Japan's Virtual Host Year Report: Trip Love and the Dream of the Maple Channel over Billion


Japanese virtual anchor mid-year report: 绊 Love and Nightmare Channel broadcast over 100 million

Figure question from: Oriental IC, this article from the public numbers: Three Entertainment (ID: hi3wyu), Author: Wind

Since the end of 2016, various VTuber management companies have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.

"Virtual YouTuber" (hereinafter referred to as VTuber), or virtual YouTube anchor, has emerged as a new entertainment content in recent years, and it is not too much to expand its range of activities in the fields of television performances and music performances. It is not too much to call them "virtual artists". It is said that by 2022, the market size of VTuber will reach 57.9 billion yen, and many large IT companies are also beginning to enter the VTuber market.

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The fan economy brought about by VTuber should not be underestimated, and now more and more people are investing in the industry, and the recent trend of VTuber is also our focus.

Let's take a look at the recent popularity ranking of VTuber.

Ranking of VTube

The above table only counts to the 20th place, and the top 20 channel subscriptions are just over 200,000, which is representative.

According to the statistics of the data analysis platform User Local, the current number of channel subscriptions in VTuber is the highest number of channels, AIChannel and AIGames have 2,611,984 and 1,397,935 subscriptions, and these two channels are currently the only two. The number of subscriptions exceeded one million channels. The sum of the subscriptions of the two channels was the same as the total number of subscriptions from the third to the ninth. It shows that he loves the hegemony in the VTuber world.


In the third place is Huihui Night, the number of channel subscriptions reached 968,368; the fourth place is the future, the number of channel subscriptions reached 750,131; the fifth place is the computer girl white, the number of channel subscriptions It reached 632,706. The first five people who broke through 100,000 subscriptions, in addition to the Nekomasu who gave up the personal channel in July 18, the love, the night, the future, the computer girl Xiaobai is still at the forefront, and they also have the greatest impact on VBuber. Anchor.

In addition, in addition to the above mentioned a few, cat palace daily, Tanaka & Suzuki chicks, game department planning (dream maple), Yomemi have exceeded 400000 subscriptions.

Not clea

The above table only counts to the 20th place, the top 20 bits total video broadcast volume is just over 20 million, is representative.

As of June 5th, the total video playback of the two channels of 绊爱 has reached 333,213,693, while the number of A.I.Channels ranked first is almost twice as much as that of the second game department. The second-ranked game department plan (Mengyu Feng) has a capacity of 118, 455, 340, and is one of the three channels with a current broadcast volume exceeding 100 million.

In the fourth place is Hui Yeyue, the broadcast volume reached 88,051,673; the fifth place is the computer girl white, the broadcast volume reached 83,731,686; the sixth place is the future, the play volume reached 57,127,415 . The amount of play has exceeded 40 million, in addition to the above mentioned, there are Tanaka Hime & Suzuki, YuNi.

If you compare the number of subscriptions with the number of players, you can find that their ranking is not consistent, such as the game department planning (dream maple), subscriptions ranked eighth, but the total number of players ranked second. Cat Palace daily, subscriptions ranked sixth, but the total number of playback ranked 13th. Of course, this is also related to the number of videos.

Nightmare maple

What are the brokerage companies that operate VTuber?

With the popularity of VTuber on SNS, more and more IT companies have been eyeing this business. Since the end of 2016, various VTUber's specialized management companies have sprung up like mushrooms. There is a newly established company that specializes in VBuber, and some companies that have a main business but are ready to participate.

Below, Sanwen Entertainment will select the most representative and influential brokerage companies with operations in the industry to introduce the VBuber.


Activ8 Co., Ltd. is the world's first VTuber tripping brokerage, can also be said to be the world leader in VTuber affairs. Founded in 2016, at the end of May 2018, the company set up a business plan for VTuber to provide planning, production and other support "upd8". From the above two tables, we can find that in addition to tripping love, its virtual artist YuNi has also achieved good results.

According to official website, upd8 has 57 virtual artist channels, which are divided into six categories: "versatile", "music", "entertainment", "live game", "creativity" and "overseas". According to the incomplete statistics of User Local, the total number of subscriptions to upd8 channels has reached 5.81 million 417. Among them, the number of subscriptions exceeded 100, 000 channels 7, 200000 channels only 3. It can be said that the company depends on tripping love, YuNi, Shida Xinji and other artists to support, although there are many signed artists, but the distribution of resources is extremely uneven.

An overview of artists owned by upd8


Ichikara Co., Ltd. was established on May 2, 2017. It is a creative IP company whose main business is to operate VTuber. Like Activ8, it also has a business plan that supports VTuber, which is "Rainbow Society" (にじさんじ), which was established on February 8, 2018. According to the official website statistics, there are currently 74 artists in the Rainbow Society. They are divided into three categories: “Rainbow Society”, “Rainbow Gamers” and “Rainbow SEEDs”.

According to User Local, Rainbow's overall channel subscriptions reached 58.69 million, about 50, 000 more than upd8. Among them, there are 19 channels that break through 100, 000 subscriptions, and 3 channels that break through 200000. Rainbow Society's signature artist is the beautiful rabbit of the moon, Jing Lin, this sunflower.

