LeTV's Board Secretary Bai Bing announced his resignation, and Chairman Liu Yanfeng took the job.


On the evening of June 28th, LeTV.com announced that Bai Bing had applied for resignation as deputy general manager of the company and secretary of the board of directors for personal reasons. The company’s board of directors has accepted his resignation application. During the period of not officially appointing the new board secretary, the chairman Mr. Liu Yanfeng performed the duties of the secretary of the board of directors on his behalf.

According to the announcement, Bai Bing was originally scheduled to serve until October 14, 2021. As of the date of this announcement, Bai Bing does not hold shares in LeTV.

On May 24, Liu Shuqing, the former chairman of LeTV.com, applied for resignation to the company as a chairman and director of the LeTV network for personal reasons. After resigning, he did not hold any position in LeTV. After that, he elected Liu Yanfeng to replace Liu Shuqing as the new chairman of the company.

On June 14, Zhang Wei, director, general manager and financial director of LeTV, announced his resignation for personal reasons, and the company announced that Liu Yanfeng would perform the duties of general manager and financial director on behalf of Liu Yanfeng.

At present, Liu Yanfeng is also chairman of the company, general manager and Dong secretarial three positions.

LeTV Network Dong Secretary Bai Bing resign Chairman Liu Yan Feng substitute

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