. For example, I play the piano and hide several novels in the piano chair. Whenever I meet someone who doesn't know enough to play the piano with me, I will play a little melody with one hand and turn over the novel with one hand. Our house lives on the sixth floor and looks at the yard from the window. So as soon as I see my mother walking into the door, I will start playing the piano, and I will definitely not start playing from the first section. I will start playing from the middle, and the more I play, the stronger I will play. My mother would have thought I had been practicing the piano. My adult thought I never watched TV, but I never missed it. It's just that whenever I watch TV, I get a piece of cloth ready for it to heat up, I remember the location of the remote control, the volume of the TV, the channel. Because as long as I am a thief, I will do it well. This is a rebel way of mine.

Look back, what is childhood? What's your hometown?

I have written a sentence before, "childhood is endless." When I was a child, everything was the base of all the days that followed. " Childhood gives me the strength and the weight to hold on to me. It can bring you some kind of sense of security, and it is also a burden.

Therefore, childhood memories will exist for a long time, but will show different forms. There are some flaws in this, and there will be some changes when you confront it, but it will still leave traces. After all, this is not the same as something that is inherently complete. Memories are never a fact. When memories are in progress, they will continue to interact with your later experiences in order to form new experiences. Especially the childhood memories that you still remember, must be very profound and very important. They are the result of the relationship with the experience of the future.

Ziyang's first public building

Most of the time, we have an illusion, I am an individual, I have the freedom of being an individual, I seem to only be responsible for myself, I am already responsible for everything. But the hometown will let you know that everything is just a package. This package can be the influence of your hometown on you, it can be the influence of your parents on you, and there are some things you can't do completely. If you think about it carefully, you may be swallowed up by it again, it will make you have no choice but to choose a lot of directions.

When I went abroad, I would be attracted by Latin American culture, its literature, its dance, its language, the kind of free, animalistic stuff that it contained, and one day I suddenly realized that it was consistent with a lot of the spirit of Sichuan.

Sometimes you despair, you realize that no matter how hard you try, how many places you go, how many things you experience, you still can't get rid of the influence of your hometown. For example, when I see some of my parents' shortcomings, and when I see my mother's violent temper, I realize that they are repeating themselves in me now, and this is essentially an irresistible thing. I once said, "most of the time, you have to cut someone you love, like a loved one, to find yourself. But we may know ourselves through loved ones, such as lovers, on rare occasions. There is no exception to being loved. Being loved is always more confusing. " It is an irresistible process that you have to pay the necessary price to be loved.

When you talk about your hometown, talk about a place that is familiar to you. As a county, it looks small, but it is a place full of internal organs, it can give you a feeling of richness, you will not feel barren because of it. The poet Tone Skeyanech once wrote in the poem "Let": "Let the city be as big as the central square."

When I mentioned my hometown, I wrote in a push:

Chengdu is my hometown. To be precise, my family is in Ziyang, Sichuan. But because the city is too small, except for the story of murder and arson, there is nothing to make it famous, and it is rarely known to people outside of Sichuan. So sometimes people ask me where my hometown is. I don't bother to explain it, so I say it is Chengdu. Of course, but more often, I will say well, my family is Ziyang, a city between Chengdu and Chongqing. However, if Ziyang people who are angry with their temper are aware of it, I once claimed to be a Chengdu native in the field, and I will certainly give me a sarcasm: "Hey, it’s very fierce, the provincial government? You have to be awkward." ?? About Chengdu and Ziyang, I want to write a lot. Perhaps the rest of my life will be directly and indirectly related to my childhood experience. In any case, it may be because I know that if there is a day when I have to, I always have such a beautiful place to be a retreat, so now I am willing to go anywhere.

This article from the micro-channel public number: single read (dandureading), Author: Liu Kuan, duck. The first picture comes from: Visual China.

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Yes Ziyang beef soup.

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