A product manager's Odyssey tour


A product manager's Odyssey tour

Liang Ning

First, the Odyssey period

Let me talk about a concept "Odyssey":

In the past, the stages we saw in life were childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.

Childhood: a child is weak and does not have the ability to earn a living independently and needs to rely entirely on his or her parents or adults. The world of children is a subset of the world of parents-you have a space in your parents' house, where you can go, what you can experience, and rely entirely on your parents.

Adolescence: The body begins to grow, begins to have self-awareness, and enters a youthful rebellious period (this word is very bad, I will talk about it later).

Adult: stability, responsibility-start a family and start a business, take responsibility.

Old age: the life of old age, at present, people pay little attention to, the whole society acquiesced that the elderly should not be inclined by resources.

These four stages are the division method of agricultural society. And our lives today are divided into at least six stages:

The active period after retirement in adult and old age during the Odyssey period of childhood.

There's a "Odyssey period" between the youth and the adulthood, and we'll talk about it today.

"Odyssey period", how did the name come from?

The name comes from the epic written by the great poet Homer, 2,800 years ago: Odyssey:

"Odyssey" mainly tells the story of the hero Odysseus (also the conceiver of the Trojan horse) on the way home after the end of the Trojan War. Because of the anger of Poseidon, the shipwreck was completely annihilated. Odysseus was wit and brave. Escaped from the robbery; but Poseidon's anger was not over, so that Odysseus could not find the way home and drifted in the sea for ten years, eventually returning to the story of his hometown Ithaca.

During the decade of drifting, Odyssey encountered a variety of situations: being knocked to the ground at the moment of greatest satisfaction and satisfaction, and falling into crisis when it was hard to catch his breath; A god-like opponent (his opponent is really God-Poseidon), a pig-like teammate (his teammates are indeed turned into pigs), he meets the goddess and goes to Hades (that is, our hell). In hell (that is, the end of everything) met all kinds of people's dead.

One of the most shocking scenes that shocked me was that Odysseus, the hero who returned from the Trojan battlefield, met in hell the dead of Agamemnon, the king who led them to Troy, and talked to these people after talking to the undead of Achilles, the most famous hero. Odysseus confirmed his destiny.

Finally, after all the difficulties, Odyssey finally found his own country, the famous Issaca Island. The famous poem "when you leave for Isaka, may you have a long way to go" is about this Odyssey trip.

In each of our lives, there will actually be an Odyssey period: from the end of your adolescence, you moved out of your parents' house; Leave from a stable state of life, leave from the familiar battlefield, start a period of perhaps short, perhaps long drifting.

In this drift, we will also encounter all the hopes, disappointments, blows and temptations that Odysseus has encountered. We will see ourselves at some point in this drift, like Odysseus. Destiny, see your country, then we will be adult.

The so-called adulthood is not whether you are 18 or 25 years old, 30 or 40 years old, but you have finally found your country and never drifted away.

You will hold your country firmly, whether it is a desk, a fishing boat, a garage, or a fruit tree; you take long-term responsibility for it, big or small, it is your world, your kingdom; You no longer drift, but focus on building your own world, which is adulthood.

Until then, as long as you are still wandering, still looking for, and still can not be sure that "here is my world", no matter how old, you are still in the Odyssey.

2. Why did the first concept start with "the Odyssey period"?

Product managers are talking about the user experience, they have to talk about feelings, the question is: Where does the feeling come from?

Feelings come from the interpretation system, from expectations.

Feeling bad, because it is inconsistent with expectations

To be consistent with expectations is to feel good.

Over expectations, that’s great.

One day, I was drinking with my friends and brought a bottle of Maotai; but the restaurant did not give the glass, so I had two cups of tea. As a result, the meal was very badly eaten - everyone had exactly the same two cups in front of them, one with tea and one for wine. We put up a cup and the result is tea; pick it up and take a drink, the result is wine.

