I experienced 2 Haidian fishing smart restaurants, I have a bunch of words to get internal injuries


Two times at the Haidilao smart restaurant, I've got a bunch of words coming out of my mouth, and I've got a lot of internal injuries.

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I have long heard that Haidi has opened a smart restaurant, what kind of robotic arm to serve, robots to transfer vegetables, custom-made pot bottom according to personal taste... It is said that this AI is itchy, as a peer, I would like to see who is smarter. !

This is not the case, I sent senior editor foodie, a well-known family and young gold tooth to the "front line" to find out, she is said to have visited twice a week for the manuscript, Haidilao wisdom restaurant (at its own expense).

Little golden tooth: what do you think of me? Let me put my feelings here-the sense of technology? Yes.. Technology experience? It's nothing, actually. Is it worth going? I don't think there's a problem.

Anyway, it looks very smart.

I have never seen this hot pot restaurant. Basically, all the tables and chairs are pure black, the walls and roof are covered with large screens, and all the door posts are almost mirrored, and the ground has a long light with a whole body. Belt, the ear is light music.

The restaurant is dominated by black, and the lights on the floor and table are soft.

There are three-dimensional landscape animation on the big screen, there are four kinds of themes, about half an hour or so will switch themes. I saw strange images of rocks and planets floating in the sea, and deer running under trees. These big screens may have contributed 80% of the restaurant's "sense of intelligence".

This is the best-looking topic on a couple of topics.

My companion, Lao Li, was disappointed by the thief. The merchants worked hard, and couldn't stop God from having his own ideas.

He probably brainstorms the scenes of numerous robot shuttles, and there may be automatic nail machines. But what I saw was the number of waiters wearing red vests and blue vests, which was not much less than the average Haidilao restaurant.

It is not his fault that he did not look carefully at the name of the restaurant himself. His name is "Smart Restaurant." who said it was smart?

Lao Li is also extremely dissatisfied with the animation on the wall, saying that it is like the desktop of the Windows system.

This, of course, is just an aesthetic point of view. From a pragmatic point of view, it's better to pretend to be watching a screen when you can't find a topic between conversations, rather than lowering your head to a few plates of Chinese food or playing with your mobile phone. It can be seen that this is suitable for team-building dinner.

Lao Li finally got a bright spot, he saw the biggest wisdom point of this restaurant - send! meal! machine! ! people! The old Li Baba looked at the robot, just like seeing the British prince coming to himself with a plate: Look, the smart guy is coming to serve me!

A "food delivery robot" shuttling through the hall | Little Golden Tooth

There is no disappointment without the hope. I saw a waiter stepping forward and taking the plate out of the robot's belly and putting it on the table. The electronic face of the robot blinks and looks innocent.

"I... I just sent the meal, why should I serve you to the table..." | Xiaojinya

I am afraid that Lao Li will be at the table. I asked the waiter: "Your robot is sent from our back to our table here?" The waiter said yes, he said that the robot can avoid obstacles by himself. After he finished, he also blocked the front of a robot that passed by, and forced it to turn to avoid obstacles. The robot is still innocent.

Picture | Little Golden Tooth

For robots, this is a little bit of a pediatrics. But I think this "superfluous" demonstration is more or less comforting Lao Li.

After a meal, Lao Li said that he felt that the place was smart, creating the greatest sense of intelligence with the smallest intelligence, and that even the materials on the table were not the same. I touched the desktop, black frosted plastic texture, more like the shell of digital products.

The table doesn't know if it's expensive. It's wonderful.

Go wait for a table! Think twice if there is a great thing to fear.

The second time my companion was replaced by a co-worker, Little Summer. In order to fully experience the wisdom of the restaurant, we chose a working day to go to work.

The customer service had already made it clear to me that I had to make a reservation until after June; if I went naked, I'd have to be ready for dinner before 11:00 in the evening.

I have refused to wait for many years since I waited for stomach cramps in the street waiting for many years ago. I did not expect that the wisdom of this smart restaurant is actually in the waiting area!

As soon as you enter the store, you will see the equivalent area of ​​the movie theater: the rows of black seats are stepped, and the front is a huge screen. The waiting customers are sitting there with melon seeds and can play games on the big screen - just scan the code and open the small program.

At 7:00 pm on weekdays, there are a lot of people waiting, but not boring. Can eat snacks to play games | Xiaojinya

We also waited outside for 20 minutes, and I tried to finish a few games, all of which were developed by Haidiao's own Mini Game, which was very interesting. There is a picture-in-picture in the lower right corner of the large screen, which is a real-time video of the chef. The video shows the machine cutting meat, and it does have a bit of a sense of science and technology.

The lower-right corner of the large screen in the isometric area, real-time playback of the kitchen scene | Little Golden Tooth

We also went to the entrance to look at the display window, three white robotic arms, grabbing on the dense shelves, the waiter explained that in addition to some fresh meat, vegetables and so on are robots to complete the meal.

The visual effect of this robotic arm is really good.

However, I don't know how far the kitchen is intelligent, because the waiter refused my request to visit the kitchen and gave me a hot towel to appease. Well, Haidilao is a sea fishing, and there is nothing to say...

Xiao Xia comforted me that the kitchen was clean and how could you let me go. I think about it too, I am a dirty office worker, really only suitable for mixing in the front hall. Then Xiao Xia began to spit on the big screen, but the reason was very unexpected.

"I looked particularly uncomfortable, and the fear of the giants was going to happen." I looked at the big screen, this time it was the picture of the planet floating on the water.

A picture that could trigger fear of a giant. | Little Golden teeth

In terms of proportion, the planet is very strange. Of course, this helps create a feeling of dreams, but it does trigger the fear of giants.

I remembered my unfortunate experience on the subway a few days ago: in the case of crowded people, the big screen in front of my face played a big spider. Even if I look down on my mobile phone, I will be occupied by the unscrupulous hair of the big spider. It is extremely painful. I think Xiao Xia probably won't come here for the second time. Haidilao can consider polishing the picture on the big screen.

And me? I will still come if I have the chance. It may not be smart enough here, but the black decor and dynamic big screen, combined with light music, really give me the illusion of wisdom. What's more, the position is very easy, why not?

“Feeling wisdom” and “experiencing intelligence” are indeed two different things. At a time when technology is infiltrating into our lives, we really need these two points. If you want to try it, try it. Try listening to light music to eat whirlwind hot pot. Try the robot to avoid obstacles and be flexible (it doesn't say goodbye to hate it).

This article from the micro-channel public number: husk (ID: Guokr42), of: small gold teeth, Editor: Odette, head of FIG. Source: Oriental IC

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Experience 2 times sea fishing wisdom restaurant a bunch words sputum internal injuries

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