Drip Public Council: Drivers return empty items to return lost items How much is the passenger paying?


[TechWeb]On July 11, the public council of Didi launched the seventh issue, invited the community to focus on Didi online car to send the new``lost items back'' function to discuss the driver to return the lost object according to the passenger's request, and how much the passenger pays is appropriate.

"return of lost items" is a special group of Didi customer service items. The platform management and product technical team is fully combined with feedback from all walks of life and is ready to add additional functions. It is a supplement to Didi's "Special rules for handling missing items in online car hailing". The purpose of this paper is to further improve the efficiency of consultation between Didi and passengers and facilitate passengers to recover the lost items.

Didi's "special rules for handling lost items on the Internet" ended in mid-June and were revised and tried out last week. The rules stipulate that when a passenger asks the driver to return the lost property to the driver, he shall pay the transport fee to the driver; the passenger shall bear the express fee when the driver requests the driver to return the lost property by express delivery; at the same time, the driver shall not ask the passenger for other unreasonable expenses except for the express fee and the transportation fee. However, how to set the return cost is still a matter of concern.

Since its establishment in December 2016, the Didi customer service loss team has applied techniques and methods such as "virtual number" and "tripartite call" to increase the average recovery rate of items lost by passengers on Didi online cars from 38 percent to about 68 percent. Unfortunately, 31.2 per cent of the 419663 missing items that helped passengers find remained unrecovered in the first quarter of this year.

Large passenger flow, fast vehicle movement, complex ride-sharing environment, difficult to obtain evidence in the vehicle environment, and unable to negotiate the return cost are the reasons for the "difficulty of finding things". Take the "return fee discord" as an example, Didi platform data show that in June 2019, when helping passengers find lost items on the Internet, the Didi customer service item loss task force encountered a total of 1630 disputes caused by "return fee disagreements." Some of these disputes are finally resolved, others are caught in the deadlock of continuous circular negotiation.

At the end of November last year, Didi had initiated a topic on the “driver to return lost items, passengers need to pay the corresponding fees” through the public council, attracting 523,000 netizens to participate in voting and discussion. 80% of netizens think they need to pay.

After the “returned item return” function is officially launched, if the passenger and the driver agree, the passenger can send an appointment order and ask the driver to return the lost property. The order fee paid by the passenger will be paid to the driver in full for the compensation of the idling, and the drip will not be taken. At the same time, if the two parties do not want to use this function, they can still negotiate to choose to send the item by courier or other means.

According to the different cost requirements put forward in the previous negotiations, the public consultation council has set up four options: no matter how far it is, it is a fixed amount; it is priced according to the actual return mileage ladder; it is paid proportionately based on the value of the goods; and the amount is determined by negotiation with the driver. The public participating in the review may select one of them and give more comments and suggestions through comments.

The review will continue for seven days, with all sectors of the community participating in the review through DiDi client, official Weibo and official WeChat. The evaluation results will provide a reference for Didi to optimize the "return of lost items" function.

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Didi the public the council the driver the empty drive the return the lost the goods the passengers the payment the fee the appropriate

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