- Originally, tea is a good tea, and wine is a good wine, but because it is always inconsistent with expectations, the result is that people are uncomfortable.

This is where the frustration of life sometimes comes from.

According to the concept of agricultural society, people will reach adulthood after adolescence, and when they leave school, they should be stable; they should take care of their long-term career, long-term life partner and long-term residence together. Not sure, as if always feel that this is a negative, need to explain to people, as if they did something wrong.

No, you're right.

In today's society, we just have to go through the "Odyssey period": between different cities, in different companies, different industries, different projects, different people floating around, falling around, There is no stability-this is the "new normal", so that sociologists have to make this statement.

How long will it be?

It's about the same as Odysseus, about 10 years.

Why 10 years?

We look at it realistically: now corporate recruitment has a 35-year-old age limit.

When you graduate from college or graduate school and start at the age of 25, you can roam like Odysseus for 10 years. Ten years later, at the age of 35; at that time, you really should lock in a country where you want to invest and build for a long time.

This is our theme today: a product manager's trip to the Odyssey.

Second, drifting for 10 years, what ability do we hone?

If you have 10 years of rafting and exploration, 10 years later, you must be able to build your own country; then, for the 10 years, what should you take the initiative to hone your own ability?

If you let me speak, I will say three core competencies:

First, the ability to judge: design your evaluation system, practice your own responsibility.

Second, growth ability: design your growth system.

Third, relationship ability: build your community.

With these three abilities, you can go from a layman to a king and have your own kingdom.

The three abilities, my 20-year-long trip to the Odyssey, have been learned from three places I've stayed in: Lenovo, Tencent, Ali.


First of all, the first ability: judgment, judgment is the ability to be responsible for oneself.

Is it true that I have raised this point so seriously that everyone will be so disappointed? That's very common.

But this is the foundation of everything.

Ask a question first: We work in the company, you are responsible for your work, do you think the company should be responsible for you?

We should understand the truth: the company is first and foremost responsible to shareholders. If you are not a shareholder of the company, I am sorry, from the truth, you are not the person who needs the most care.

As a product manager, we are the people who create things. If we want to create, we must not live in the appearance. Because there is a lot of information in the world of representation, we must learn to judge, find the rules, and then establish control and optimize the experience.

This is our job, and our work will train us in turn.

For our work, we may need to keep asking ourselves: what is the truth?

Let's take a look first: what is our time?

We are in the information era(also the prehistoric era of AI era), but our collective consciousness of the whole country and the country, as well as the agricultural era, the former industrial era, and all the ideas of the post-industrial era are mixed together(China is in the agricultural era for most of the time, then briefly entering the industrial era, and then quickly enters the information era).

In the agricultural era, our ancestors guarded a field, and sunset and sunset, and then survived for generations.

Then into the industrial age, is to solve the problem of power-the development of steam engines and machinery, so that people have super power outside the body.

In the information age, we solve the problem of the extension of vision and hearing-we can see people thousands of miles away and hear voices thousands of miles away, which is impossible in the agricultural and industrial ages.

So what is the problem solved in the AI ​​era? What solves is our brain power extension problem, which is to upgrade our decision model.

What is the difference between a good doctor and a general doctor, a good operator and a general operator? It is not that the ability to access information is different, but that the brain decision models are different-because they all get the same information.

The development of society is continuous, our life is also continuous; we from one company to another, from one city to another, these are in fact continuous.

Since the agricultural age, we have been a bunch of people around a piece of land, working together, living together-because of the limited productivity of that era, we have to group, so we are naturally collectivism.

What is the essence?

The essence is the problem of strength - the individual strength is too small, it is difficult to survive after leaving the group, so the individual's feelings are not important, whether it is accepted by the collective is important, we must meet the collective expectations.

With limited resources, contentment is important. So in that era, life is about, stability is happiness.

But after entering the industrial age, the problem was solved.

