Voice Holdings responded to the second round of inquiries of the Shanghai Stock Exchange: three advantages compared to competitors


[TechWeb] Today, Science and Technology Innovation Board's proposed listed enterprise Shenzhen Communication Holdings Co., Ltd. replied to the second round of inquiries on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the second round of inquiries on the second round of inquiries answered a total of 12 questions, involving the unfinished business of the first round of inquiries, market competition, and so on.

Aiming at the market risks of risk factors and major matters, TX Holdings believes that the penetration rate of smart phones in emerging markets in Africa and India is relatively low, and is still in the transition phase of functional mobile phones to smartphones, with great market potential. Huawei, Xiaomi and other manufacturers have previously entered the emerging markets including Africa and occupied a certain market share. In recent years, the market development has been gradually increased.

Voice Holdings says the company has advantages over its competitors in the following areas:

First, the company focuses on localized product research and development and technological innovation for emerging markets represented by Africa. After years of accumulation, the company is based on African localized dark-skinned user database and dark-skinned photography technology, hardware new material application innovation and mobile Internet services have a leading edge in the industry, in user needs, user data, User scenarios, user preferences and other aspects have a deep understanding and strong innovation ability. At the same time, the company has established a research and development system that is highly in line with the local environment and user needs, a broad and stable sales network, comprehensive professional and efficient after-sales service, and formed a unique competition barrier in Africa, where the communication network is poor and the region is scattered.

Second, the company has established a business ecological model of "mobile Internet services, digital accessories" in Africa to achieve high user stickiness with reliable product performance. In view of the possible aggravation of market competition in the future, the revenue and profits generated by the company's mobile Internet, household appliances and digital accessories business can support the company's further investment in mobile terminals and form an effective cycle.

Third, emerging markets such as Africa benefit from demographic dividends, have large-scale potential user groups, and as the local economy continues to increase consumption levels, the development of mobile Internet will further expand the scale of the industry market. The broad market space and development potential bring opportunities for the company to further increase its performance and mitigate the impact of future market competition.

Voice holding reply Shanghai Stock Exchange second round inquiry comparison competition opponent advantage

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