[TechWeb] On June 12, Health Insurance's preferred platform, Water Drop Insurance Mall, and Tsinghua Wudaokou Financial College, Weiyang.com and China Insurance News jointly held the 2019 Global Partner Conference. The founder and CEO of Water Drop Company, Shen Peng, announced that it has completed With a round of financing of RMB 1 billion, this round of financing was led by Bo Yu Capital, and well-known investment institutions such as Tencent, China Gold Capital and Gaochun Capital, and the joint venture of the Thai joint venture as an exclusive financial adviser.

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Water drop company has water drop insurance mall, water drop mutual assistance, water drop chip and other business. On March 27 this year, the company announced that it had received nearly 500 million yuan in round B financing. In less than three months, the total amount of financing received by water droplets has been close to 1 billion yuan, the highest amount of financing in the Internet health insurance and health care sector so far this year.

Shen Peng, founder and CEO of Water Drops, said: "The company will vigorously develop health insurance and health care services such as water droplet insurance malls and mutual help, and create a health insurance and health care service model with better user experience. We will integrate the funds. Emphasis is placed on the construction of health insurance professional teams and the application of artificial intelligence in health insurance business. At the same time, the water droplets and water droplet public welfare platform belonging to the social responsibility section of the company will continue to promote more serious patients with poor family diseases. Healed."

This year is the third year of the company's founding. In the past three years, the company's various businesses have developed rapidly in China's third, fourth and fifth tier cities and township markets, and the number of independent paying users has exceeded 250 million.


Water droplets Bo Yu capital skill investment super 10 billion round financing

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