Good night, SpongeBob. Bye, SpongeBob.

Good night, SpongeBob. Bye, SpongeBob.

The father of SpongeBob, the American cartoonist, Stephen McDannell Hillenburg, died on November 27, 2018 due to gradual freezing, at the age of 57.

In March 2017, Helenberg said he had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS,). At the time, he said he would continue to write for everyone, not give up easily: "anyone who knows me knows that I will continue to create SpongeBob and follow my other passions as long as I can."

For Helenberg's death, Nickelodeon Children's Channel (which has been playing SpongeBob since 1999) has been very sad: "he's a deep friend and long-term creative partner for all of Nickelodeon," he said. Our hearts are with his whole family. Helenberg infused SpongeBob with a unique sense of humor and purity, bringing joy to children and families around the world. The characters he created will always remind people of the value of optimism, friendship and infinite imagination. "

In 1984, Helenberg graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in Resource Planning and Interpretation. His research interests are in marine resources. After graduation, he became a marine biology teacher at the Orange County Marine Institute (now the Oran Institute of Oceanography). During this time, he created the comic The Intertidal Zone in the form of a teaching tool. SpongeBob was born here.

He once said: "the first small sponge was commissioned by the Institute to draw a volume of cartoons for visiting children about marine life." in 1994, the image of SpongeBob was officially born. A yellow sponge lives in "Fort Birch" (Bikini Bottom). In the Pacific Ocean. The little sponge, wearing white underwear, was always in trouble, but fortunately, he had a bunch of good friends, big stars, and careful octopus.

On May 1, 1999, an animation named "SpongeBabies" was broadcast on the Nickelodeon Children's Channel in the United States.

"SpongeBob" can be regarded as a "longevity" cartoon characters, today has been broadcast for 18 years. "SpongeBob" has won two Emmy Awards for Best Children's Program (2002-2004), and has won 12 Children's Choice Awards, "SpongeBob" has won two Emmy awards for best children's programs (2002-2004). He also became one of the most popular cartoon creators, winning the 2002 Princess Grace Film Foundation Award and the highest honor in Southern California's first environmental charity, Save the Beach. The cartoon has been translated into more than 60 languages, including Urdu, Azerbaijani and Maori. In 2006, CCTV introduced SpongeBob to China.

SpongeBob's surrounding goods have generated more than $12 billion in revenue for Nickelodeon. For the past decade, SpongeBob has generated $8 billion a year in branded retail revenue for Nicorudine Cartoon. Globally, SpongeBob has more than 700 brands of authorized partners.

"SpongeBob" theme song, you can sing it

SpongeBob's content plot is not only unrelated to marine knowledge, but can even be said to be totally unreasonable, such as the fire on the sea floor, the burning of buildings, the shower under the sea, the drowning of marine life in the lake, and so on. Many people have summarized the cold knowledge of SpongeBob, such as (from knowing friends @汪毅):

SpongeBob has passed countless licenses and can't pass, but sending a big star lying down with a telescope can make SpongeBob pass the exam. The starfish family's IQ is not high, the big star does not know his parents, and the other pair of sea stars without children also think that sending a big star is his child. As well, the intelligence of sending a big star is extremely unstable. In addition to the fact that the plot requires the professor Dajia and Dr. and become a genius, the big star can play the sponge baby through a mysterious rope and understand the parallel universe, but However, it is cost-effective to think that 7 yuan to buy a 6-dollar, and a certain concentration does not know that he can not write his own name. It is very normal to have fire in the underwater world of SpongeBob. Most of the food you eat needs to be grilled before it can be eaten, and the fire is easy to extinguish. Undersea creatures need to drink specially treated water and can drink sea water directly, otherwise they will die of thirst. People in the entire Beechburg have face blindness. As long as the SpongeBob wears a beard or a hat, no one can recognize it. The most amazing thing is to send the beauty and beauty, and send a big star to change the hairstyle to get rid of the octopus. And the crab boss.

The optimistic and pure SpongeBob and his submarine partners are numerous, and in addition to the younger generation, this imaginative, childlike and black humor cartoon has attracted many adult audiences. "New York Times" editor Melman once commented: "This is the most attractive cartoon that has appeared on television. It has clean and simple happiness, combining adult humor and children's innocence."

However, red people are not many, some people doubt SpongeBob's role predetermined orientation. There are also many people who are keen to interpret the cartoon in an adult's way of opening it. In Zhihu, there are two questions about SpongeBob:

What are the details of SpongeBob?

@ treasure: the companion of a single-celled creature is an intelligent computer. One has ruled the past, one may rule the future. And they are on the same front.

How to evaluate the cartoon "SpongeBob"?

@李二: The director did not let SpongeBob's idealism and realism go to confrontation, avoiding the trap of relativism. Compared with the idealistic innocence of SpongeBob's almost neuroticism, the director did not shape the octopus into a pessimistic typical realist, and went to the absolute of the dualism. Instead, he portrayed it as a passive, but dreamy, full-bodied and sophisticated. The childlike heart, with romantic feelings, seems to be hard to break into the ordinary helpless world of fairy tales. It can be said that whether a cartoon person lives in the present society or lives in a fairy tale world, when an individual is alienated into the system, his fate will be injected into a tragic color. The friendship between SpongeBob and Octopus is a contract between ideals and reality, or is it a game between humanity and system? I do not know.

Whether it's the children's world or the adult world, this lovely yellow sponge and his friends have been with us for 18 years, hoping their story will continue. We believe that Helen Berger just went to the pineapple house on the seabed.

SpongeBob fans have created this picture to miss Helenberg:

Send a big star: How high will he fly?

SpongeBob: Fly very high, all the way to the best place!

Send a big star: bon voyage!

SpongeBob: Goodbye, friend!

In the face of the future, you and I are still children, not to download the Tiger Sniff App and sniffing innovation!

Good night Sponge Baby. Bye Sponge Dad.

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