IOS version Mobile QQ upgrade version 8.0: voice support pause and drag

A few days ago, the iOS version of the mobile phone QQ ushered in a large version of the update, evolved to the v8.0.0 version, not only the interface is completely new, but also added voice drag, fast preview and forward content.

With the upgraded version 8.0, the icon color is lighter, the design is simpler, and the side slide panel (negative screen) changes from the previous sidebar to a stand-alone page. "dynamic" friend dynamic (QZone), nearby, interest tribe also changed from one line to three lines, more highlighted the importance of friend dynamics.

Here's the update:


2, voice messages support pause and progress drag, listening is more convenient;

3, optimizing the experience of the forwarding message, and previewing and forwarding the content through the popup window;

4, can select pictures and video to send to friends at the same time;

5. When viewing the picture/video, you can locate the chat location with one click;

6. Optimized the experience of multi-person voice and video calls, and select the call object.

iOS version of mobile phone QQ upgrade 8.0 version: interface changes

iOS version phone qq upgrade 8.0 version voice support pause drag

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