China Railway Shunfeng sets up New Company to Speed up mixed ownership Reform

China Railway Shunfeng International Express Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen on August 29 th. China Railway Express Co., Ltd. and Shunfeng holding Shenzhen Shunfeng Tyson Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd., under the railway head office, jointly set up, China Railway Express shares 55, Shunfeng shares 45.

The newly established China Railway Shunfeng International Express Co., Ltd. has registered business scope including road freight transportation, freight forwarder, import and export of goods, import and export of technology and agent import and export. The responsible person of China Railway Corporation said: the establishment of China Railway Shunfeng International Express Co., Ltd. is to speed up the reform of the state-owned railway enterprises, actively develop the mixed ownership economy, and promote the optimization and adjustment of the railway freight transport structure. Reduce the cost of social logistics achieved important results.

At present, China railway corporation strives to improve the competitiveness of state-owned enterprises. China also urges other transportation and logistics companies, including airlines, to carry out mixed ownership reform, which means that the company's shares will be sold to private companies.

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This is not without precedent, China Railway Corporation and Tencent, Geely Holdings joint construction and operation of the EMU WiFi platform for passengers to provide station car integration, online and offline coordination travel services. In addition, in 2018, China Railway Corporation will actively promote the reform of mixed ownership, study the implementation of mixed-reform schemes by various professional superiority companies and technology-based enterprises, and introduce high-quality social resources.

China Railway Shun Feng established accelerated mixed ownership

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