JD.com gets home: the number of cities covered by 618 this year is more than half of 91 third-tier and below-third-tier cities.


[TechWeb] On June 12th, Jingdong officially announced that at 618 this year, the number of cities covered by it has reached 91, of which the proportion of cities below the third line and below the third line accounted for more than half.

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According to the data, a large number of sinking cities achieved doubled market growth compared with monthly sales six months ago in May. Among them, Zhuhai, Putian, Quanzhou and other cities increased monthly sales by more than 300% year on year, Maanshan, Yueqing, Mianyang, Laixi, Zhanjiang, Huiyang and other dozens of cities increased by more than 100% year on year.

At the same time, in terms of logistics and distribution, Dada, as a co-city express information service platform under the Dada-Jingdong company, has covered more than 450 major cities across the country, serving more than 1.2 million merchants and over 70 million people through crowdsourcing service models. user.

At the merchant level, there are more than 300 well-known chain retailers that have reached a deep strategic cooperation with the platform, and the total number of merchants in the category is more than 5,000.

Dada-Jingdong CEO, Jia Jiayu said: "User experience is the foundation of all growth. Jingdong hopes to satisfy consumers in more cities through quality merchants, rich products, good performance experience and competitive prices. For real-time retail demand, real-time retail will change the lifestyle of more and more consumers. Channel sinking has strategic value and significance for JD.com and our partners. Jingdong will continue to promote retail in the home. Comprehensive optimization of cost, efficiency and experience helps the omni-channel development of traditional retailers move to a broader market."

JD.com home 618 coverage quantity up to 91 third line more than half

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