The animation industry is hiring cold, and high-end talents are still in short supply.

The recruitment of animation industry is not as expected, and high-end talents are still hard to find.

From January to February 2019, the number of companies that were recruited in Sanwen Entertainment was reduced to 37, and the number of jobs offered was reduced to 100. In the same period last year, 58 animation companies provided 464 jobs. This article from the micro-channel public number: Three Entertainment (ID: hi3wyu), Author: grapefruit, head of FIG. Source: Vision China

Title: "recruitment is down by 80%, and high-end talent is still in short supply."

Animation companies dissolved, cartoon companies cut down projects, game companies filed for bankruptcy, cartoon platforms were exploded in arrears, original cartoon companies expanded third-party orders, and public companies triggered thunderstorms due to goodwill impairment. Live platform official shutdown server.

In this industry background, one side is more than the previous year, and the resume is sent to the HR mailbox. On the other hand, the HR is 2~3 times more than the previous year, and the supply and demand contradiction of the right talent is still not recruited.

In the past two months, Sanwen Entertainment has entered 100 job information provided by 37 animation companies through its recruitment library, and 20 animation companies sampled through the survey. According to the feedback from the questionnaire, more than half of the companies will “ Ability to be the primary condition for selecting talents.

Overall, the number of resumes posted increased compared with the same period last year, but the number of jobs posted declined significantly, and companies put higher demands on job seekers' ability to work.

Many VS resumes are difficult to recruit: it's the high-end talent that is in short supply.

In the sample survey, half of the HRs replied that the resume received was “increased”.

In the further communication, the increase in the resume of a single post is obvious, such as comic color assistant, comic line assistant, animation editor, animation production assistant, etc., and the positions such as comic master, original artist and director are received. The number of resumes submitted and recommended has also increased. However, this has a certain relationship with the geographical distribution of the company.

Of the 20 HR responses, 50% reported an increase in the number of resumes received

For example, in the survey, there were comic companies in Wuhan, Chengdu, and Chongqing, and they succeeded in recruiting a comic book in 2019. From the point of view of the source, the work of returning to the locality of the household registration still exists, but the director and the special effects artist who have been forced to change jobs due to the adjustment of the project because of the comic book company’s transfer of comics to cut off some of the traffic comics .

Compared to other base jobs, it is not difficult to change high-end talent for these reasons to join another company. The comic book company still has a master pen to manage several comic book projects at the same time. Generally speaking, the animation industry's high-end talent is relatively stable, mobility is not high.

Entertainment data show, stylist, master pen, original painting, animator and line, color assistant is required TOP5

In the past two months, Entertainment seconds to recruit the 37 animation companies recruitment needs, nearly 85% of the company recruit top talent. However, a sample survey of 20 companies feedback results, they received the most job resumes, or post basis.

Such talent, in 2019, facing more competition in the market incentives.

With the number of jobs issued by enterprises from January to February 2019, compared with the number of jobs issued by enterprises from January to February 2018, it is not difficult to find that the demand for recruitment is still there, but the number of positions has dropped by nearly 70% year-on-year. Among them, the demand for grassroots posts with unlimited experience has dropped from 206 job requirements last year to 43 posts this year.

For inexperienced job seekers, entry will be more difficult than in previous years.

First-and second-tier cities are still the mainstream of recruitment, local support enterprises are concerned

According to recreational second recruitment data show that the first-tier cities or surrounding cities will have more job-hunting. Among them, Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou are the three cities offering more jobs.

It is worth noting that in the 2019 recruitment, the recruitment information of cities such as Hangzhou and Shaoxing is worthy of attention. Along with the major strategies and industrial support operations of local development areas such as writers' villages, characteristic towns, and animation industry parks, the number of animation-related enterprises that have been stationed by means of financial support, office rent reduction, training and recruitment, etc. More and more, the corresponding recruitment needs are also increasing.

For example, in the recruitment information released last week, the recruitment information of four companies includes the recruitment requirements of four companies, including 9 positions. The number of individual positions required is 1~10, and the positions involve new media operations, media managers, and game original artists. , hook line assistant, color assistant, comic master pen, etc.

According to the salary range offered by the position, "professional skills" have a high paycheck.

For example, in the case of comic color assistants, six companies in Tianjin, Shaoxing, Chengdu, and Wuhan are also required to “satisfy academic qualifications or above” and “have relevant accumulation or work experience.” “Proficient in the use of PS, SAI, etc. Under the premise of the software "three conditions, the wage range provided is 3,000 ~ 5,000 yuan, but the salary of the "high assistant" in this position is 7,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan.

From the view of industrial development structure, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities in the talent aspect are more prominent, but also led by geographical advantages and policy support of the surrounding area animation industry development. Tianjin, Langfang and so on are the best explanation.

Quality companies in these regions are paid no less than first- and second-tier cities. As the animation industry accelerates toward payment, these companies are playing an increasingly important role in the industry.

An increase in the number of enterprises and posts with clear requirements for academic qualifications

In 2018, when Sanwen Entertainment did the same topic, the qualification requirements of the recruiting company's corresponding candidates were not clear. Among them, 70% of animation companies do not require academic qualifications, but by 2019, 50% of the positions offered by enterprises have more or less involved a necessary condition - undergraduate degree, and for coloring, hook line assistants, etc. The requirements of the position, as well as the company's requirements for college degree or above. This year, only 33% of companies do not require academic qualifications.

That is to say, from the data feedback, the animation company's recruitment in 2019 emphasizes not only the requirements of talents in terms of professional skills, but also the clear threshold for the qualifications of job seekers.

Requirements for work experience

In two months, 37 animation companies released 100 jobs, requiring 3 to 5 years of experience accounted for the largest proportion, 1 year 3 years, less than 1 year (including no requirements) of the lowest percentage.

In terms of feedback, companies also tend to be "familiar" in terms of hiring, and are willing to pay higher costs and pay for people who can pick up jobs.

At the same time, the enthusiasm for the selection and training of new people has not been reduced, and most of the feedback given by HR is the latter in the selection of talents who can get started but are less enthusiastic about the industry and have the potential to be enthusiastic about the industry.

However, "higher professional level", "good compressive ability" and "rich work experience" are the three most urgent factors for HR to find qualified personnel in the questionnaire survey.

The size of the recruitment company

In terms of company size, among the 20 companies sampled, 55% of the companies have more than 100 companies. These companies of more than 100 people are mainly based on animation companies or companies with animation and comics businesses.

Some of these companies were able to secure revenue this year by taking orders in 2018; Some have obtained the financing of the platform by virtue of their ability in animation production technology, and have been supported and guaranteed in terms of funds, user resources and orders; The other part is that the main business of the company is production-oriented, involving the number of original animation projects in one or no original projects.

But whether animation or comic-book companies, the industry Matthew effect is further evident.

In recent years, more than 200 colleges and universities have set up game animation related majors in China, but the demand for game animation talents is still difficult to meet the needs of enterprises, the existing colleges and universities training can not meet the market demand.

The shortage of high-end original talents has seriously restricted the development of the industry. Only by continuously promoting the output of original high-quality content and winning the favor of the market and capital can the industry pick up, and all of this is supported by talents.

It is still a long way to go to optimize the training of animation game practitioners. However, the improvement of the quality of the industry's works and the pressure of commercialization have made the animation company not have much energy and funds to try and try.

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Animation industry recruitment not as expected high-end talent still shortage difficult to find

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