Samsung will launch new processor technology in 2021 to reduce energy consumption by 50%

[TechWeb] May 15th news, according to foreign media reports, in terms of processor technology, TSMC has been at the forefront of the industry in recent years, and its technology has also been recognized by relevant manufacturers, Apple A series processors since 2016 It has been exclusively contracted by its customers, and its customers include Huawei and many other manufacturers.


In terms of processor production, Samsung, a South Korean manufacturer, actually has a strong strength. It has previously contracted for Apple's Series A processor, but after the "chip door" of the iPhone 6s series in 2015, It will no longer be able to get a contract order for Apple's A-Series processors.

But the latest reports from foreign media show that Samsung will launch a breakthrough chip technology in 2021, its processor process will be significantly improved, and the processor using this new technology will have a significant improvement in performance and energy consumption.

According to reports from foreign media, Samsung will launch the processor technology called "surround Gate (Gate All Around, (GAA)" technology in 2021, and Samsung announced the news at a forum on Tuesday local time. The "surround gate" technology will redesign the transistors in the core of the processor to make them smaller and faster, with an expected 35% increase in speed and a 50% reduction in energy consumption.

After the launch of "surrounding grid" technology, Samsung will also lead the competition in this processor technology for some time. If Samsung launches in 2021, it may lead TSMC in December, and Intel may fall behind Samsung. In three years.

Samsung to be launched in 2021 processor energy consumption can be reduced by 50%

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