A large number of channels are available, and the price of the merchant iPhone XS MAX is lower than the official website.


A large number of channels are available, and the price of the merchant iPhone XS MAX is lower than the official website.

This article was transferred from WeChat public number: IT Times ( ID: VitTimes ), author: Ding Xiaodong.

Once a machine was hard to find, the yellow cattle fired tens of thousands of high-priced iPhone, but it was no longer " hard to find" after it really sold for ten thousand yuan.

Tomorrow will be the official release date of iPhone XS / XS Max ( iPhone XR will be released in October ). Fruit powder found that this year was really cool after years of busy shopping for cattle at high prices. In the past, the delivery time of at least one month was the day when the pre-purchase was opened at 15: 01 on September 14, and the scheduled delivery time on the official website was about 1 - 2 weeks.

On Sept. 19, just two days before iPhone XS went on sale, reporters tried to order a 256G iPhone XS MAX, on iPhone's website, showing delivery within one to two weeks.

But to get a new iPhone, that day doesn't have to go up, or even lower than the official website.

Part.1 Gome Shanghai Line offline store reservations only 200 units

Although the new iPhone XS MAX has the largest iPhone screen to date and supports dual card dual standby for the first time, users are not much concerned about these changes.

" In fact, the user's scheduled heat has decreased a lot this year, and we are afraid to import too much goods, so we are afraid that the price will fall so hard that we may even lose money. " A mobile phone vendor told the IT Times. " The iPhone XS was only upgraded on the basis of the iPhone X, with little change in appearance. And now the unlimited package is so hot that there is no temptation to double the cards and double the stay. The new iPhone is not as hot as the previous iPhone 7 or even the iPhone X. And last year, the iPhone X's scheduled heat was already normal. " The above-mentioned people added.

Not only many mobile phone digital stores scattered along the street, but also big distributors such as Gome Suning, the operator. For example, a staff member of a business hall in Shanghai said, "There are only 2,3 subscribers ordering through the channels of our business hall." Gome's situation is similar, the person in charge told the "IT Times" reporter, because of this. For the sake of not having all stores open for reservations, "there are only about 200 new iPhones in Gome's offline stores in Shanghai, which are not as hot as last year. At present, the 256G IPhone XS MAX is the most popular, and Gome's shipments can meet the reservations."

Online is much more enthusiastic than offline. According to data provided by Suning, as of 8:00 pm on September 19, the number of iPhone XS 512G reservations has exceeded 280,000, and the number of iPhone XS MAX reservations has exceeded 400,000. "Although the fruit powder group is still huge, but this year's new appointments are still less hot than before." Suning related person told the "IT Times" reporter.

Part.2 The supply was sufficient on the first day of the launch, and the merchant's offer was lower than the official website.

Even if the enthusiasm fades, it is " a matter of pride" that apple powder can be bought on the first day. Compared to queuing up at Apple's flagship store, a considerable number of people choose to buy at other channels at higher prices.

This year's iPhone XS launch day will be the same as last year's iPhoneX, will not run out of goods. But to buy a new iPhone, on the first day of launch, in addition to Apple's official price increase or can not be avoided.

"Pay a deposit of 1000 yuan to ensure that you have the goods you want on the first day of the launch, but the price needs to be based on the market price of the day. The market price of the iPhone is too large, and there may be several price changes within a day, different colors, new memory. iPhone, the price is definitely not the same. But there should be no increase in the price of 5 or 6 thousand." A mobile phone seller told the IT Times reporter: "The current confirmation is that as long as the deposit is paid in advance, the first day of the affirmation There are goods you want. There are already many people who have booked it. The MAX version has more reservations, and it may be higher than the official website price of 1000-1500 yuan."

The seller of Yongle Electric gave a clearer answer. Tomorrow, the iphone XS MAX 256G will cost 11599 yuan, 600 yuan higher than the official website, and the price of the model will be between 600-900 yuan on the official website on the same day. The MAX XS price fluctuates a bit less than the MAX version.

But at the same time, there are many voices that are not optimistic about the sales of this new iPhone. "The price of the new iPhone is directly broken. This high price directly determines that its price increase is not big. The group of users who are willing to spend tens of thousands to buy a mobile phone is only a small number. If the sales volume on the day of the listing is not tight, the price on the market It is likely to fall below the official website price," a mobile phone seller estimated.

At present, the prices posted by small businesses have fallen below the official website price. For example, the hottest version of 256 g iPhone XS Max quoted 11088 yesterday and only 10980 yuan today, up to 10999 yuan more than the official website, which is lower than 20 yuan. The merchant told reporters that the version was indeed the most popular, but because of the large number of channels, the price was lower.

Part. 3 256 g iPhone XS Max is the most popular

In the past, iPhone models with large memory were popular when they were first launched, and the price increase was also the highest. Last year, the market price of 256 g iPhone X was 1500 yuan higher than the official website price on the first day, and 64g iPhone X was 7,800 yuan higher than the official website price. This year, although the iPhone XS Max was raised to 512 g, the most popular was 256 g under the attack of 64GB being too small and 512 GB being too large.

"At present, nearly 40 people have booked the new iPhone in the store, and the 256G iPhone XS MAX is the most popular." A Suning Appliance seller told reporters: "The current news is that the company's overall order is also 256G, 512G. Due to the small number of orders, the purchase will be less, and there may be a shortage of goods on the first day of the launch."

Not out of stock, the first day of "bargaining" has become a fact, and when will return to the original price, is still controversial. "Su Ning will guarantee sales for at least one to two weeks after the price is set on the first day of his launch." Su Ning's staff told reporters. Another seller in the mobile phone market said: "in the past, the new iPhone may not return to its original price until the end of the year, or at least a month later, but this year it will only take 1-2 weeks to see the shipment from the official website." It is possible to return to the original price within 2 weeks this year. "

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Channel delivery merchant's iPhone XSMAX quotation official website still low

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