Israeli voice actor sues Apple Siri for unauthorized use of its voice

Phoenix Network Technology News Beijing time on December 29th news, Israeli voice actor Galit Gura-Eini sued Apple, claiming that the latter in Hebrew without authorization The language version of Siri uses its voice - in some cases it makes her "spoken" some unwelcome words.

According to Israeli financial media Calcalist, Gula-Ainini asked Apple to compensate about $66,000 in losses, saying that when the Hebrew version of Siri was released in 2016, she was surprised that her voice was used by Siri. Earlier in 2018, she repeatedly asked Apple to remove its voice from Siri, but was rejected.

According to Gula-Ainini’s indictment filed in the District Court of Tel Aviv, part of the problem is that Gula-Ainini’s voice is “highly known and linked to her. Through Siri, her voice becomes inappropriate and humiliating. A tool for language, which includes gender discrimination, racism, and language that incites violence.

When Gula-Einney was recorded for Nuance in 2007, the indictment said, she authorized only the latter to use her voice for voice generation software and "reasonable" purposes.

Apple lawyer Amir Harlevey (Amir Halevy) said the company had been granted the right to record the plaintiff, who had already been paid. "the plaintiff's voice in the Siri is just a syllable combined by an algorithm," the Apple representative said.

Until 2017, Gula-Einney's voice was one of the Hebrew versions of Google's Waze navigation app. Later upgraded versions of Waze removed her and some other Hebrew sounds. (compilation / Frost Leaf)

Israel voice actor prosecution Apple Siri unauthorized voice

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