You see, as product managers, we should become common sense concepts of "dissatisfaction, pursuit of extreme", "continuous drifting, no stability", "pursuit of extreme, grinding experience", these concepts, In fact, it is the opposite of what we get in our native environment.

Going back to what I said earlier is "the ability to be responsible for yourself." What is this?

Is to face a bunch of contrary ideas, demands and self-feelings, really responsible for their own, independent thinking, independent judgment.

Some of your cornerstone concepts guide or constrain the ideas of your massive behavior; you should actually think about when they came about.

Many of the ideas we think of now do not exist in the first place - just as a baby can't be ashamed. So why do you think that the leader should be responsible for you and the company should be responsible for you? That is because the leader gives you instructions and you do things according to the instructions.

We follow this and explore another huge question: how can we trust others?

The correct answer is: we should not trust others, we should learn to trust our assessment of a person.

All you trust is your assessment of a person.

We feel that it is a very painful experience to believe in the wrong person; it will even hurt the ability to connect with people and collaborate with others. In fact, when you feel that you have mistaken a person, what you believe is wrong is your assessment of this person.

In this long Odyssey tour, you will always move forward and meet new people. You need to constantly correct and upgrade your evaluation model. Knowing what you are obeying and relying on, you can really be here. Growing up in the field, this is responsible for yourself, you are likely to be responsible for a larger scope.

Growth capacity

We say the second ability: growth ability, design your growth model.

In this utilitarian world, if you simply and rudely unite growth and earning money into one.

In fact, there are only two kinds of money: labor to get rich and make the right decision.

Everyone has a profound experience of getting rich in labor-because this is what we have had since the age of agriculture.

But making the right decision is the ability we've never learned.


The concept of being educated from an early age is "obedient" and "obedience" - who wants you to judge independently? What chance do you have to make a decision?

Continue to make the right decisions to continue to grow.

We don't say such small people as ourselves, we say big companies.

such as:

Jingdong was listed in 2014 and is now in 2019. We will think that Jingdong in 2019 and Jingdong in 2014 have not changed much. In 2014, Jingdong was a good shopping mall with good logistics services. In 2019, it was still the case, but the operating categories were expanded and the coverage area was expanded. Let's see Ali in 2019, and Ali in 2014. Is it a big change? In 2014, Ali's volume was already very large. An organization with such a large volume could make a change like a dragon dance in five years.

If we say that the level of labor is getting rich, on hard work, I think the employees of the two companies should be in the same league.

What's the difference?

The way everyone makes decisions is different!

Many people already know initially: how to complete their first growth closed loop through the right labor, and begin to enjoy passive growth-that is, to continue to work in this closed loop, to continue to cultivate, and to continue to harvest crops.

So is your next five years, like JD.com 's last five years, circulating in the same closed loop until you're 35 years old? Or will you consciously train yourself to make decisions, walk out of your evolution, break through the ceiling, and cross the steps?

There are indeed a lot of technical discussions to make a decision.

Relational ability

Let's talk about the third core competence, relational ability.

This ability is vulgar to death.

But the problem is: I have observed so many companies, have contacted so many entrepreneurs, and many of China's top talents. Frankly speaking, the relationship, the operation of the community, or when working at the lake, Ali's people gave me.

Ali is really very strong in this matter.

What is a relationship? What is the relationship?

Is it a good relationship for two people to work together and spend more than 10 hours in the office every day?

Two people have obtained a marriage certificate, become a community of legal meaning, this is not called good relationship?

People who are good at expressing flattery, frequent treats, and frequent gifts, are they legendary people who are good at relationships? Or, is it that you can have a relationship by saying flattery, eating, buying, buying, and buying?

Here, I provide a relationship scale for everyone to use as a reference:

The relationship between two people can actually be divided into four stages:

Ideal period conflict period integration period collaborative co-creation period

This relationship scale applies to couples, partners, you and the company.

What is the ideal period?

Many friends who have heard of my product class should know that it is "characterized expectations."

