Apple digs Disney walls and hires senior executives as director of video service

[TechWeb] May 31 news, according to foreign media reports, Apple is currently one of the most profitable companies in the world, it is also very attractive to outstanding talents, Apple's ability to dig talents is also quite outstanding. Tim Cook, its current CEO, was dug up by Jobs from Compaq computer in 1998.


According to foreign media reports, Apple, which is capable of poaching people, this month poached an executive from Disney to join its video service team.

Apple’s digging from Disney is Chiara Cipriani, who has worked at Disney for ten years. She left Disney in May and then joined Apple as the new director of video services. Working at Apple's London office.

Although he has only been in Disney for only 10 years, Chiara Siplani is a senior Disney executive who served as development director of the new media distribution division when he joined Disney in 2008 and handled Disney's digital media distribution team in Europe. In the Middle East and Africa, he later served as Vice President of content and Commerce, followed by General Manager of Consumer Services and Vice President of Disney International at the time of departure.

It is worth noting that Apple and Disney are relatively friendly. Disney CEO Robert Eiger is currently a member of Apple's board of directors. Disney bought Pixar Animation Studio from Steve Jobs in 2006. Apple is digging people from Disney. Make the relationship between the two parties more complicated.

Apple dig Disney wall foot hire the latter senior executive as video directo

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