Musk said Tesla had no demand problems. 90% of the new orders came from users who had not previously booked.

[TechWeb] June 12 news, according to foreign media reports, in the first quarter of this year, the output and delivery volume of Tesla electric vehicles both fell, the delivery volume fell by nearly 30%, and it also suffered a loss again in the quarter. This has also raised concerns about the demand for its electric vehicle market.

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Tesla CEO Musk has also publicly responded to concerns about demand for his electric car market.

Musk responded to concerns about demand at Tesla's annual general meeting, where Tesla's 2019 shareholders' meeting was held in Mountain View City, California on Tuesday, where Mr. Musk said they had a lot of such issues, and he wanted to explain that there were no demand issues.

In addition, Musk also said at the meeting that 90 per cent of Tesla's new orders came from users who had not previously ordered, and 63 per cent of the discount products came from non-high-end products, indicating that users were buying Model 3. 3 at a high price.

In the first quarter of this year, Tesla produced a total of 77,100 electric vehicles of various types, down nearly 10,000 units from the previous quarter; 63,000 units were delivered, a significant drop from the previous quarter's 90,700 units.

However, after a downturn in the first quarter, Tesla's electric vehicle production and delivery volume may increase significantly in the second quarter. In the first quarter's earnings report, they are expected to deliver 90,000 to 100,000 electric vehicles in the second quarter. In an email to employees earlier, Sker also said that their second-quarter delivery is expected to exceed the 90,700 units in the fourth quarter of last year, setting a new high. (Chilli)

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