Wow, this is my ideal company. Wow, this is my ideal boss. This is my ideal male god. This is my ideal goddess.

And then you get in touch with it very enthusiastically.

The routine is basically the routine mentioned above: say compliment, please eat, buy and buy.

What is this?

It's also a characterization: I'm good to you, I'm paying you-flattery is emotional value, eating and buying, time and money.

Many people think that the best thing about this relationship is this time, why? Because it is cheaper - people are not enough to take advantage of it.

In this model, we can see that the ideal period is based on the imagination of one person (rather than on a real understanding of the person), and it's a routine action interaction. It's probably high, but it's not in a relationship.

When does the entry relationship begin?

Start with the conflict.

Many people are afraid of conflicts. Many people avoid conflicts. Many people stop seeing conflicts.

What does this look like?

Just like people feel that they should be stable, but they are always drifting, they feel bad in their hearts and feel that they should not be the same.

You take the concept of the agricultural age to measure the mode of this era--the survival mode of the agricultural era is gone, and we don't ask for sword.

Conflict is the beginning of a relationship.

What is a conflict?

In terms of form, the core is two: “accusation” and “guilt”, all of which come from the idealized expectations of the previous stage.

To blame is to accuse the other side of failing to live up to its expectations.

Guilt is guilty of failing to meet each other’s expectations.

This is a vicious circle.

The purpose of my accusation is to make you guilty; I am guilty, I am uncomfortable, I want to make you uncomfortable, so I also blame you.

If the conflict period is handled well, you can move on to the next phase: the integration phase.

How do I get into integration?

Let me start with a particularly small trick: just like the word search replacement function, replace all the word "problem" with the word "gap"-all the problems you see are essentially gaps.

The word "problem" gives people a strong sense of negation and negation. But the word gap is the real face to the objective facts: let's see what we can do.

In the Book of principles, there is a saying: "the alienation of people begins with one person concealing mistakes from another."

And everyone will face the gap, assess the gap, and see if you can do something; this is growth, everyone is integrated in the process of growing together - because they grow together, so you have me, I have you; The relationship is the intimate relationship.

After the integration, we are not afraid to reveal shortcomings to be rejected, will enter the stage of collaborative creation. For example, to take risks together, to do one thing together, to start a business together.

If even an open-ended discussion can't be completed, then the organization will not enter the stage of collaborative creation; if the relationship of the organization does not form a community, how can it enter a stage of creation and how to innovate?

As product managers, we are people who manage other people's feelings. We have to understand how others feel, then become the inner guide of their behavior, and then guide them to act.

Why can't we help doing one thing?

It is because we have feelings, and the formation of feelings comes from ideas.

Third, optimistic about China

We are in a magnificent era, what we can do is to be bullish on China!

China's infrastructure construction is so good, this is a point worthy of continuous attention; under this powerful infrastructure, an innovation will soon be amplified.

Fast hands a post-80s boy with 1.6 billion goods a day, which is not how good the boy is, but the strong infrastructure behind him: network capabilities, logistics capabilities, supply chain and warehousing capabilities.

Then there is the Chinese engineer's bonus. There are only two countries in the world that can quickly find 1,000 engineers to work: China and the United States, especially China.

The other is our community: if you immigrate or go to other countries to do things, others will not be so high, and only China is our common community.

Finally, it is the era of three waves superposition: consumption upgrade, information technology, intelligent data-driven, for any enterprise or individual, is a great opportunity.

For any of us, this is a good time, a magnificent era.

Fourth, summary

Let's summarize it:

The Odyssey period is a necessary stage in life, and no one can enter stability without drifting and exploring.

The feeling comes from the explanation, from the idea in your heart, from whether it is in line with the expectations set in your heart.

Don't trust others, learn to trust your own evaluation of others, and be responsible for yourself.

Conflict is the beginning of a relationship when you start to know someone.

I hope you will use this concept to face drifting, disappointment, conflict, and take your Odyssey trip.

Finally, thank you for this era.

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