5G robot shipments are expected to reach 570,000 units by 2027


[TechWeb] March 13-according to foreign media reports, ABI Research believes that the commercialization of the 5G network is expected to lead to significant growth in commercial robots. By 2027, shipments of 5G robots are expected to reach 570000 units, mainly deployed in mission-critical and business-critical environments.

Low latency and cloud intelligence are two main features of the 5G, which will significantly change the deployment of mission-critical robots and business-critical robots, especially those deployed outdoors.

Outdoor applications enabled through a 5G connection include public safety and emergency personnel, critical asset checks, last mile delivery and transportation, precision agriculture, site installation and towing.

Traditionally, high-speed broadband connectivity is only suitable for robot systems connected by Wi-Fi and broadband fiber in indoor environment. Therefore, the existing outdoor commercial and industrial robots are usually fully autonomous equipment with airborne intelligence function. With 5G, the functions of the robot will be upgraded.

In order to achieve 5G functionality, robot vendors must work closely with connectivity and chipset vendors during the design and prototype phases to maximize the benefits of ubiquitous connectivity.

Qualcomm recently launched the robotic RB3 platform powered by Snapdragon 845 SoC with future 5G upgrade capabilities.

Inseego has partnered with CloudMinds to provide 5G connectivity for XR-1 cloud robots. By integrating LTE and 5G connectivity from the start, robot manufacturers can provide a clear roadmap for future upgrades.

A clear roadmap will provide industry guidance for future functions that cellular connectivity can achieve, including multi-access edge computing that provides computing, networking and caching at the edge of the network, as well as facilitating mobility between mobile robots, cloud platforms and surrounding infrastructure. Wide-area machine-to-machine communication for situational awareness and information exchange. (Little Fox)

2027 5G robots shipments volume expected 570 000 units

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