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Li Bingzhong, founder of realme

After fierce competition from the mobile phone industry in 2018, the vast majority of small and medium-sized brands are weak. In 2019, Xiaomi and vivo began a campaign to spin off new brands. On January 10, Xiaomi Group announced that it will make Red Rice Redmi an independent brand. February 12, Vivo double micro typed the slogan of "Hello,this is iQOO".

With the end of the first round of shuffling in the mobile phone market, the structure of the T-shape has become very subtle. The heads of the giants are mutually constrained in the flagship market, and the mid-end and entry-level markets are handed over to the split sub-brands, and the new pattern is gradually emerging.

At such a time node, is there a chance for a new player?

OPPO subbrand realme

OPPO subbrand realme

Friends who are familiar with the mobile phone circle may have heard of the name of realme, which appeared as early as May 4, 2018. Realme was founded by OPPO overseas executive Li Bingzhong and made its debut in India. Since then, it has entered 10 foreign markets including Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Egypt, and launched 6 products.

After seven months of frenzied expansion in India, realme became the fourth largest brand in the Indian mobile phone market in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to a January 2019 survey by Counterpoin. At the same time, it is also the fastest shipment of 4 million units of the brand.

Realme, which holds such an excellent report card, also returned today after Xiaomi and vivo, and joined hands with realme X and realme X youth version to join the domestic mobile phone war.

Realme X has a screen fingerprint + front lift, youth version is more cost-effective

realme X

Realme, a brand that has been a major young market in India, has also retained its young genes when it returns for the first time in China.

On the design, the, realme X uses a 6.53-inch FHD AMOLED screen, 19.5 x 9 and an ultra-high 91.2% screen ratio to bring a full-screen experience. At the same time, NTSC color gamut reached 100%, the display effect is delicate and accurate. The cover glass also chose the fifth generation gorilla glass, which is more rugged and durable.

Realme X with off-screen fingerprint unlock

Realme X with off-screen fingerprint unlock

Realme X is also equipped with a new generation of light-sensitive screen fingerprints in the aspect of unlocking, as well as speeding up the algorithm through DSP unlocking acceleration engine, compensated lighting and so on, which further improves the fingerprint unlocking speed.

At the same time, it can dynamically analyze thousands of fingerprint feature points and judge the related position and trend of fingerprint points by adding AI artificial intelligence, which not only accelerates the speed of fingerprint unlocking, but also improves the security.

Lifting camera

Center lift camera

In order to achieve a comprehensive screen design and achieve a higher screen ratio, realme X uses a new generation of mid-range lifting camera to avoid the aberration caused by the side placement, making the self-timer more natural.

The realme X's front-facing camera has a lifting speed of 0.74 seconds and can guarantee a service life of 200,000 times. At the same time, the surface is made of sapphire glass for better scratch resistance.

reme X hardware configuration

In terms of hardware, realme X is equipped with Cellon 710 mobile processing platform, 10nm process technology, and integrates Adreno 6 series GPU and AIE artificial engine. This set of SoC is adopted by many middle-end mobile phones in China, and its maturity and performance are very good.

In order to improve the practical experience of hardware operation, realme X also added HyperBoost 2.0 to the software. Even large mobile games such as Game for Peace and Honor of Kings can run smoothly.

Realme X carries Sony IXM 58.648 billion Pixel Senso

At the image level, the realme X is equipped with a 48 million ultra-high-definition pixel Sony IMX 586 camera, and supports super night scenes and super rejuvenation modes. In the night scene, realme X also supports handheld night scenes based on raw format. With AI technology, multi-frame synthesis and anti-shake algorithm, Super Night Scene mode greatly enhances the imaging level under dark conditions.

And in the same level of products only supports 120fps slow motion shooting, realme X is the first to support 960fps/720P and 120fps/1080P slow motion video shooting.

Realme front camera

Realme front camera

Front side, realme X lifting structure contains 16 million pixel camera, using IMX471 sensor, with support for AI beauty, multi-person beauty, custom beauty features, to meet the young consumer's pursuit of self-timer.


Realme X Master Edition

At this conference, realme invited the world's top industrial design master Shenzawa as its invited product design director, and worked with it to create realme X Master Edition (8GB 128GB), on the basis of the original color matching. Two novel colors, onion and white garlic, have been added.

Realme X Youth Edition

Realme X Youth Edition

Compared with realme X, Realme X Youth Edition is a more cost-effective mobile phone. In the realme X youth version of the design, 6.53 inch FHD water drop full screen.

Realme X youth version of the back fingerprint

The back of the fuselage has a younger design that combines the aesthetic elements of color, light effect and texture, with a total of nitrogen blue and electro-optic violet.

The two products also have different fingerprint unlocking aspects. The youth version of, realme X does not have a screen fingerprint, but uses a more traditional back fingerprint module design.

Realme X Youth Edition Hardware Configuration

Realme X youth version hardware configuration

In terms of hardware configuration, Realme X and Realme X Youth Edition are equipped with the Snapdragon 710 mobile processing platform. The realme X youth version of the battery has increased to 4050mAh (realme X is 3765mAh), and both are equipped with VOOC flash charging 3.0 technology, the two products can be filled with 60% of electricity in the bright screen "eat chicken" state for 1 hour.

Realme X Youth Edition comes with Sony IMX 519 Senso

On the camera side, the realme X youth version of the hardware is slightly down, its front is a 25 million pixel camera, with the Sony IMX519 sensor, the rear is the Sony IMX 519 sensor, the pixel is 16 million, the sub camera is the depth of field camera, the pixel is 5 million.

Price information

Price information

In terms of selling price, realme X has three versions, which are priced at 1,499 yuan (4GB+64GB), 1,599 yuan (6GB+64GB), and 1,799 yuan (8GB+128GB).

Realme X also has three versions, priced at 1199 yuan (4GB 64GB), 1299 yuan (6GB 64GB) and 1499 yuan (6GB 128GB).

The price of the realme X Master version is 1899 yuan, only one version of 8GB 128GB.

The return of realme also indicates that OPPO has joined the sub-brand battle, and its product positioning is very clear, mainly cost-effective and young.

Compared with Xiaomi and vivo's sub-brands, realme has done a good job of positioning and product design in seven months of foreign combat. The development from the outside to the inside gives it a faster response and richer experience.

At the same time, realme's development in the country can also rely on OPPO to enjoy the cool, including the screen fingerprint, lifting structure and system optimization, etc., we can see that OPPO supports it.

Moreover, founder Li Bingzhong also said they share upstream procurement channels with OPPO, which will have more room for profit in terms of cost, which is also evident in the pricing of the two new products.

However, competition in China's mobile phone market is not as "moderate" as in India, and there will be more new problems for realme in the future, brand awareness, new product research and development cycles and price wars.

For the growth path of this "new player", we can't say anything bad. After all, there have been many examples of failures that have become a foregone conclusion. Can it stand firm in the Chinese mobile phone market? We will wait and see. (This article is the first titanium media, photography, author / Kiwi)

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