China Telecom 9 yuan king card package on line: including 3G traffic 100 minutes voice

On January 4, China Telecom launched 9 yuan Grand King card package. 9 yuan monthly fee for 9 yuan big king card package. The package includes 3GB of domestic traffic, 100 minutes of domestic voice, supporting headlines, Douyin, small video of volcano, Douyu, iqiyi, Youku and other targeted national free flow.

After the package domestic flow 1 800 M, domestic calls 0.1 yuan per minute, SMS 0.1 yuan per article.

According to introduction, 9 yuan king card package is from the original 19 yuan platinum union card set meal each month 2GB domestic flow gift 10 yuan per month, valid for 12 months, the package will automatically be restored to 19 sets.

After the total traffic of the month reached 40GB, the Internet service was suspended and opened automatically at the beginning of the month; if the customer applied for continued use of the service in that month, the service would continue to be provided. Directional flow and general flow charge according to the set of charges, the total flow = directional flow within the set flow excess flow.

In addition, China Telecom reminded the package users to move to other 4G packages, including unlimited packages, enjoy 4G, building blocks, personal customization, enjoy the home, 2017 version of the new enjoy 4G package and so on.

China Telecom 9 yuan king card package online include 3G traffic 100 minutes voice

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