Rainbow Club VBuber List

Unlimited Co., Ltd. was established on October 11, 2017, and the company was formerly known as "Visual YouTube". The company's capital is 135.93 million and 2.400 yen. The main business is IP development and advertising agency. The company's main partners are Dentsu, Cyber ​​Agent, GREE, bilibili, and DWANGO.

According to the official website, there are seven artists in the company, namely Meng Meng Feng, Dao Ming Temple Qing Xiang, Sakura Tree Milia, Feng Jian Liang, Dao Ming Temple Cocoa, Sound Soul and Water Vegetable Moon Xia, they are all "games". Member of the Ministry of Planning. According to User Local's statistics, the company has only four channels, but the current subscription volume reached 948,158, which is quite impressive.

However, the company also had negative news. In April 2019, the company broke the rumors of the company's bullying of virtual artists, and the incident caused widespread concern and discussion in places such as Twitter.

Game plan member list


Established in 2007, APPLAND Co., Ltd. is engaged in the development of smartphone apps and website operations, and then directly switched to Vuber operations. The company's VTuber business plan is ".LIVE", which was established on January 18, 2018. According to the official website, the company has 14 virtual characters, and the signature role is "Computer Girl White", one of the four kings of VTuber.

According to the statistics of UserLocal, there are 19 channels in.LIVE, and the total number of subscriptions reaches 1.78 millon 6582. There are three channels with more than 100000 subscriptions. The number of SiroChannel subscriptions for computer girl white is 632,706 alone, which is the only existence of the sky in LIVE.

.Live members at a glance


ZIZAI, was founded on September 16, 2015, formerly known as "DUO" with a capital of 13 million yen. The company's business is mainly two, one is the entertainment business that conveys the information of the industry through the APP,YouTube, portal, the other is to operate the VR business of VTuber. The company's VTuber firm, called ENTUM, has 11 artists, of which the future Ming and Cat Palace are the two signature characters of ENTUM.

According to User Local's statistics, there are 11 channels of ENTM with a total subscription volume of 1.49 million 2810. There are two channels that have exceeded 500,000 subscriptions, and the results are good.

An overview of artists owned by ENTUM

COVER Co., Ltd., established on Jun.13,2016, has a capital of 121,994,320. The main business of the company is conducted around the Vauber and is the "Vauber Operations", the "The sale and authorization of the goods" and the "LIVE performance", respectively. The company's development is similar to that of Activ8. On 8 January 2019, the company, in cooperation with Bilibili, formally launched its activities in China. In addition, COVER has developed a Vauber Snap app "Hollove" that was officially released on December 21,2017. Hollove also represents the artist's organization of Vauber's Vauber. Currently, Hollove has 19 artists, of which time and white snow are its sign role.

According to the statistics of User Local, Hollove has a total of 20 channels, with a total subscription of 13.5 million. Among them, there are 5 channels to break through one hundred thousand subscriptions.

Hololive's artists list

The direction of development other than YouTube

To maximize the value of VTuber's IP, YouTube alone is not enough. Nowadays, many companies are trying to find activities outside the scope of YouTube. The most common thing is to enter the music industry. On August 31, 2018, the popular VTuber Huiyue Month held a VR personal concert in the virtual space "Zepp VR". It must be said that this event is very forward-looking. People can support VR devices all over the country. Cinema, free to enjoy in the virtual world. At that time, the ticket price for the concert was 3,000 yen. Tickets were sold out after 10 minutes of sale. The number of visitors exceeded 5,000. The commercial effect was good, and this undoubtedly opened up a new door for VTuber business.

Virtual scene of VR concert

As the pioneer of the VTuber industry, Activ 8 will naturally not miss this opportunity. At the end of December 2018, the first personal concert "hello, world" was held in Tokyo and Osaka. Although it was not a VR concert, it was the largest concert in the history of VTuber. The famous DJ was also invited to help out, and the scene was unprecedented. In addition, Dear's first solo album "hello, world" will also be released on May 15, 2019.

I love the first personal concert "hello, world"

In addition to music activities, VTuber operators will also expand in advertising, television programs and other directions. For example, in August 2018, the popular VTuber Moonel Rabbit teamed up with the Japanese daily necessities brand Flower King to promote Hua Wang's laundry liquid products, and specially conducted a live laundry campaign. Because the project itself has its own slot and full of funny, it has aroused heated discussion on SNS and has commercial publicity effect.

Event promotion map

All in all, VTuber is sure to bring commercial benefits, as the founder of Activ 8 said: "Since SNS is very developed, VTuber can also feel the breath of life. They can play this season for Christmas and New Year's Eve. Sexual activities and current events respond, so they are almost no different from real-life YouTuber. In other words, is it true that the real artist has little to do with it, as long as there is enough popularity, it can bring its commercial value. How to bring business value is a post-it is the first priority to build your own virtual artist into adult air IP.

This article from the public numbers: Three Entertainment (ID: hi3wyu), Author: Wind

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Virtual anchor mid-year report tripping love and dream maple channel play quantity hundreds of millions

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