Orion Star launches the first full-chain AI voice chip to hit the ground commercially


On January 21st, Cheetah Mobile's artificial intelligence company Orion Star Alliance and Ruixin Microelectronics recently released the AI ​​chip specifically for intelligent voice and IoT devices - OS1000RK. At present, the chip has landed on hundreds of thousands of smart speakers - Xiaoya Nano, which is expected to reach a million shipments by the end of this year.


Different from the chip that integrates multiple algorithm schemes in the industry, Orion Star is the first full-chain AI voice chip released by Ruixin Microelectronics. OS1000RK uses low-power and high-performance CPU core - 64-bit 4-core ARMCortex-A35, integrated CODEC (8-channel ADC + 2-channel DAC), can support 8 microphone arrays at low cost, and its hardware voice detection module (VAD) ) A very low standby function can be implemented, and a dedicated instruction set can optimize the operation of the neural network.

Orion Star this time the release of the chip OS1000RK has been officially mass production. The new AI voice chip was recently used by the first batch of 100000 "popular style" smart speakers, Nano. In the future, it will also be widely used in smart home, storyteller and other smart devices.

Founded in 2016, Orion Star is an artificial intelligence company invested by Cheetah Mobile. At the beginning of its founding, it brought together AI elites from world-class technology companies such as Silicon Valley, Japan, Beijing, Shenzhen and Taiwan.

At present, Orion Star has built by dozens of senior experts in the chip industry AI chip development team. Team members from Intel (Intel), Nvidia (Nvidia), Huawei, Marvell, Skyworks,Broadcom and other well-known semiconductor companies.

For more than two years, Orion Sky has built a self-developed Orion OS platform, which combines chip + algorithm (brain), full-perceptual visual recognition (eye), microphone array (ear), and speech synthesis technology (port). The indoor navigation platform (legs) and the seven-axis robotic arm (hand) are the only full-chain technology platforms in the industry.

Nowadays, the self-developed Orion Voice OS technology has been applied to the products of many partners such as Xiaomi Xiaoai, Huawei AI Speaker, Midea Xiaomei AI Speaker, Himalayan Xiaoya Speaker, Cheetah Mobile Leopard AI Speaker, etc. China's smart speaker market share of more than 30%, becoming the "most widely used" AI voice system. According to statistics, Orion Voice OS technology has more than 30 million voice command requests per day, and has millions of hours of far-field voice data accumulation, covering nearly 100 million users.

Orion star release industry first full chain AI voice chip now commercial land

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