Gree Electric's detailed report of the Oaks giants tearing each other?

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On the eve of June 18, Gree Electric publicly reported that the Ox incident continued to ferment. Yesterday, Gree Electric held a media meeting, Gree Electric legal Affairs Vice Minister Li Mingjing, Vice Minister of Household Air conditioning Technology Wang Xianlin appeared to disclose the details of the report of the Ox incident.

Aux has also announced that it has reported the case to the public security organs for the Gree report. At present, relevant departments have been involved in the investigation.

Gree disclosed the details of the report

On the afternoon of June 10, Gree Electric sent a report letter through the official Weibo, pointing directly at rival Ox, saying that the energy efficiency ratio of the eight models and the monitoring of refrigeration consumption power were not up to standard, suspected to constitute the production and sale of unqualified products and the huge amount of sales, and submitted it to the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration for investigation and punishment.

Li Mingjing, deputy minister of legal affairs of Gree Electric Appliance, disclosed the details of reporting Ox at the meeting. According to his description, Gree found some of the problems in Ox at the beginning of the year, one is that the market price is very low, the other is that it consumes a lot of electricity. Combined with the problems learned, the Gree Electrical Appliances Technical Department did some tests, which were mainly aimed at the mainstream Cox models in the market, and the test concluded that Ox did not meet the national mandatory energy efficiency standards. After entrusting the qualified third party organization to carry on the test, the test conclusion is consistent with the Gree Electric Appliance.

Li Mingjing said, "so far, we have learned that some of the administrative agencies' first test conclusions are also not up to standard, which is the same as our own test and the outsourced third party test, which is the same as the result of our own test and the external third party test," Li Mingjing said. In this case, it may also be that the administrative authorities have received such a request for a reinspection, which is completely reasonable in legal proceedings, so the relevant products are currently under re-inspection. "

Mr. Wang, vice-minister of the Gree's Home Air-Conditioning Technology, added that technically, the main performance of the Oaks air-conditioning is that the deviation from its energy efficiency to the nominal value is very large and that it has been significantly lower than the country's threshold for air-conditioning access threshold 3.2. This means that consumers pay for virtual high energy consumption and pay more for electricity.

In addition, Wang Xianlin also said that the original intention of setting energy efficiency in the country is to promote environmental protection and energy conservation. Through some illegal means to evade policies and allow non-compliant products to circulate in the market, it has also caused impacts and challenges to the country's environmental protection and energy conservation policies. Moreover, this behavior undermines the normal market competition rules, and even breaks through the bottom line of market competition rules.

According to Li Mingjing, Gree Electric has tested four or fifty air conditioners in the Oaks, totaling more than a dozen models. The main reason for the outsourcing testing is that it considers the products with higher risks. "At least we have published eight reports that are definitely worth testing. There are also some models that have tests, but those reports are not made public."

As for the testing products, Wang Xianlin said, "Our purchase of the machine is purchased randomly from the Internet. The outsourcing inspection is also to find a third party to notarize, the notarization is completed, and then sent for inspection."

Ox fought back to report the case.

On June 10, after Gree Electric issued a report letter, Oaks responded. In the official Weibo release statement, Gree Electric reported the report to the public security organs.

Ox said Gree was neither a consumer nor a state regulator, claiming that it was clearly unreasonable, unreasonable and flawed for consumers to report our product problems to him.

Oaks pointed out that Gree air-conditioners made reports when the 6·18 air-conditioning sales season came, which was an obvious unfair competition. In the statement, Oaks quoted data released by Orviet Cloud Network that the sales volume of Oaks air conditioners increased by 56% in the first quarter of this year, and Gree air conditioners fell by 11.6%.

According to Pengpu news report, it was exclusively informed from Yinzhou District Public Security Bureau of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, that on June 10, the bureau accepted the report of Ox Group on the damage to the business reputation and commodity reputation, will be investigated according to the law.

Relevant departments are involved in the investigation.

Gree Electric's real name reported that the Oaks incident continued to ferment, causing the media, consumers and other parties to pay attention and discussion. Late at night on June 10, the State Administration of Markets Supervision intervened and voiced on its official Weibo.

The State Administration of Small Markets said that "they are highly concerned about this. They have notified the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration on the afternoon of the same day to investigate and verify the relevant situation as soon as possible, and will dispose of it according to the law according to the results of the investigation and verification, and promptly report to the society. public."

On June 11, the official website of the China Consumers Association issued a document saying that it was noted that the incident has caused concern and anxiety among consumers, and it has also caused the relevant regulatory authorities to attach great importance to it. China Consumers Association expects to give conclusions as soon as possible. At the same time, it calls on relevant operators to always establish the concept of “consumer priority” to provide consumers with reliable products and services to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

The news said that on the afternoon of June 11, a staff member of the Ningbo Municipal Market Supervision Administration of Zhejiang Province revealed to the news that the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration and the Ningbo Municipal Market Supervision Administration have formed a joint investigation team to investigate the aforementioned real names. Report an event.

What is the opening of the two giants?

Gree, Midea and Oaks are all big names in the air-conditioning industry. The competition between the three is fierce. In recent years, from price wars, slogans, patent wars, and talent wars, they have been unable to compete. According to CCTV Financial Report, Gree has repeatedly sued Oaks for infringement of his patent rights.

It is understood that a lawsuit between Gree and Oaks has also set a record for the amount of patent infringement compensation in the household appliance industry. On April 24, 2018, the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court conducted a first-instance judgment against Gree Electric Appliances v. Oaks air-conditioner infringing six patent rights cases, three of which were infringed by the court, and Oaks compensated Gree for economic losses and reasonable expenses totaling 46 million yuan.

Gree and Ox have been at odds for a long time, but Gree's choice to report at 6 / 18 has also sparked a lot of speculation. Ox also said in an official statement that Gree's move was unfair competition.

In the CCTV financial column, Gree Electric responded to the unfair competition, Gree Electric said that the real name report Oaks and the "6. 18" appliance sales season is not directly related.

The "2018 Air Conditioning Market Analysis Report" released by the National Information Center shows that the top ten brands such as Gree, Midea, Haier and Oaks account for 95.17% of the market. Competition in the air-conditioning market is intensifying, and there may be more controversy in the future.

For this incident, industry insiders also gave different views, some believe that Gree chose to publish the contents of the report on the eve of 6 / 18, there is suspicion of unfair competition; others think that in the face of Gree report, Ox is powerless to fight back.

It is understood that the Oaks air conditioner currently reported by Gree is still in normal sales. In an interview with CCTV Finance, Oaks also made it clear that no response will be made until the results of the investigation.

At present, the relevant departments have formed a joint investigation team to intervene in the incident, and TechWeb continues to focus on the follow-up of the incident.

Gree Electric Appliance detailed explanation report Ox Giant Mutual tear why?

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